Another week, another truly eclectic update - we hope you enjoy it...

Beyond Tone featuring Ceri of Beyond Tone "Quietly sexy" (CD Promo)

Similar to its predecessor "Master the universe" reviewed here on Spirit of House back in May, the glamorous "Quietly sexy" will take you on a tantalizing journey to deepest imaginable grounds, with truly deep yet smooth rhythms leading the way for Ceri of Beyond Tone's soft mystical spoken word poetry and ethereal synth melodies. On remix duty are Tyrone Francis and Trinidadiandeep both adding their distinctive touch to the track, keeping the vibe deep and hypnotizing.

SoulFunktion featuring Mike City "Hold the key" (SoulFunktion Records CD Promo)

Production duo SoulFunktion (Brian 'Keys' Tharme & Wally Walton) are on a roll at a moment, with their latest offering being the gorgeous old school flavored "Hold the key" which features the stunning vocal stylings of American singer/songwriter Mike City alongside luscious keys and chords over a gently thumpin' backing. The 'SoulFunktion Detroit Mix' gives the track an inebriant deepened soul-tech feel, and Danny J Lewis contributes an exciting dub workout oozing with beloved signature sound.

Soulbridge "Aniversario EP" (HSR Records CD Promo)

About a year ago, HSR Records entered the house music scene with their inaugural release "We can make it" by Itchy Lemon featuring Anthony Poteat, in celebration of their first year in business they bless us with the paramount "Aniversario EP" by Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) featuring four wonderful soul oozing production featuring stellar vocal performances by Jenny Cruz, Chanelle, Elan Noelle and La'Nique alongside a masterly orchestration. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the "Aniversario EP" will send shivers down your spine...

DJ Phyzix "After party" (Arawakan Records CD Promo)

Coming straight from the motherland is this fabulous release by DJ Phyzix on brand new label Arawakan Records. On the mesmerizing title track "After party" contaminous afro-tribal rhythms lead the way for heavenly keys, not to forget to mention the wicked spoken words by Zah. Next is the enthralling "Echo's of the future" which features the emotive vocals of CJ Stones alongside grand jazzy piano and warm chords over a deep organic backdrop.

Frankstar featuring Charles Cooper "You got the power" (Indie Art Music CD Promo)

Frankstar (Frank Blythe) joins forces with Charles Cooper for "You got the power", an energetic yet soulful uplifting production which combines Charles Cooper's unmistakable passionate vocals with luscious jazzy keys, ethereal chords and an irresistible smoothly stompin' backdrop. Legendary house music producer Joe Smooth takes the song to the next level on his magnificent rework laced with dazzling keys, sweet guitars, classic strings and intriguing rhythms.

Exclusive Preview: Depeche Mode "Behind the wheel" (DJ Meme 2014 Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Mary J Blige "Moment of love" (Spellband & Jacko Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Sade "Jezebel" (DJ Fudge Re-Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Mariah Carey "Meteorite" (RedSoul & Jacko Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Black Coffee featuring Bucie "Superman" (NostiQsoul's Deeposed Mix)(CD-R)

We've got a whole bunch of top-notch unofficial edits and remixes in the past couple of weeks, of which we've chosen not less than five to bring to your attention. First up we have DJ Meme's re-imagination of the unforgettable Depeche Mode classic "Behind the wheel", next Spellband team up with Jacko to take on "Moment of love" by Mary J Blige, followed by DJ Fudge who reworks "Jezebel" by Sade. RedSoul & Jacko take on Mariah Carey's "Meteorite", and finally NostiQsoul pays tribute to one of his icons Black Coffee with his rendition of "Superman". Common to all of these remixes and edits is that they stay true and respectful to the original yet they give the songs a thrilling soulful four-to-the-floor feel.

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

If you're looking for something guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy, stop right here and check out the wicked "Planet Drum EP" by DJ MFR. The rather minimal yet incredibly effective "Drums de Tablao" is an utterly fierce Afro/Latin/Flamenco influenced tribal-esque affair, while "Night of the living drum" is a hypnotizing afro-deep track laced with celestial melodies( MoreHouse Records CD Promo).

Piero Napolitano, Lino Baccaro and Marco Bellavia, collectively known as Mus Threee, present the beautiful "Inside my soul", a mesmerizing jazz infused truly organic production featuring grand piano by Lino Baccaro and classy trumpet by Simone Stefanizzi. The eclectic selection of remixes comes courtesy of Dom Navarra, Mr. Fuzz, Spiritual Blessings and Joio DJ, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor... (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo).

Not much needs to be said about the new release by Thesele 'DJ Thes-Man' Moshoeshoe who graces us with the mind-blowing "Back to Reality EP" loaded with four equally massive dance floor weapons. Quite simply, each of these fantastic tracks is guaranteed to jam-pack the floor thanks to spell binding rhythms and entrancing synth melodies( Ohyea Muziq CD Promo).

From the minds of Benji Candelario & Vincent Kwok comes "By the way of 'M'", an utterly hypnotizing old school inspired late night gem using a relentless deeply pounding backing groove as playground for enchanting keys and chords - drop this and watch the dance floor explode...( Transitori Music CD Promo).

We welcome Mycrazything Records to Spirit House, a label from Paris (France) which was founded in 2012 by Alan de Laniere (aka ADLN). There are many goodies to discover on the label, for example the laidback "Dab day" by Nico Castoldi, a deep'n'groovey affair laced with lush atmospheric melodies perfect for late nigh play (Mycrazything Records CD Promo).