Donna Summer - MacArthur Park (DJ Meme Remix of Epic Proportions)Every now and then, renowned Brazilian DJ/producer DJ Meme graces us with a stunning remix of an unforgettable classic - just think of his mind-blowing interpretations of "Behind the wheel" by Depeche Mode and "I'm every woman" by Chaka Khan - now he is paying homage to legendary 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer with a towering re-imagination of "MacArthur Park", one of those all-time dance music classics that is totally underrated (it's a song produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Belotte, featuring masterly arrangements by Greg Mathieson, which dates back to 1978). In short, DJ Meme's epic and inspiring eleven minute re-imagination truly is impeccable, letting Donna Summer's unrivaled emotional vocals and the original orchestration shine while giving the song a contemporary truly glamorous floor-to-the-floor feel.