Quite an eclectic selection we have put together this week - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do...

Adele "Rumor has it" (DaSouL & Fabry Diglio US Touch)(CD-R)

Italy's DaSouL & Fabry Diglio take on Adele's "Rumor has it" (the original version can be found on her long player "21" released in early 2011) and turn this lovely song into a fiercely thumpin' 4/4 gem, with relentlessly stormin' rhythms leading the way for Adele's fascinating inimitable vocals, a wicked jazzy piano which is taken straight from the original and last but not least heavenly keys and chords. 

Octave "New life" (430 West Records CD Promo)

Most definitely different from what we usually bring to you... But make no mistake, this is an ingenious slice of tech-soul by Detroit's legendary Octave One destined to send the floor into a frenzy thanks to totally relentless pulsating rhythms, captivating vocals by Afrika (Lana Fallon), lush keys and dramatic strings. Unsubscribe (Dave Clarke & Mr Jones) are getting dark and gritty on their take loaded with ominous synths, while Different World (Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima) deliver an euphoric feel good rework oozing with glorious strings and grand jazzy piano.

Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne "Ice" (Sugar Groove Mixes)(CD-R)

The seductive "Ice" is the lead single from Kelly Rowland's upcoming fourth studio album, featuring guest Lil Wayne. Swift of DJN Project together with Alfredo Norese, Tim 'Slikk Tim' Bercerand and Yoel Ben Yehuda reworks the song into a soulful four-to-the-floor affair using a smoothly thumpin' backdrop as playground for Kelly Rowland's amorous vocals, Lil Wayne's unequivocal verse, melodious keys and a celestial synth solo.

DJ Minx featuring Gayelynn McKinney "Glide" (Women on Wax Records CD Promo)

DJ Minx joins forces with Detroit jazz artist Gayelynn McKinney on the trailblazing "Glide", an utterly deep production built around spell binding percussive rhythms, heavenly synth melodies and Gayelynn McKinney's jazz-infused vocal melodies. The 'Queen Beats Dub' gives the track a gritty funked-up feel, Animal Trax (the team of DJ Minx and Pirahnahead) serve a deep somewhat dark yet truly hypnotizing workout laced with freaky snyths, Doc Link delivers a groovey rendition oozing with his signature touch, and finally Shannon Chambers contributes a dreamy interpretation fueled with glamorous melodies.

Husky & Meital De Razon "Make it fly" (Universe Media CD Promo)

Australia's Husky (one half of Random Soul) and Israel's singer/songwriter Meital De Razon team up for "Make it fly", an uber cool production guaranteed to jam-pack floors with its thrilling bumpin' rhythms, uplifting vocals and gorgeous melodies. Beside Husky's own intoxicating 'RSR' alterations (both a vocal and dub are available), the package includes an amazing deep house rendition by Craig Stewart and a laidback interpretation by Act oozing with a beautiful organic jazz drenched vibe.

Richard Earnshaw presents Modified People "We are" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Richard Earnshaw presents a sure fire floor weapon under his brand new Modified People moniker. "We are" features enchanting uplifting melodies combined with his trademark, smooth yet truly infectious bumpin' rhythms, not to forget to mention the breathtaking beat-less intro built around celestial evolving soundscapes which are dropped on the 'Beats Edit' to give the DJ a version with a mix friendly drum intro.

Spiritchaser "Edge of the world" (Guess Records CD Promo)

The Spiritchaser duo (Mark Bamford & Richard Earnshaw) returns with "Edge of the world", a collaboration with Est8 producer/remixer Daniel Jones and songstress Emily Cook. The original mixes are all about the deep'n'smooth yet contaminous rhythms, glorious melodies and Emily Cook's sultry vocals, altogether spreading a feel good vibe you can't resist to dance to. DJ Spen & N'Dinga Gaba add their magic touch to take the inimitable Spiritchaser sound to a whole new level on their mind-blowing remix, and last but not least Daniel Jones takes the track to the main floor on his euphoric remix.

Soul Strings "Soul Strings EP" (Slaag Traax Records CD Promo)

Deep, deeper, deepest... Slaag Traax present a fantastic two track EP by up and rising South Africa talent Soul Strings (real name Abram Skhosana) guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, with both "Essence of love" and "True sensations" taking you on a journey to deepest imaginable grounds with their intriguing truly irresistible rhythms and grandiose synth melodies. Deep house will live forever...

Naimah Dematra "I still believe" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for Rasmir Mantree and his influential Mantree label... Their latest bomb is entitled "I still believe" and comes courtesy of songstress Naimah Dematra, with mixes courtesy of in-demand producer/remixer DJ Elementz and Rasmir Mantree himself. As with the labels recent other releases, "I still believe" is pristine underground house music, with Naimah Dematra's unmistakable vocals being worked to full effect by both Rasmir Mantree and DJ Elementz, both pulling out all the stops on their respective versions oozing with their beloved mesmerizing sounds and rhythms, making this release something truly special.

Early Winters "Count me in" (Cubanix Rework)(CD-R)

David 'Cubanix' Reyero blesses us with his exquisite rework of "Count me in" by Early Winters (from the original motion picture soundtrack of "The lucky one"), taking the track to the soulful floors by adding a smooth yet fierce backing and gorgeous keys and chords - the result is a sensual slice of soulful four-to-the-floor not to be missed...