The final update of the year is truly eclectic and features lots of upfront music... enjoy !!

Mario Ferrini featuring Michelle Weeks "You are" (LA Soulful Mix)(Paradax Records CD Promo)

"You are" which features house music diva Michelle Weeks on vocals was originally released on Italian/Swiss DJ/producer Mario Ferrini's album "You first" (released through Ferrini Records in April of this year), now our friends at Paradax Records give track a proper 12" release, with Gabriel Horizon and DJ Tony Powell stealing the show with their utterly tempting interpretation fusing Michelle Weeks one-of-a-kind enthralling vocals with delectable melodious keys and smoothly groovin' organic backdrop.

Neal Conway starring Richard Burton "Music is the answer" (Urban Retro Music CD Promo)

Since late November, the dance/house music community has been mourning over the loss of legendary and influential singer/songwriter Colonel Abrams (RIP). Neal Conway and long-time friend Richard Burton pay tribute with a cover version of Colonel Abrams first major hit "Music is the answer" (released in 1984 through Streetwise Records) that stays true and respectful to the original yet gives this seminal timeless dance music classic an inspiring contemporary four-to-the-floor feel.

Afro House Pick #1: Doug Gomez "Meta-morpho-sis" (Merecumbe Recordings CD Promo)

DJ/producer Doug Gomez is launching his new label Merecumbe Recordings in grand style, with the inaugural release being the magnificent "Meta-morpho-sis" by Doug Gomez himself. "Meta-morpho-sis" is an uber soulful yet enticing slice of sensual afro house, with intriguing percussive rhythms leading the way for sublime jazzy keys and celestial chords, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you... Much more to come in 2017 from Merecumbe Recordings, so watch this space...

Afro House Pick #2: Hallex M "AfroAsians EP" (MoBlack Records CD Promo)

MoBlack Records will kick off the new year with the truly eclectic and absolutely massive "AfroAsians EP" by Hallex M loaded with three blazin' hot cuts, each one guaranteed to jam-pack the floor thanks to utterly contaminous rhythms, tantalizing melodies and uber cool vocals. Not to forget to mention that one of the tracks features vocals by Angel Yos and percussion by Franck Leymergie & Ezel, while another track is a collaboration with Loic L. In other words, MoBlack Records once again hit the mark with this mind-boggling release of organic house music...

Jazz House Pick: Luca Lala featuring Tiziano Di Sansa "Sax pleasure" (TR Records CD Promo)

Coming soon to TR Records is the stunning jazz infused "Sax pleasure" by Luca Lala featuring talented saxophonist Tiziano Di Sansa. The original perfectly showcases the beautiful entrancing saxophone by Tiziano Di Sansa, accompanied by illustrious keys and a groovy organic backdrop. Souldynamic contribute a gorgeous latin inspired interpretation built around thrilling percussive rhythms and heavenly keys, and last but not least Marco Finotello serves a wonderful down-tempo version on a loungey tip.

Stones & Bones featuring Tweety "Be there" (House of Stone CD Promo)

Back in July, Leda Music introduced us to the wicked Luigi Egitto remix of "Be there" by Stones & Bones and vocalist Tweety, now House of Stone present the super smooth and soulful yet captivating afrocentric original version which oozes with Tweety's incomparable seductive vocals, as well as fresh remixes by the likes of Christos Fourkis, Enno Napa & Soulem and House of Stone all adding their distinctive truly exhilarating afro-deep touch, giving you the tough task to pick a favorite version.

Bootleg Pick: Heavy D. & The Boys "Now that we found love" (Rob Hardt's Unofficial Old Skool Mix)(CD Promo)

The Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff written "Now that we found love" was originally recorded by The O'Jays in 1973, with Third World releasing a very successful reggae/disco cover version in 1978, then later in 1991 Heavy D. & The Boys scored big with their hip-house interpretation (legendary David Morales added his magical touch as well). Rob Hardt (one half of Cool Million) graces us with his unofficial boogietastic truly uplifting funktified re-imagination of the Heavy D & The Boys interpretation that is old skool all the way from beginning to the end... For obvious reasons this one will not get a proper release...

Deep House Pick #1: Manfredi Barbarossa featuring Sanna Hartfield "Claudia (beautiful sin)" (Midi Mood Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Manfredi Barbarossa joins forces with songstress songstress Sanna Hartfield for the dreamy utterly mesmerizing "Claudia (beautiful sin)", a splendiferous deep house production using an irresistibly pulsating backing as foundation for atmospheric synth melodies and Sanna Hartfield's inimitable sultry vocals. The inventive remix courtesy of Sasso is on a somewhat moodier tip, giving the track more a more intense deep house feel perfect for late night play.

Deep House Pick #2: Michael Lovatt featuring Anna Glahn "Setting sun" (Bernadette Trax CD Promo)

Staying on the deeper side of things, we proudly present the debut release for Berlin based Bernadette Trax by DJ/producer Michael Lovatt entitled "Setting sun". Not much needs to be said or written about this deep house gem besides the wonderful alluring vocal stylings of Anna Glahn together with the luscious keys and deeper than deep relentlessly thumpin' rhythms are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor.

Traxx Pick: DJ Ciro Morelli "Love America" (Urban Retro Music CD Promo)

If you're in need for a simple yet verily effective track to send the dancers into a frenzy, look no further than "Love America" by DJ Ciro Morelli with features samples from the 1978 disco classic "I love America" by Patrick Juvet alongside sexy female vocals, classy keys and an infectious backdrop. Neal Conway is on remix duty, adding his signature inexorable touch, along the way putting the "I love America" samples center-stage for full impact.