We have prepared a big update for you this week, with some deep and jazzy tracks thrown in for good measure - enjoy !!

Ferry Ultra featuring Boris G. Jennings "Good times" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

Most definitely, "Good times" by Chic (produced and written by legendary Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers) is one of the most celebrated Disco/Funk classics in music history, now Ferry Ultra blesses us with an uplifting masterly crafted utterly funky interpretation featuring the sultry vocals of the late Boris J. Jennigs. On remix duty are Late Nite Tuff Guy who serves a paramount laidback deep'n'dreamy rendition, and Les Loups who delivers an ethereal workout perfect for late night play.

Carolyn Victorian & DJ Oji "Watch my step" (POJI Records CD Promo)

"Watch my step" is the first single taken from the forthcoming album "I can't help it" by DJ Oji and songstress Carolyn Victorian, quite simply this dazzling production is a true dancers delight as Carolyn Victorian's inimitable enthralling vocals, the muted saxophone, lush keys and compelling rhythms altogether spread a hypnotizing feel you can't resist to dance to. The 'Original Man Afro Step' mixes intensify the vibe to the max, combining the vocals with remorseless afrotastic rhythms and gorgeous melodies.

Various "Neal Conway Classics Revisited Vol. 10" (Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

Neal Conway has been on a roll lately, gracing us on a monthly basis with a new installment in his highly acclaimed "Neal Conway Classic Revisited" series. Volume ten will drop soon, as usual it is all about stellar four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of some of his favorite songs that keep the spirit of the original alive yet transform the songs into soulful truly thrilling dance floor anthems: "Butterflies" by Michael Jackson, "Bernadette" by The Four Tops, "Never can say goodbye" by The Jackson 5, "On and on" by Erykah Badu which is using the seminal "Mainline" classic by Black Ivory as backdrop, ans last but not least his fabulous interpretation of Leo Sayer's "You make me feel like dancing".

Hakeem Syrbram "The Remix Suite Vol. 3" (Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of volume two released in December of last year comes the third edition of Hakeem Syrbram's eminent "The Remix Suite" series. Similar to its predecessors, this amazing collection of mind-boggling truly unique and varied re-imaginations of "Let me in" by Anthony David, "Wanna believe it" by Erro & Wanna, "Body" by Foreign Exchange, "You know how to love me" by Phyllis Hyman, "Come over", "It ain't over" and "Que sera" all by Rahsaan Patterson, "All day sucker" by Stevie Wonder and finally "Dear John letter" by Whitney Houston is guaranteed to cast a spell on you. Essential.

Ubizo Cafe featuring Adele Wyngaard "Stay with me" (The Remixes)(House of Stone CD Promo)

The original version of "Stay with me" can be found on "The calling" EP released through FOMP past December, now House of Stone present a superb remix package of this wonderful song which features the charming vocals of Adele Wyngaard. To make it short, Abicah Soul, Luka, Rhythm Staircase and Spellband all add their distinctive deep ethereal touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor. Miss these massive remixes at your own risk...

Ultra Soul Project "Forever beautiful" (Gruv Shack Digital CD Promo)

The original instrumental version of "Forever beautiful" saw the light of the day in 2010 on the "We play House EP" and was later included in Ultra Soul Project's "The Best of" compilation in 2014. Now this timeless deep'n'soulful yet thrilling gem returns in a full vocal version featuring the beautiful haunting vocals of Nomkhosi Masina. On top of the vocalized original version you get brand new remixes by House Academiek giving the track a deep somewhat dark'n'dirty feel, and USP who serves both a jazzy super soulful rendition and a glamorous broken beat interpretation.

Aphreme "Zagubiony szlak" (Octave Moods CD Promo)

Martin Mamzer aka Aphreme is back on Spirit of House with "Zagubiony szlak", the upcoming release on his own label Octave Moods. To cut right to the chase, "Zagubiony szlak" (polish for "Lost path") is a mind-blowing utterly tantalizing afro-deepness production, with spell binding rhythms leading the way for heavenly keys and chords, not to forget to mention the wicked spoken word poetry by Aphreme himself.

Ciro Morelli featuring Elaine Mata Jones "Yes I believe" (Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

Italy's Ciro Morelli teams up with songstress Elaine Mata Jones for "Yes I believe", a feel-good dance floor weapon combining an infectious organic backdrop with splendiferous keys and chords, classy guitars and Elaine Mata's Jones captivating passionate vocals. The 'Deep Mix' is fueled with enticing melodies and intoxicating rhythms, the dulcet 'Piano Mix' is a grandiose soul/funk infused affair, and the 'South African Dub' is on a mesmerizing afro-tribal tip. Maestro Neal Conway  contributes the remixes, serving both a vibrant afro/funk/latin infused workout and an entrancing four-to-the-floor thumper.

Sudad G featuring Tascha Johnson "Won't give up" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about "Won't give up" by Sudad Ghadaban besides this feel-good anthem featuring the incomparable vocals of Tascha Johnson alongside sublime piano, luscious chords and an irresistibly stompin' backing is sure to set the floor on fire. The incredible 'Nu Disco' version is perfect for prime time play, and Japan's own Yuichi Inoue delivers a marvelous truly seductive soul drenched interpretation.

Jazz House Pick: Deepconsoul, ShimmyTones, Jah Band "House to Jazz Vol. 3" (Soulful Sentiments Records CD Promo)

Once again Deepconsoul has joined forces with ShimmyTones and Jah Band, without doubt the fruit of their collaboration is simply breathtaking... To get straight down to business, the "House to Jazz Vol. 3" EP is sheer musical bliss and includes five sophisticated truly eclectic masterly orchestrated jazz/soul/funk infused productions oozing with glorious gentle yet melodious vibes. In other words, each of the songs included on the EP is guaranteed to make you yearn for more... Nuff said.

Traxx Pick #1: Luyo "Tanuki" / "The missile" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Double Cheese Records label honcho Luyo presents a blazin' hot EP loaded with two sure-fire dance floor bombs: First is "Tanuki", an utterly hypnotizing tech-soul cut (inspired by futuristic Tokyo) oozing with merciless deeply groovin' rhythms and inebriant synth melodies. Second, there is Luyo's jaw-dropping organic contemporary re-imagination of the house classic "The missile" by The Chameleon (aka Louie Vega) released twenty years ago on legendary Henry Street Music (the track is inspired by Virgo's Chicago house anthem "R U hot enough" released through Trax Records in 1986).

Traxx Pick #2: Cotterell "The Grind EP" (Plastik People Digital CD Promo)

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the two tracks featured on this stellar EP by Marc Cotterell (released under his more club and raw garage focused Cotterell moniker) are destined to send the dancers into a frenzy... The title track is a top-notch slice of raw and unadulterated old skool inspired garage using relentlessly thumpin' rhythms as playground for sexy vocal sprinkles and exhilarating keys, while "The wooden tambourine" is underground-esque bumpin' house at its best thanks to inexorable rhythms and enthralling melodies.