review logoThe final update for 2021 is here, featuring some blazin' hot new jams... Enjoy !!

Moniestien featuring Terrae "Don't say it, do it" (Monie Star Promo)

Out now on promo on Monie Star Records is the expertly crafted "Don't say it, do it" by DJ/producer Moniestien (Pierre J. Gilles) and songstress Terrae. Without any question, "Don^t say it, do it" is guaranteed to take over dance floors across the globe thanks to the smooth yet irresistible afro influenced organic backdrop, enchanting synth melodies and the inimitable sultry vocals of Terrae.

Le Croque featuring Nica Brooke "Fall away" (Unquantize Promo)

Available in the coming days through Unquantize is the phantasmagorical "Fall away" by DJ/producer Le Croque and renowned vocalist Nica Brooke. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Fall away" featuring the incomparable deeply felt vocals of Nica Brooke alongside luscious keys, classy horns and smooth yet captivating afrocentric rhythms comes highly recommended.

DJ Spen & John Khan & Gary Hudgins featuring Leighton Jones "Yah mo b there" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Quantize decodings present a scintillating remake of the all-time classic "Yah mo b there" originally performed by James Ingram and Michael McDonald. Produced by John Khan, DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins, you can enjoy Leighton Jones incredible rendition of the memorable lyrics in two equally fantastic interpretations: a contemporary four-to-the-floor rendition staying true to the timeless original, and a more underground-esque rework oozing with an enchanting soulful vibe.

Charles Dockins featuring Pedro Herrera "Carousel" (Jazzu Records Promo)

Something truly special awaits you with this release by Charles 'CDock' Dockins who joins forces with none other than Pedro Herrera for the undeniably splendorous "Carousel". Indisputably, "Carousel" is a finest jazz infused house music sure to send the dancers into a frenzy through the enthralling percussive rhythms, bodacius keys and the unique vocals by Charles Dockins, not to forget to mention the amazing vocals and scats by Pedro Herrera.

Neapolitan Soul and Luciano Gioia featuring Mvelo & Semusa & Nay "See my love" (Neapolitan Soul Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this timeless soulful jewel by Neapolitan Soul (Luca Morrone) and Luciano Gioia entitled "See my love". To cut right to the chase, "See my love" laced with the eminent vocal stylings of songstresses Mvelo & Semusa and songster Nay, sumptuous jazzed-up keys, heavenly pads and a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing is sheer musical bliss...

Angata featuring Fanta Kone "NaboDayera" (MoBlack Records Promo)

MoBlack Records kick off 2022 in proper style with "NaboDayera" by dynamic live duo Angata featuring the unmistakable vocal stylings of Malian singer and Bwazan member Fanta Kone. The original version is a vibrant afro house track fusing Fanta Kone's vocals with ethnic sounds from West Africa and inexorable rhythms, and on remix duty is Kiko Navarro who adds his landmark afrolicious touch to take the track to a whole new level.

Leo Guardo featuring Yoliswa "Makuthandwana" (HyperSOUL-X Remix)(NiteGrooves Records Promo)

In late 2020, Italian DJ/producer Leo Guardo teamed up with South African singer/songwriter Yoliswa for the afro house banger "Makuthandwana", now the track returns in fresh remixes by HyperSOUL-X who delivers a downright hypnotizing afro deep rework fusing Yoliswa's unmatched vocals with inebriant galactical melodies and driving rhythms sure to set the dance floor on fire.