Circle of Funk presents Charlene Sams featuring Lifford - Free to fly

Circle of Funk are pulling out all the stop on their collaboration with Charlene Sams and Lifford Shillingford entitled "Free to fly" which is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. The 'CoF Original Mix' is a phenomenal slice of soulful music having timeless written all over, fusing different genres into something fresh and seminal which is kinda hard to describe, you gotta hear it for yourself... The 'CoF House Mix' is smooth and laidback, with Charlene Sams' wonderful haunting vocals and Lifford Shillingford's cameo dialogue being accompanied by glamorous jazzy keys and gentle rhythms, and last but not least Soulful Session contributes a marvelous classic organic interpretation laced with grandiose xylophone and piano.