This week we proudly bring you another fully loaded update - enjoy... !!

Tobetsa Lamola featuring Ben James "A little bit" (SanDisco Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering from SanDisco Recordings is the chilled and sexy "A little bit" by South Africa's Tobetsa Lamola and vocalist Ben James - quite simply "A little bit" is a wonderful soul infused gem having timeless written all over, with the gentle rhythms together with the blissful keys and Ben James inimitable emotive guaranteed to cast a spell on you. The atmospheric 'Deeper Mix' gives the track a mesmerizing deep ethereal feel, while the vibrant 'Remix' combines the vocals with a relentlessly stompin' four-to-the-floor beat and warm melodious keys.

Richard Earnshaw featuring James Vargas "Inside & out" (Rob Hayes Remixes)(Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Here we have brand new tantalizing remixes by Rob Hayes of "Inside & out", an uplifting soul/funk infused production by Richard Earnshaw featuring jaw-dropping vocals and saxophone by James Vargas which was originally released in June of 2006. Rob Hayes adds his trademark enthralling yet soulful touch to this Duffnote classic, with the result being a sure-fire dance floor weapon guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Dr. Renas & Afrikan Roots featuring Sillywest "I don't know" (Black Motion Remix)(Khaya Lyf CD Promo)

One year ago, we reviewed the marvelous "Dance Africa" compilation by Khaya Lyf which includes, amongst many other gems, the wonderful soul drenched afro-deep jewel "I don't know" by Dr. Renas & Afrikan Roots which features the sweet'n'sultry vocals of Sillywest. Now we an enjoy an utterly hypnotizing interpretation by Black Motion who take the song to way deeper grounds, with inebriant afro-tribal rhythms leading the way for the vocals and enchanting empyreal keys and chords.

Oded Nir featuring Chappell "Again & again" (The Remixes)(Suntree Records CD Promo)

In July of this year, we were celebrating the release of "Again & again" by Oded Nir, a slice of charming sun drenched house music featuring Chappell's inimitable sensitive vocals, now the remixes have arrived. First up we have Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone who takes the song straight to the dance floor with his gently thumpin' soul oozing rendition laced with glamorous melodies. Italy's Haldo adds his signature melodious yet mesmerizing deep touch, and UK's AM2PM contribute a ruthless fired-up workout perfect for main room play. The slightly re-rubbed original version completes the package.

DJ Ceez presents Niki Gee "The red guitar" (Digital Generation Records CD Promo)

Digital Generation Records is a brand new label launched by the masterminds of legendary New Jersey label New Generation Records. The inaugural release on the label is courtesy of DJ Ceez (Clarence 'CJ' Jones) from Chicago who teams up with Niki Gee for "The red guitar", a captivating underground-esque production featuring Niki Gee's inspiring spoken word poetry alongside sublime jazzy keys, classy saxophone and lovely guitar over a contaminous backdrop. The remix is courtesy of Toby G who relaxes the vibe and gives the track a warm sun drenched feel.

Luis Machuca "The time has come" (Delecto Recordings CD Promo)

Luis Machuca is back on Delecto Recordings with "The time has come", the follow-up to the massive remix package of "Soul inspiration" released on the label about a year ago. "The time has come" uses a thrilling tribal-esque backing as playground for the beautiful vocals of Carrie Gibson aka gr8diva, wicked spoken words by Olive Jean Love, luscious keys by Max Zipursky and cool human beat box by Gustavo Ferman. Soledrifter turns up the heat on his deepened somewhat filthy rework laced with ethereal melodies - the perfect choice for prime time play.

Dolls Combers featuring Kholi "Bliss" (Dolls Combers Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this superb production by Italy's Dolls Combers. To cut a long story short, the gorgeous "Bliss" is all about Kholi's unmistakable haunting vocals, the grandiose celestial synth melodies and the dulcet yet spell binding rhythms altogether spreading a blissful vibe guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Highly recommended. Nuff said...

DJ Able featuring Andrea Love "Your love" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Throughout the year, prolific London based DJ Able has been gracing us with nothing but soulful gems: "Get it right" featuring Mikie Blak, "Watcha gonna do" featuring Donald Sheffey and "Ain't got time" featuring Hannah Kemoh. Now he is back on Tony Records with "Your love" featuring the one-and-only Andrea Love on vocals - yet again this is soulful house music at its best, featuring the unrivaled emotive vocals of Andrea Love alongside grand keys and organ stabs over a smooth yet infectious backdrop. Ricky Montanari & Holly truly deliver a mind-blowing re-imagination taking us back in time reminiscent of 808 State's all-time classic "Pacific state".

Spiritchaser "Conch" (Groove Junkies Remix)(Guess Records CD Promo)

Spiritchaser's "Conch" was originally released in 2012 to great acclaim and worldwide club and radio success, now this epic instrumental oozing with the beloved truly unique Spiritchaser sound returns in a mind-bogging rework by Groove Junkies (Evan Landes) who gives the track an utterly deep truly hypnotizing feel, complete with added vocal samples from the Groove Junkies classics "Midnight," "Oh lord," and "Deeper". In other words, a dance floor gem guaranteed to put a spell on you...

Ndela Lekamito featuring Mpostoli "Happy song" (Benji Candelario Mix)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

The original version of "Happy song" by Ndela Lekamito was released in late August on the "Regamito EP", now SoundMen on Wax bring us fierce remixes by Benji Candelario who is pulling out all the stops to create a sure-fire dance floor bomb, with fervid thumpin' rhythms leading the way for Mpostoli's inspiring vocals. freaky synth hooks and luscious chords.

Afro Deep Pick: DJ Oats "Khoisan Dance EP" (Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

The next release on Cabana Recordings will be the dazzling "Khoisan Dance EP" by DJ Oats who presents a truly eclectic EP loaded with three equally massive afro-deep productions. Whether it is the ruthlessly pulsating afro-tribal rhythms driven "Khoisan dance", the deeper than deep gently groovin "The beginning" fueled with heavenly melodies or the the stripped-back utterly hypnotizing afro-deep thumper "True funk", quite simply these mind-blowing sounds from the motherland are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor...

Bootleg Picks: Alphonse Mouzon "I'm glad that you're here" (The Groovin Beats Ensemble ReWork)(CD-R)
Bootleg Picks: Diana Ross "No one gets the prize" (The Groovin Beats Ensemble Edit)(CD-R)

The Groovin Beats Ensemble (Lello Cacciola, Tony Maione, DaSouL) are back with two masterly crafted re-imaginations of unforgettable classics, namely "I'm glad that you're here" by Alphonse Mouzon from 1981 (from his album "Morning sun") and "No one gets the prize" by Diana Ross from 1978 (from her album "The boss"). Both these new interpretations keep the spirit and vibe of the original alive yet give the songs a modern truly glamorous and captivating four-to-the-floor twist.