review logoA truly varied update with the latest in vocal soulful/afro house music awaits you... enjoy !!

Cocoa Nela featuring Sisanda Nilsson "Vill du dansa" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)

Forthcoming to Ocha Mzansi is the fantastic afro house production "Vill du dansa" by Cocoa Nela and vocalist Sisanda Nilsson. To make a long story short, "Vill du dansa" oozing with the glamorous vocal stylings of Sisanda Nilsson, entrancing synth melodies, wicked guitars and intriguing afrocentric rhythms is verily soulful and melodious yet downright tantalizing.

Tom Glide & Andre Espeut "I win with you" (Tgee Records Promo)

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Glide returns to Spirit of House with the expertly crafted "I win with you" which features the vocal talents of Andre Espeut. To cut right to the chase, "I win with you" is guaranteed to cast a spell on you through Andre Espeut's inimitable deeply rooted vocals, lush keys, heavenly chords and the smooth yet compelling organic backdrop.

Pausepushers & Pete Simpson "Who do you love" (Future Spin Records Promo)

Up-and-coming Future Spin Records present "Who do you love" by Pausepushers and vocalist Pete Simpson, a captivating production fusing the one-of-a-kind heartfelt vocals of Pete Simpson with sublime jazzed-up keys, dreamful chords and an infectious organic musical backing. The remix courtesy of Francis Hylton gives the track a groovey funky feel sure to get your feet moving.

Andrew Felo & Anaya Weathers "Me" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Coming soon to Pasqua Records is the phantasmagorical "Me" produced by by South Africa's Andrew Felo and performed in grand style by Anaya Weathers. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this glorious soulful production oozing with gentle yet thrilling rhythms, mellifluous melodies and the distinctive tempting vocals of Anaya Weathers is by no means to be missed... ruff said.

Full Flava featuring  Dee Johnson "Too much too late" (Nigel Lowis Remix)(Dome Records Promo)

The wonderful "Too much too late" featuring former Simply Red vocalist Dee Johnson was originally released back in 2007 on Full Flava's full length album "Music is our way of life", now this popular song returns in brand new interpretations by Nigel Lowis who has been pulling out all the stops to grace us with a timeless soulful gem oozing with his beloved Philly Disco/Soul influenced sound.

DJ Serge Negri featuring Miranda Nicole "Looking ahead" (Bamboo Sounds Promo)

Ten years ago, DJ/producer Serge Negri and songstress Miranda Nicole gave us "Kissing you", now they are back together for the superb "Looking ahead" to be released through Bamboo Sounds soon. Miranda Nicole's unmistakable spirited vocals truly shine on the glamorous 'BKLYN Mix' fueled with bodacious keys and irresistibly groovin' rhythms, and then there is the 'ATL Mix' transforming the track into a lively broken beat flavored affair.

Kim Beacham "The choice" (Mantree Records Promo)

The hit making duo of Rasmir Mantree and Kim Beacham are back with their latest offering "The choice" to be available soon through Mantree Records. To make it short, the underground-esque "The choice" is downright hypnotizing, with deep enthralling rhythms leading the way for Kim Beacham's unequaled vocal stylings and enchanting keys. The choice is your as you can pick your favorite version from the truly chameleonic selection of interpretations included in this package.