This year, the Winter Music Conference took place from Tuesday March 22 to Saturday March 26 at the Wyndham Resort in Miami Beach, USA. The M3 Summit took place from March 23 to March 26 in Miami Beach as well. I decided not to register for any of these two conferences.

After an eleven hour flight, I arrived on monday march 21 around 6 PM in my hotel. I left the hotel after unpacking my suitcase to check out the local record store Uncle Sam where I bumped into MFSB from InDaMix Worldwide and his crew. We checked out some records before we decided to go for dinner and get ourselfs ready for the first night of parties. My choice was the Underground Collective party that took place at a pretty small place that got packed around 1 AM. Since I was falling asleep while standing, I decided to leave the party around 2 AM to get some sleep to be ready for the coming days.

Tuesday I started with the Soul on the Beach party by Bobby & Steve around noon and had an interesting talk to Peter Reyes and Christina Love (Big Moe Records). After a couple of hours, I went over to the Dub Fu Promo Sessions by GotSoul Records to check out Osunlade and Jephte Guillaume playing. After that I retuned to the Soul on the Beach party where I met lots of New York City's creme de la creme of producers and DJs. After getting something to eat, I checked out the 5 Beats party where Alix Alvarez, DJ Deep, Mr. V and Franck Roger where spinning, before heading over to the Magic Sessions. Tony Humphries delivered a classic set like he used to at the Zanzibar back in the days, follwed by Louie Vega who rocked the crowd as well with an outstanding set. In the upper room, the Friends of Ours party by Soulfuric was packed as always and got the people who made it in there jupming all night long.

Wednesday was a crazy day with so many parties going on that I had no chance but to miss some of them. I started the day with checking out the MAW party for an hour before going to the This is House party, followed by the Wednesday Soiree II party by the Baltimore-Washington posse. As it was raining that day, I had to make a stop at a byke rental store before I could go to the Defected poolside party. There were to more rainfalls that afternoon, so that the people at the Defected party were looking for a dry place to stay under while it was raining. After that, I retuned to the MAW party before getting dinner. Later I checked out the Harmony party, followed by the Soulshine + Tony Records party. I was then to tired to check out the Jellybean party, so I went back to the hotel to get some well deserved sleep.

Gladly thursday hat fewer parties to be checked out, so I could get a little rest. In the afternoon I attended the Shelter party to witness outstanding live performances by both Tortured Soul and the Yoruba Peoples Band. In the evening, I checked out the Soul Groove Records party, which was followed by a party where only disco classics were played. No idea what the name of the party or the location is, all I remember is hearing is lots of timeless old school grooves. The night ended with a visit at the Roots party where Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge keeped the crowd entertaining - unfortunately I was to late for the live performance by the african band.

On friday, things slowed down even more with the Deepa Grooves party being the choice for the afternoon, wit the 10 Years of House being the one for the night. On saturday, I decided to go chilling on the beach before going out in the evening to check out Osunlade, DJ Spinna and Tommy Bones at the WMC Closing Party. Lots of people to meet at this poolside event that was the perfect event to close down this years Miami visit with a great selection of new and classic tunes.

It is hard to name a tune of the conference as many great new productions got played where I could not even find out the name of the artist and title. But one of the tunes that got great feedback from the crowd was definitely "Be thankful" by Michelle Weeks, coming on Purple Music Records soon. One of the tunes that attracted me was "Esteban" by DJ Oji, currently unsigned but sure to be picked up soon. Another tune that got a great crowd reaction at the Magic Sessions was "Luv 4 money" by Blvd East & Lou Gorbea, already picked up by Louie Vega for his Dance Ritual label.