Rhemi featuring Shezar - We've had enoughEnd of last year, celebrated production duo Rhemi (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk) truly graced us with the paramount "We've had enough", an inspiring slice of timeless soulful bliss oozing with the splendiferous haunting vocals by Shezar (Sherelle Mckenzie). Now this gem returns in breathtaking remixes, first up we have Zepherin Saint whose incredible masterly orchestrated re-imagination featuring grandiose horns and flute, illustrious keys and an infectious organic backdrop is a nod to the infamous blaxploitation era, paying tribute to Curtis Mayfield and the like. Next, The Journeymen present a fervid stripped down rework laced with enchanting chords and relentlessly thrumpin' rhythms sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.