Under Pressure Records SA Showcase

We proudly introduce you to brand new South African label Under Pressure Records by Soul Varti. The press text release reads: "Under Pressure Records caters for the young raw talents from South Africa, with its aim to provide the world with quality house music straight from the scattered areas of the motherland" - beyond the shadow of a doubt, the label excelled their ambitions with the first four releases (the "Generalised peace" EP by Xerophytic Soul, "Tahiri Afrika" by Mthi Wa Afrika, "Orphans in my hood" by Riddick Alu and "African motives" by Nova), with each of these truly fresh breathtaking productions oozing with the beloved enticing afro-deep/afro-tribal sounds the South African house music is renowned and beloved for...Not to forget to mention the release come complete with stellar remixes by the likes of Punk, Soul Varti, Problem Child, Demented Soul, King Wave and EleRoots.