North Spring-South Fall 2015 SamplerSouth Africa's Multi-Racial Records present a mind-blowing sampler of things to come on the label in the coming weeks and months. Jabzz Dimitri teams up with house music diva Dawn Tallman for the jaw-dropping "The reason", a soulful gem having timeless written all over. "I can't wait" by Ethnique Fusion is an entrancing deep house cut featuring the sultry vocals of Ref alongside lush keys, from Steve Paradise & Sisco Umlambo comes "Sax boulevard" a mesmerizing deep gem featuring a grandiose sax solo by George Sax, "Take me home" is a wonderful slice of soulful house by Rowick Deep featuring sublime jazzy keys and emotive vocals by Auriol Hayes, and finally we have "NPS" by Sisco Umlambo & Native People an exhilarating deep house instrumental laced with ethereal melodies.