Mike Fossati

  1. Groove Junkies, ReelSoul & Munk Julious featuring Louis Hale "Inevitable (rise up)" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  2. Kelvin Sylvester presents Brutha Basil "Listen" (Jihad Muhammad BTD Remixes)(Brukel Music Promo)
  3. Carlos Yedra & Footsounds featuring Rhey Osborne "Sparkle" (Check It Out Records Promo)
  4. Coflo & DJ Said featuring Carlos Mena "Word of ase" (Fatsouls Records Promo)
  5. Lee Van Kleef featuring Lifford "In the wrong" (Manoo Unreleased Remix)(Makin' Moves Promo)
  6. DJ Randall Smooth featuring Shakiel Smith "I got this feelin" (ChiNolaSoul Promo)
  7. Mr. Eclectic & Sean Ali featuring MissFly "Wanna love you" (Remixes)(Pasqua Records Promo)
  8. Masaki Morii & Aaron K. Gray "Right now" (Mark Francis Remix)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  9. R.O.D. "The cure" (Makin' Moves Promo)
  10. Deepconsoul "Circles" (Deepconsoul Sounds Promo)
  11. OVEOUS "Somewhere in America, I am just like you" (Yoruba Records Promo)
  12. Dana Weaver "I remember" (POJI Records Promo)
  13. Nu Azeite featuring Bia Barros "Me deixa louca" (Cocada Music Promo)
  14. Ronnie Herel featuring Dannis Winston "Another way" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  15. Exte C & Tonechild "Happiness" (Sean Ali Remix)(Pasqua Records S.A Promo)
  16. M. Patrick featuring Rooted "No elusion" (Your Deep Is Not My Deep Promo)
  17. Thabzen Bibo featuring Lihle "Sthandwa sami (my love)" (Mikki Afflick Remix)(Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)
  18. Brooklyn Groove Machine "Deja vu" (Nigel Lowis London Mixes)(Plaza Records Promo)
  19. MF Robots "Happy song" (Remixes)(BBE Music Promo)
  20. Dave Anthony & Lynn Lockamy "Oh boy" (Newtown Recordings Promo)
  21. QVLN, Coflo, Oyobi "Xeguei" (Ocha Records Promo)
  22. DJ Umbi featuring Vincent Bates "Do it with style" (FAM Disco Mix)(HSR Records Promo)
  23. WrightVibes featuring Mutabaruka "Our poem" (Certified Organik Promo)
  24. Ralf GUM meets Toshi "Xakanga" (GoGo Music Promo)
  25. Alison Maseko featuring Venessa Jackson "Crumbled memories" (Budda Sage & Froote Remix)(Pasqua Records Promo)
  26. Maya Azucena "Changed my mind" (Anthony Nicholson Remix)(Clairaudience Recordings Promo)
  27. DJ Rae "The journey" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  28. Leo Guardo & Cali Satellites featuring Idd Aziz "Breaking chains" (Union Records Promo)
  29. HouseWerQ & Dannis Winston "4 black men" (HouseWerQ Recordings Promo)
  30. Neapolitan Soul & Luciano Gioia featuring Kia Stewart "If I were your woman" (Neapolitan Soul Records Promo)
  31. Andy Compton featuring Celestine & Anders Olinder "Gift me tomorrow" (Remixes)(Peng Promo)
  32. Big Moses featuring Kenny Bobien "Never again" (Kelvin Sylvester Remix)(KingStreet Classics Promo)
  33. Michele Chiavarini, Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco featuring Cheryl Porter "I'm so alive" (F&B 2020 Reprise)(Sunflowermusic Music Promo)
  34. Soul Groove & Andrea Erre featuring Venessa Jackson "2 faced lovers" (Soul Mood Records Promo)
  35. Groove Junkies & ReelSoul featuring Nichelle Monroe "I can't tell you why" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  36. Deejay Cup & Slotta featuring Mvelo "Happiness" (Remixes)(New Life Records Promo)
  37. WrightVibes featuring Mr. V "Escuchame" (Sole Channel Music Promo)
  38. Tamara Wellons "More than you know" (Remixes)(POJI Records Promo)
  39. Black Widow & Emmaculate "Love manifesto" (T's Box Records Promo)
  40. Anthony Nicholson featuring Koku Gonza, Chris Rob & Amaury Acosta "Ninataka (I want)" (Clairaudience Recordings Promo)