This weeks update is truly diverse, with lots of fresh gems to discover - enjoy !!

Various "Neal Conway Classics Revisited Vol. 6" (Urban Re Records CD Promo)

Welcome to the third installment of the "Neal Conway Classic Revisited" series for the year (its #6 in the series), beyond the shadow of the doubt the one and only Neal Conway has been pulling out the stops once again for this volume. Not less than five unforgettable songs from back in the day have been given the ingenious Neal Conway makeover: "Angel" by Angela Winbush, "Dirty low down" by Boz Skaggs, "What's happening brother" by Marvin Gaye, "Moonlight feels right" by Starbuck and finally "If you want me to stay" by Sly & The Family Stone which is labeled "Do you want soulful house to stay" and features additional vocals by Neal Conway himself. You know the drill by now, these superb re-imaginations keep the spirit of the original alive yet they are transformed into resistless four-the-floor anthems sure to put a spell on you...

Janet Rushmore "Joy" (Sonny Fodera Remixes)(Soul Heaven Records CD Promo)

"Joy" by Janet Rushmore is a veritable New York City Garage classic dating back to 1994 when it was released in the US on Choice Records and in the UK on Released for Pleasure with mixes by Kerri Chandler, Smack Productions and Booker T among others. This unforgotten gem returns in fresh remixes by Sonny Fodera whose 'Deep Mix' oozing with a tempting contemporary deep yet soulful vibe features sweet guitar riffs and gentle rhythms alongside Janet Rushmore's uplifting vocals. The 'Beatdown Mix' starts out in similar style before turning into an absolutely ruthless, raw'n'unadulterated bass-heavy monster.

Sol Brown featuring Lady Alma "Your time to shine" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)

Makin' Moves truly have a beauty in their hands with "Your time to shine" by Sol Brown and vocalist extraordinaire Lady Alma. To cut right to the chase, "Your time to shine" is a masterly crafted, soothing and soulful yet enticing dance floor gem, with relentlessly thumpin' percussive rhythms leading the way for illustrious keys, luscious chords and Lady Alma's one-of-a-kind sultry vocals. Nuff said - get your copy today...

Soulbridge & Rachael Calladine "Dance Floor EP" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Italy's Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) joins forces with songstress Rachael Calladine for the "Dance Floor EP", a jaw-dropping truly eclectic release featuring four awe-inspiring masterly orchestrated productions perfectly showcasing Rachel Calladine's unmistakable haunting vocals and the glamorous soul/funk infused sound Soulbridge is beloved for. Quite simply, this is Soulbridge and Rachael Calladine at their best, we found it next to impossible to pick a favorite out these four marvelous productions.

Richard Earnshaw featuring Angie Brown "Feel 4 U" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Can you believe six years have passed since Richard Earnshaw and Angie Brown graced us with "Unbelievable"? They unite once again for "Feel 4 U" a truly inspiring old skool inspired production, with an irresistibly stompin' backdrop serving as playground for an infectious piano and Angie Brown's inimitable uplifting vocals. In other words, a no-nonsense dance floor weapon guaranteed to send the dancers in to a frenzy...

Roland Clark "I get deep" (2015 Remixes)(Deeptown Music CD Promo)

In 2007, Deeptown Music was launched with the inaugural release being courtesy of DJ Le Roi who worked the legendary Roland Clark acapella "I get deep" to magic. Now this seminal classic returns to the dance floors around the world in brand new and fresh remixes. First up Danish dynamite duo Soulmagic deliver a mind-blowing re-imagination spreading a blissful truly excitatory vibe sure to set the roof on fire. Next Australia's Husky adds his trademark touches, with the result being a sure-fire prime time favorite.

Pagany featuring Chanelle "Caught in the middle" (Soulbridge Classic Mix)(StereoCity Records CD-R)

It is always a delicate job to do a cover version of a dance music classic that is in everyone's head, this certainly applies to "Caught in the middle" by Juliet Roberts which was a huge club anthem in 1993/1994. DJ/producer Pagany and house music diva Chanelle took on the challenge, with their reinterpretation being released back in July on StereoCity Records. Soon to come is this glorious remix by Soulbridge who adds his magical soul/funk infused touch, with Chanelle's unrivaled vocals being accompanied by a grand jazzy saxophone, delectable keys and a fervid organic backing.

Deep House Pick: Deep Elementz "Infiltrations" (4th Quarter Music CD Promo)

Renowned deep house producer Deep Elementz (aka Robert Martin) makes his debut on 4th Quarter Music with the stunning "Infiltrations" EP, to cut a long story short this is Deep Elementz on top of his game, delivering nothing but pristine underground-esqe deep house music. Most definitely this phantasmagorical EP will take you on an exhilarating truly hypnotizing journey to deepest imaginable house music territory guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... Nuff said.

Traxx Pick: Cotterell "Eddie's groove" (Plastik People Recordings CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this almighty track by Marc Cotterell. To get to the point, "Eddie's groove" is a brilliant slice of pure raw house music built around a merciless funked-up backdrop which is enriched with uber cool spoken male vocals, jazzy keys and inebriant chords. Drop this and watch the dance floor erupt...

Bootleg Pick: Toni Braxton & Babyface "Roller coaster" (CJ Giovanni Edit)(CD-R)

It has been a while since we introduced you to an unofficial edit/remix, frankly speaking it has been rather quite on this front (at least when it comes to the quality aspect)... But every now and then we come across a bootleg that puts a spell on us with the very first listen such as CJ Giovanni's delightful re-imagination of "Roller coaster" by Toni Braxton & Babyface (from their 2014 collaboration album "Love, Marriage & Divorce") which stays true and respectful to the original yet gives the song a smooth yet dramatic four-to-the-floor feel.