Enjoy this weeks soulful and warm sounds perfect for the summer season...

Luyo & DJ Ermi "My king" (Remixes)(Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Back in March of this year, Double Cheese Records presented their debut release "My King by Luyo & DJ Ermi, now this marvelous soulful vocal production featuring the unmistakable vocals of Wendy Lewis returns in fresh remixes. First up, DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins add an incredible jazzy breakdown to their already intoxicating remix, next is the previously unreleased dub of the mesmerizing M&S (Ricky Morrison & Fran Sidoli) workout. DJ Ermi contributes a fascinating South African inspired interpretation, and last but not least Luyo gets utterly soulful on his timeless funk drenched rendition laced with a gorgeous trumpet.

True2Life featuring Rainy Payne "Beautiful day" (Playmore Records CD Promo)

Playmore Records have a beauty in their hands with the incredibly deep and melodious "Beautiful day" by True2Life which features captivating spoken word poetry by the one and only Rainy Payne alongside celestial synths over deeply stormin' truly contaminous rhythms. Label head RedSoul works a well-known and beloved sample to full effect on his grandiose soul-funk flavored remix guaranteed to jam-pack floors.

Exclusive Preview: Toni Braxton "You're makin' me high" (Cubanix 2012 Rework)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Michael Franks "Summer in New York" (Paris Cesvette Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: R. Kelly "Feelin' single" (A ToT Remix)(CD-R)

It's time again to bring you a selection of the best exclusives and bootleg we got in the past few days... David 'Cubanix' Reyero blesses us with his thrilling deeply groovin' interpretation of Tony Braxton's 1996 r&b classic "You're making me high". Michael Frank's wonderful "Summer in New York " (from his 2011 long player "Time together") gets reworked by Paris Cesvette into a gripping four-to-the-floor thumper, while ToT (aka The Other Timmy aka Timmy Richardson) graces us with a smooth housed-up rendition of R. Kelly's old school inspired r&b song "Feelin' single" (taken from his brand new album "Write me back").

Various "The MoD & Staffan Thorsell Remix Collection" (Supercords CD Promo)

Supercords is a brand new Swiss label kicking off strong with an amazing collection of some of the best remixes by the uber hot team of MoD & Staffan Thorsell. Renowned artists such as Steven Stone featuring Nyla Ray, Jack & The Jerk, Tanja Dankner, Seb Skalski featuring Barry Solone, DJ Le Baron featuring Heidi Vogel, Steven Stone featuring Andrea Love, Groove Delivers featuring Kaysee, Park Street featuring Bai Kamara Jnr, DJ Slider and Roberto De Carlo & Steven Stone featuring Seyla all got the unmistakable MoD & Staffan Thorsell touch guaranteed to set the floor on fire...

Chidi "I love it when we talk" (Dave Doyle Remix)(Selah Music CD Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for Dave Doyle who takes on the beautiful soul cut "I love it when we talk" by Chidi (taken from her brand new album "Exhale") and turns it into an uplifting old school inspired four-to-the-floor gem combining Chidi's incomparable sultry vocals with classic strings, grand keys and infectious funked-up rhythms. A sure fire floor filler making you yearn for more...

Sis N Jones featuring JLuv "Celebrate your life" (The Remixes)(Hats Off Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the magnificent "In your soul" by label head DJ Leandro comes the next bomb from Hats Off Records courtesy of Sis N Jones who team up with singer Jluv for "Celebrate your life". The package features two equally great remixes by DJ Leandro both letting th deeply felt vocals by JLuv shine: the 'Classic Mix' features sublime jazzy keys and oozes with a smooth laidback feel, while the 'Dancefloor Mix' turns the heat up for peak time play with phat synth hooks and intoxicating rhythms.

Exclusive Preview: Mona Bode "If I were a house song" (Man Machine Productions CD-R)

We are proud to bring you an exclusive preview of the mind-blowing "If I were a house song", a deeper than deep truly contaminous underground-esque production featuring the unrivaled spoken word poetry by Mona Bode alongside luxurious keys over relentless rhythms in the cool 'Tuff Luv Mix'. Rob Redford contributes two delectable interpretations: on the 'Main Mix' laced with heavenly melodies he relaxes the vibe to give the track a more laidback feel, while on the 'Deeper Mix' he gives the track a luxurious deeply groovin' touch. Finally we have DJ AQuaBeaT who gives the track a rougher soul-tech flavored yet still very soulful edge.

DJ Elementz "Track Master EP" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

The "Track Master EP" features five tracks and continues what DJ Elementz started with his one-of-a kind re-interpretation of the Sterling Void classic "It's alright". This is pristine old school inspired underground house music of highest quality, with each of the track taking you on a  hypnotizing journey back in time, with the irresistible rhythms, lush melodies and some cleverly used samples bringing back memories from back in the day...

Slik Walker "Time is running out" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Not too many words are needed to describe "Time is running out" by Slik Walker, a real gem produced by DJ Elementz and Rasmir Mantree... DJ Elementz is pulling out all the stops on his utterly deep mixes oozing with glorious keys which altogether with Slik Walker's inimitable vocals and the remorseless rhythms create a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to. Not to forget to mention Rasmir Mantree whose 'Ras It Out Mix' is a hypnotizing dubbed-out take of the track that is all about his beloved spell binding sounds and deep contaminous rhythms.