Cosmic Asset - Pillow hawkThe next release on Original Drum HSI is a tribute to Sylvia Robinson's timeless classic "Pillow talk" originally released back in 1973 (for those who don't know, she is credited as the driving force behind two landmark singles in Hip Hop history: "Rapper's delight" by the Sugarhill Gang and "The message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five). "Pillow hawk" by Cosmic Asset (aka Neter Supreme) is sheer musical bliss, with the masterly orchestrated 'Dreamlands' mixes honoring the original musical concept of "Pillow talk" yet oozing with Neter Supreme's beloved truly precious spiritual house music sound. Next are the 'Stardust' mixes which feature the enchanting vocals of Nee-Tah Link, taking the track into a completely different direction, spreading an utterly hypnotizing vibe through the verily cosmic orchestration and merciless percussive rhythms.