Jamiroquai - Emergency on planet earth (MAW Remixes) There was a time when vinyl was ruling the world and DJ's would carry literally hundreds of records to a gig. This was also the time when 'promos' were only made available to DJ's (and those who were connected to the right people); of course there was kind of a 'black market' for fans and record collectors to buy them for good money. Looking back, one of the most memorable and rare promos we managed to get our hands on dates back to 1994 when Sony UK released a very limited promo 12" (said to have had 200 copies pressed only) of Master at Work remixes of Jamiroquai's "Emergency on planet earth" which instantly became highly sought after - certainly no surprise as we talk about Masters at Work on their best with these Nu-Yorican infused interpretations of an already great song... To this day, this is a hard to find gem and fans and collectors are willing to pay quite lots of money for a copy since some of the included mixes are not available elsewhere.