Quite a diverse update this week, we hope you enjoy it...

The Little Big Band "Pressure" (Lewis Ferrier Remixes)(One51 Recordings CD Promo)

Back in summer of 2006, we were dancing to "Pressure", a glorious feel good tune by The Little Big Band featuring the unrivaled vocals of Simon Green (with the mighty Angie Brown on background vocals). Now this gem returns in stunning re-imaginations by Lewis Ferrier who takes the song to all new heights on his uplifting old school infused rework oozing with a soulicious summery feel guaranteed to put a spell on you.

DJ Vivona featuring Miss D "To another day" (Part 2)(Super Soul Music CD Promo)

Beginning of last year, the super delicious "To another day" by DJ Vivona which features the incomparable vocals of songstress Miss D was released to great success as the track took over dance floors by storm, not least due to a stellar selection of remixes. Super Soul Music breath fresh life into the track with a super hot package of brand new remixes. First up we have the team of DJ Spen & Soulfuledge who contribute a glamorous sun drenched interpretation which uses smoothly thumpin' rhythms as playground for the vocals and enchanting keys. Next, DJ Vivona himself delivers a truly enthralling utterly deep yet somewhat dark'n'moody workout guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy.

Samuri & Divided Souls featuring Gina Dunn "Hard to find" (Remixes)(White Lotus Club Recordings CD Promo)

October 2013 saw the release of the exquisite original version of "Hard to find" by Samuri & Divided Souls, an incredible soul oozing gem featuring the passionate vocals of Gina Dunn. Now the time has come for the remixes to see the light of the day, with DeepGallery serving a wonderful laidback soul/jazz/funk infused interpretation, Cosimo Metta turning the heat up on his mind-blowing fervid rework destined to rock prime time, and last but not least EMPTY drops a celestial deep rendition fueled with dreamy melodies.

Mustafa & Sunlightsquare featuring Tasita D'Mour "Never stop loving you"(Staff Productions CD Promo)

To cut a long story short, the latest offering from Staff Productions is a gorgeous slice of soulful heaven not to be missed. Mustafa, Sunlightsquare and Tasita D'Mour are pulling out all the stops on "Never stop loving you" to grace us with a soulful gem having timeless written all over thanks to Tasita D'Mour's inimitable vocals and the masterly organic orchestration which includes a magnificent horn section.

DeeJay MiMMo & Roland Clark "Saturday" (Steven Stone Remix)(Deep Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

A couple of weeks ago, the original release of DeeJay MiMMo's "Saturday" dropped, a wicked uplifting dance floor weapon featuring the uber cool vocals by legendary Roland Clark. Now Deep Deluxe Recordings present a blazin' hot remix by Steven Stone who combines Roland Clark's one-of-a-kind vocals with catchy piano hooks, splendorous chords and intoxicating rhythms. Jam-packed floors guaranteed...

Lilac Jeans featuring Lee "Life goes on" (Lilac Jeans Music CD Promo)

Beyond doubt, the team of Linda Sikhosana (Menu) and Floyd Nkonyane (Floyd), collectively known as Lilac Jeans, have been blessing us with one soulful gem after another in recent months. Their latest offering "Life goes on" is no exception, with gentle yet spell binding deeply groovin' rhythms leading the way for the emotive vocals of up and rising songstress Lee and the heavenly truly melodious keys and chords.

Pondo & Xoli "Past & Future EP" (Lilac Jeans Music CD Promo)

The "Past & Future EP" by Pondo and Xoli will take you on an eclectic journey through the different flavors of house music South Africa has to offer. The EP features both previously released and band new tracks, showcasing the many talents of these two gifted producers. From the previously released soulful vocal jewel "Crazy things" by Pondo & Lilac Jeans featuring Inno over the deepalicious "Take a ride" and "Generations to come" by Xoli & Lilac Jeans to the brand new dreamlike "Love creation" by Pondo and the jazz-tastic "Pianos solo" by Xoli, this EP is sheer musical bliss...

Swift featuring Theo Lawson "Afro hard"  (Moon Rocket & Romero Remix)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Originally released in November of last year, Ruben 'Swift' Vidal's absolutely relentless afro-tastic gem "Afro hard" which features the unique African vocal stylings of Theo Lawson returns in a truly mind-blowing and mesmerizing remix by New York City's Moon Rocket & Romero. Quite simply, the infectious afro-deep rhythms together with the amazing vocals and dazzling keys is guaranteed to set the floor on fire.

FrenzyDreamz featuring Charles Cooper "What'chu gonna do" (FrenzyDreamz Sounds CD Promo)

South African production outfit FrenzyDreamz (Obed Segaole, Agreement Ramagogodi, Vuyani Boyi) join forces with songwriter and singer Charles Cooper for "What'chu gonna do", a beautiful production built around gentle rhythms, luscious chords and grand jazzy keys, not to forget to mention the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of Charles Cooper. On remix duty are Entity (Darian Crouse) and Tony Jesus both adding their magical deep underground-esque soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version.

Shino Blackk featuring Vanessa Jones "Heaven" (Face The Bass Records CD Promo)

Next on Face The Bass Records is "Heaven" by Shino Blackk, a pristine slice of underground house music featuring the distinctive seductive vocals of Vanessa Jones alongside lush keys over deep'n'gentle yet thrilling rhythms. Eddie Ed reworks the track into a deep utterly tantalizing yet smoothly groovin' affair, while the team of Mark Francis & Adam Rios give the track a hypnotizing feel on their atmospheric tribal-ish workout.

Exclusive Preview: Ann Nesby "So much joy" (DaSouL & Notuma Remix)(CD-R)

In 2006, Code Red Records released the gospel house anthem "So much joy" by Ann Nesby, now in 2014 we can enjoy a splendid re-imagination by DaSouL & Notuma. On the duo's jaw-dropping rework, ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms lead the way for Ann Nesby's phenomenal unrivaled gospel tinged vocals and grandiose jazzed-up keys, altogether spreading an uplifting organic vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

The motherland continues to grace us with nothing but the best in underground house music. A prime example is the mind-blowing "No More Hiding" EP by Mr KG loaded with three equally brilliant unadulterated tracks guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to relentless rhythms and mesmerizing melodies (Lilac Jeans Music CD Promo). Neil Pierce and Chris Samba join forces as Zone 2 to take over dance floors with the two track "The Chymical EP". To make it short, each of the two featured tracks is a sure-fire dance floor bomb, oozing with a delectable deep old school inspired vibe guaranteed to cause a stir (Favouritizm CD Promo).

Groove Addix & Ricky Pellegrino give us "I want this House", an enthralling deeply groovin' production using an irresistible summery groove as playground for charming keys and the cool dub vocals by Ricky Pellegrino (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo). Chicago's own Joey Kay presents the breathtaking "Milk 'N Honey" EP featuring four massive tracks which perfectly showcases his unique truly eclectic sound; without any doubt his Chicago roots shine through on each of these captivating deep mesmerizing tracks (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo).