Adaptation #100Congratulations to Adaptation Music who celebrate their 100th release with a mind-blowing truly eclectic package not to be missed. First up are dope deep jackin' remixes of "Sign of the times" by Tom Conrad & Mr. V. Following is a glittering deep house rework by Lucas Keizer of Make believe" by D-Reflection and Christa, and then Finest Wear keep the vibe deep and groovey with the remix of "So happy" by Tom Conrad and Dawn Tallman. Next up is "Bones" by Bernard Badie and Muphan which takes you on a trip to yesteryear with its raw and minimalistic sound (which is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Murk sound). More deep jackin' vibes await you on Feint Young Son wicked remix of "Take it easy" by Yan Gordo, and finally Gruv Basement grace us with an uber soulful interpretation of "What you want" by Sueno Soul featuring Denzie.