Giulio Bonaccio presents David Walker & Melonie Daniels - Stairways of love What we love about Tony Humphries and his own label Tony Records is the diversity in styles and genres they showcase, always looking for new and fresh talents and sounds. It's no surprise their latest offering by Giulio Bonaccio is a timeless soulful gem coming in a variety of flavors, some of which you may have not expected. "Stairways of love" is an energetic yet truly soulful production featuring marvelous vocals by David Walker and Melonie Daniels alongside classy horns, wicked guitar and sublime keys over an impulsive funk soaked backing. On remix duty we have Two 4 Soul (DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella) who contribute an uplifting old school rendition taking you back in time that is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, a spell binding Disco-Funk inspired workout by Davide Fiorese and a hypnotizing somewhat dark tech-soul dub by Dash N Groove.