We have yet another week loaded with an amazing selection of soulful house music for you - enjoy !!

Jevne featuring Robert Owens "Like now" (Onethirty Recordings CD Promo)

Label head Jevne presents an amazing production featuring the one and only, the legendary Robert Owens on vocals - as some say, "with Robert Owens on the vocals you can't go wrong" - we couldn't agree more. The original version of "Like now" is deep and hypnotizing, with infectious rhythms leading the way for ethereal melodies and Robert Owens' inimitable vocals. On remix duty we have Andreas Saag who brings back the almost forgotten sounds of early house music, and Steve Mill who turns up the heat using pulsating rhythms and dramatic melodies.

Steven Stone & Wendy Lewis "New lady" (Scott Diaz Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

In July of 2012, Soul Deluxe Recordings released "New lady" by Steven Stone', a glorious soulful production featuring songstress Wendy Lewis. In December 2012, massive remixes by N'Dinga Gaba followed, now up and rising producer/DJ Scott Diaz adds his magic touch, with the fresh jackin' rhythms and luscious keys together with the deeply felt vocals by Wendy Lewis spreading a mesmerizing vibe guaranteed to jam-pack floors.

Haldo and Fabrizio Marra featuring Stephanie Cooke "Move your body" (Rebus Records CD Promo)

Italy's Haldo and Fabrizio Marra join forces with songstress Stephanie Cooke to bless us with "Move your body", an adorable down-tempo  production oozing with beautiful jazzy melodies in Haldo's 'Original Lounge Mix'. Next are various up-tempo mixes sure to rock the floor: there is Haldo's melodious smoothly thumpin' 'Different Mix', Fabrizio Marra's sensual deep 'Dub Mix', an afro-deep affair by Max Scatti's laced with gorgeous piano, a groovey jazz drenched rendition by Francesco Cofano, a delectable deep melancholic version by Millitone, a mind-blowing truly infectious yet soulful take by Da Soul, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss, a tougher version perfect for peak-time play by DJ-E-Ro, and finally an electronic workout by Odo Makes A Smile.

Andy Soul featuring Matthew Yates "I never knew" (The Remixes)(Kula Records CD Promo)

In June of last year, Kula Records released the glamorous "I never knew" by Andy Soul which features deeply felt vocals by Matthew Yates, later in September of the same year they launched a remix competition, and now they present the winners. What we get is a phenomenal remix package straight from heaven, with each of these grandiose truly soulful/deep mixes from Symphonic, Tony King, Neil Thompson and Umberto Parisi taking the track to a whole new level... Miss it at your own risk...

Napoleons "3 Blessed Minds EP" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Up and coming South African group Napoleons grace us with their marvelous soul drenched "3 Blessed Minds EP" which features a selection of hotter than hot vocal and instrumental productions. Each of the tracks is pure deep house heaven - whether it is the two vocal tracks "Love" featuring sensitive vocals by Nana and "I wish" featuring deeply rooted vocals by Beeman or the two instrumentals "Deep talk" and "Green clouds", this breathtaking EP is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine with spell binding afrotastic rhythms and glorious melodies.

Silvia Zaragoza featuring Yasmine Seydi "Flores pro mar" (Part 2)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Back in December we were celebrating the release of the grandiose "Flores pro mar" by Spanish producer/DJ Silvia Zaragoza, a thrilling Latin infused production featuring sultry vocals by Yasmine Seydi alongside sublime jazzy keys over percussive afro-deep rhythms. The first part already included stellar remixes by Shuji Hirose, DJ Rico and Thomas Toccafondi, but this doesn't stop SoundMen on Wax from dropping a second part featuring absolutely outstanding interpretations from the likes of Kikko Esse, Klaide, Monocles & Slezz, Latest Craze and DJ Bee who all add their distinctive touch to the song, making it next to impossible to choose favorite version...

RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg Germ "Just say yes" (The Brothers CD Promo)

What a gem we have here courtesy of vocalist RaShaan Houston who teams up with Mr Egg Germ for a mouth-watering slice of silky smooth funk dripping soul titled "Just say yes". RaShaan Houston's seductive vocals combined with grand keys, lovely guitar and boogie bass courtesy of Mr Egg Germ characterize this classy mid-tempo groover - sheer musical bliss. Italy's The Funklovers take the track to the dance floor on their gorgeous jazz-funk flavored four-to-the rendition, while Mirco Esposito turns out a glamorous deep interpretation on a sublime old school tip.

The Vibes Organization featuring Mr. Shy & Maggie Smile "Here comes again" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Gotta Keep Faith have a beauty in their hands with "Here comes again" by The Vibes Organization, a group founded by Marco Finotello in 2011. Featuring sultry vocals by Mr. Shy and Maggie Smile, "Here comes again" is a masterly orchestrated production featuring enchanting melodies over an organic laidback backdrop on the original version. Marco  Finotello contributes an uplifting fiercely groovin' old school inspired workout, Spiritual Blessings take the track to deeper grounds on their mind-boggling rework, and last but not least the Allovers deliver an ingenious dub oozing with a fresh house sound.

Various "Nova Planet House Sessions Vol. 3" (Kapa Music CD Promo)

DJ Nova returns with the thirst installment in his "Nova Planet House Sessions" series featuring four equally fantastic tracks. First up, Switzerland's Nicolas Bassi gives us "I'm on fire" which features spirited female vocals and warm jazzy keys over a remorselessly stompin' funk soaked backing. Next is Rob Clarke with the utterly deep underground-esque "Like that", a track reminiscent of the early 90's house sound. Antonio Caballero teams up with trumpeter Rubberlips and songstress Charmaine for the sun drenched "Amazing", a piano driven slice of feel good vocal house. Completing the package is "Get deep" by Middle Rhythm, a deeper than deep truly melodious yet slightly dark track.

New Believers featuring Ike Sofunky & Eva James "My world" (Solitone Music CD  Promo)

With the wonderful "My world" by the New Believers, Solitone Music continue their streak of success, blessing us with a timeless soulful production featuring the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of Miss Eva James and Ike Sofunky alongside delicious keys over a smooth yet contaminous funk drenched backdrop. The down-tempo 'Slow Jam' will remind you of the unforgettable soul ballads from the 90's, Dwight Brown gets funky on his uplifting take, and finally Drexmeister adds his beloved soul/funk inspired touch.

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section to highlight other noteworthy releases...

Recently launched Sandisco Recordings are one a roll, with their third release being the mind-blowing "Way Back EP" by DJ Thes-Man & Tobetsa Lamola which takes you on an eclectic journey through the deepest territory of afrocentric house music (Sandisco Recordings CD Promo). Rokaz (Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce) take us back in time with their "Nasty Nights EP" oozing with old school inspired rhythms and melodies which are guaranteed to cause a frenzy and set the floor on fire (Room Control Records CD Promo).

"The underGROUND" by Richie the DJ is a supa dope truly hypnotizing underground-esque production featuring uber cool spoken words, coming complete with an acid infused version and an amazing remix by Doc Link oozing with his beloved unique sound (Dub Kollectiv Recordings CD Promo). Netherlands Young Hand impresses with fantastic old school inspired deep house on the "Hand Made EP", with each of the two featured tracks bringing back memories from the early days of house (Luvbug Recordings CD Promo).

The delectable "Alright" by Sole Junktion oozes with soothing melodies and deep'n'smooth afrotastic rhythms, the remixes are courtesy of Ultra Project who deliver both a four-to-the-floor rework and a blissful broken beat interpretation (Gruv Shack Records CD Promo). Last but not least we have "Just fly" by Blueday Stereo feat Jocelyn Mathieu on vocals, an ingenious and fresh production where the fierce rhythms and lush melodies harmonize perfectly with the uber cool vocals. Features remixes by Claude Monnet, Dagui Rodann, Timothee Milton, Lino Sparkling (SSOH Music CD Promo).