What an impressive lineup of artists we have in this weeks update - check it out and enjoy...

Velvet Suite Lounge featuring Cecil "Sing my soul" (White Lotus Club Recordings CD Promo)

"Sing my soul" is taken from Velvet Soul Lounge's highly acclaimed debut artist album "Human nature" reviewed here on Spirit of House back in September of last year. Quite simply, "Sing my soul" - one of our favorite songs from the album - is sheer musical bliss, oozing with an inspiring sweet'n'soulful afro infused feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more, not to forget to mention the tempting vocals by Cecil. Samuri & Divided Souls add their distinctive touch to the song, adding a wonderful saxophone solo on their afrotastic deep soulful remix guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Serious-Man & DamDistrict featuring Kania "Deep time" (Different Muziq Records CD Promo)

Not many words are needed to describe this marvelous soulful gem by Aymeric Marquant aka Serious-Man and DamDistrict who join forces with vocalist Kania for "Deep time", a super smooth and seductive slice of timeless soulful house music built around dulcet yet thrilling rhythms, sublime jazzy keys, warm chords, classy saxophone and Kania's gorgeously emotive vocals. Nuff said...

Federico d'Alessio featuring Margaret Grace "What I'm feeling" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering from Solid Ground Recordings is "What I'm feeling" by Federico d'Alessio and songstress Margaret Grace who are pulling out all the stops to bless us with a grandiose soulful production. The glamorous original version is all about the fervid funk drenched backdrop, illustrious jazzy keys, glorious chords and Margaret Grace's unmistakable deeply felt vocals. The remixes are courtesy of Mark Di Meo who deepens the vibe on his mesmerizing workout, Steven Stone who drops a straight-to-the-main floor banger, and Ondagroove who adds his signature classic soul/funk infused touch.

Audiofood "You got the funk" (DeepTown Music CD Promo)

DeepTown Music are about to take over dance floors globally with this feel-good anthem by Audiofood... "You got the funk" is truly uplifting and features classic strings alongside dazzling keys and sexy female vocal sprinkles over an infectious funk soaked backing, altogether spreading a feel-good vibe guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor. Mark Di Meo takes the track to the next level on his truly fabulous masterly orchestrated jazz/funk inspired re-imagination (rhodes, piano and trumpets by Kai Djuric, hammond b4 by Apollo Negri, bass by Benjamin Race). Essential.

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass featuring Raha "When I touch your lips" (The Remixes)(Deeper Shades Recordings CD Promo)

Last year around September, prolific Deeper Shades Recordings released the spectacular "When I touch your lips" by Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass, an ingenious slice of mesmerizing deep house music. Now this jewel featuring the uber cool and enticing vocal stylings of Raha returns in tantalizing remixes by Nuno (SEA) who takes the track to deepest imaginable grounds, with the vocals being accompanied by exhilarating spaced-out synth melodies and deeper than deep rhythms. Also included is the previously unreleased dub version of the original version by Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass.

Distant People featuring Natasha Watts "Stronger" (The Remixes)(Soulful Evolution Records CD Promo)

In springtime of last year, we introduced you to the fervid "Stronger" by Distant People (Joey Silvero) and songstress Natasha Watts, now Soulful Evolution Records are about to release a stunning remix package. The chosen ones to lay their magical touch on this timeless soulful gem are Guido P, OtherSoul, Soulbridge, Alex Millet and Virgo E.S.P. - what else can we say other than these remixes are simply phenomenal, with each of the remixers adding his distinctive touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version. Miss this killer package at your own risk...

Biblical Jones "Power 2da muthafunkin people" (Face the Bass Records CD Promo)

Allen 'Speedy' Jackson and Biblical Jones follow-up their previous smash hit single "O my lord" with the incredible "Power 2da muthafunkin people". Beyond the shadow of a doubt, what we have here is a sure-fire dance floor weapon thanks to ruthlessly thumpin' tribal-esque rhythms, luscious melodies and Biblical Jones unrivaled vocal stylings. Next to the original are remixes by Biblical Jones, DJ Pistol Pete, King P Soul and Sahib Muhammad all keeping the vibe infectious and true to the underground, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

The best of the rest...

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

Renowned Italian producer/DJ Maurizio Baiocchi takes on Raul Orellana's Balearic anthem "The real wild house" (which dates back to 1989) and delivers a truly phenomenal re-imagination staying true and respectful to the original yet oozing with his distinct incomparable sound. A definitive summer anthem.... (Double Cheese Records CD Promo). To make it short, "Whereabouts known" by Alton Miller is a truly delightful slice of late night bliss fusing deep house with elements from afro, jazz and funk. The way Alton Miller combines the different influences in this deep house jewel is unheard-of and simply breathtaking (Inner Muse Recordings CD Promo).

South Africa's up-and-rising Kek Star Keke presents the impressive and truly eclectic "All about me" EP loaded with four marvelous afro house productions which are vibrant yet always keep the vibe soulful. In other words, this stellar EP takes you on an enchanting journey through the many flavors afro influenced house music has to offer (Smooth Agent Africa CD Promo). Scottish maestro Andy Jackson aka JFunc returns with the massive "Re-Memories EP" which includes two amazing tracks guaranteed to jam-pack the floor. "What you need" is a mind-boggling slice of Nu-Disco infused deepness oozing with glorious melodies, while "Re-memories" is an entrancing old school inspired deep house cut (Wiggly Worm Records CD Promo).