David Morales & Janice Robinson - FatherRenowned DJ/producer/remixer David Morales joins forces once again with Janice Robinson for "Father", an epic gospel house production sure to send shivers down your spine... "Father" is an expertly crafted uplifting soulful jewel featuring the incredible heartfelt vocals of Janice Robinson alongside a heavyweight chorus of some of the best background singers in the business (including Nicki Richards, Keith Anthony Fluitt, Melonie Daniels Walker, Kenny Bobien, Carl Robinson, Nicole Phifer and Toshi), grand jazzed-up keys, celestial chords and a smooth yet thrilling backing. The 'DM World Mix' transforms the song into an exhilarating prime time anthem, the 'DM 380 Mix' is influenced by David Morales seminal 'Red Zone' sound, and finally Quentin Harris delivers a fiery verily mesmeric dub workout that is pure dynamite.