We've limited ourselves to the very best this week - enjoy the latest selection of brand new soulful house music...

Stacey Mallory "Serious funk" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

Since his return a few weeks ago, Stacey Mallory has been blessing us with nothing but the best in soulful house music. His latest offering "Serious funk" is no exception, with a smooth yet contaminous funk drenched backdrop leading the way for masterly jazzy keys and grand strings - one guaranteed to make you yearn for more. The 'Soulful Mix' gets deeper and somewhat relaxes the vibe to give the track a more laidback feel.

Andy Soul "In my father's house" (Panama Red Records CD Promo)

Panama Records grace us with this wonderful EP by South Africa's Andy Soul which features three equally fantastic deep soulful productions titled "In my fathers house", "Heaven" and "Deep in his love", with he first two featuring vocals from Andy Soul himself while "Deep in his love" features a deeply felt vocal performance by guest artist Sphamandla. Not to forget to mention the slamming remixes by Soul Element (aka Stacy Kidd), Black Alley and label head Antonio Caballero of the tracks.

Nathan Adams "Falling" (Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Back in February of this year, we were celebrating the release of "Falling", a masterly production having timeless written all over produced by none other than house music legend Louie Vega. The original combines Nathan Adams' incomparable vocals with smooth percussive rhythms and heavenly melodies, now Tribe Records unleash the remixes by Quentin Harris and Full Crate which take this song to all new heights, both adding their distinctive deep soulful touch. Highly recommended.

The Drifters "Under the boardwalk" (Phil Hooton Remix)(MuSol Recordings CD Promo)

Back in 1964, The Drifters released "Under the boardwalk" which nowadays is considered a seminal soul classic. Phil Hooton takes on this timeless masterpiece, with his marvelous interpretation being a subtle re-imagination staying true and respectful to the original yet giving it a modern utterly soulful and laidback four-to-the-floor feel. Sheer musical bliss...

Roy Davis Jr. "Men from the Nile" (Part 3)(Cha Cha Project Recordings CD Promo)

Cha Cha Project Recordings have a beauty in their hands with the third part of Roy Davis Jr.'s "Men from the Nile" series (the first part was released in 1996 and the second part in 1997) titled "They won't see", a mind-blowing production built around dubby four-to-the-floor rhythms, mesmerizing keys, fantastic ragga-styled vocals from Infinite and wicked wisdom chant from J.NOIZE. Also included is an alternate 'Tek Mix' which gives the track a slightly deeper more intense feel.

Various "Soulplate Sessions Vol. 1" (Soulplate Records CD Promo)

The wait is over as Soulplate Records are about to release their long-awaited four track sampler loaded with pure vocal productions, each of them oozing with the beloved melodious Soulplate sound. First up they join forces with South Africa's' Deepworx and Soultronic for a slice of delightful deepness on "Vukani", next is the fiercely thumpin' "1000 words" featuring the spoken word poetry of Rainy Payne, which is followed by the groovy "Passing me by" featuring cool vocals by Marck Jamz, and last but not least there is the feel good funk drenched "Back it up" featuring passionate vocals by Ben James (background vocals by Charmaine).