Strictly Rhythm

To this date, many of the legendary Strictly Rhythm classics are only available on heavily sought-after vinyl as only parts of the massive, truly unrivaled back catalogue from the label have been made available in digital format. Ten more of these unforgettable, ground-breaking tunes are now being released in digital form for the very first time, including the uplifting truly fierce yet soulful vocal anthem "Bring back the love" (originally released in 1998) by legendary Washington DC based production duo 95 North (Doug Smith & Richard Payton) and songstress Laura Harris, as well as "Just us" (originally released in 1993) by Joey Washington featuring The Mens Club which oozes with the beloved underground-esque, timeless B.O.P. (Brothers of Peace aka Bryan 'Shank' Thompson and Paul Scott) sound.


But this is not all as there are also early releases from Roger Sanchez, Josh Wink, Erik Morillo, Armand van Helden, DJ Pierre and George Morel which are undoubtedly all part of the legacy of house music. Click on read more for a list of the releases.

  • Powerhouse featuring Duane Harden "What You Need"
  • DV8 "The Egotrip EP"
  • 95 North present Laura Harris "Bring back the love"
  • Joey Washington featuring The Mens Club "Just us"
  • The Rhythm Masters "Hold me back" / "It's in my mind"
  • E-Culture "Tribal confusion" / "Unification"
  • Platinum Crew "Getting me hot"
  • Banji Boys "Love Thang"
  • Joint Venture "Soundblaster" / "Come On"
  • Chupacabra "Aw Yeah"