review logoSummer is here, so is this weeks packed update... enjoy !!

Michelle Ayers "Fast steppin'" (AceBeat Music Promo)

Legendary singer/songwriter Michelle Ayers (remember her classics "Another lover", "Share my love", "Joy" and "Respect" remixed by none other than David Morales?) is back in proper style with "Fast steppin", a magnificent Shawn 'Morpheus' Waters produced soulful cut oozing with her unmatched sultry vocals, sweet guitar, exquisite keys and smooth funk soaked backdrop. The cherry on top is the towering rendition by Derrick Ricky Nelson and Ace Mungin adding their landmark truly beloved soulful touch to take the track to the next level.

Zaylan featuring Crystal Levell "Blessed by your love" (Juan Valentine Powerhouse Dub Mix)(iM Electronica Promo)

In mid-May, we introduced you to the high-octane tracks "Blessed by your love" and "The rhythm is taking me over" produced by Juan '2DaGroove' Valentine and performed in grand style by vocalists extraordinaire Zaylan and Crystal Levell, now "Blessed by your love" is back in the energetic 'Powerhouse Dub' by Juan Valentine which turns up the heat a few more notches and features a cameo vocal by guest artist Luckee. Unquestionably this relentless floor-stomper is sure to take over dance floors by storm.

Woody Bianchi & Pietro Nicosia featuring Zouratie Kone "Zou's song" (Groovebom Records Promo)

Available soon through up-and-coming Groovebom accords is the phantasmagorical sun drenched "Zou's song" by Woody Bianchi and Pietro Nicosia. To make a long story short, the lively "Zou's song" featuring the amazing african vocal stylings of Zouratie Kone, sublime guitar and warm melodious keys over an afro/latin infused rich organic musical backing is not to be missed....

Charles Dockins featuring Pedro Herrera "Some love" (Jazzu Records Promo)

Charles 'CDock' Dockins and Pedro Herrera are back together to grace us with "Some love", the follow up to their previous hit single "Carousel". Without question, "Some love" which uses smooth yet captivating percussive rhythms as foundation for the incredible vocals of Pedro Herrera, bodacious keys and celestial pads is sure to cast a spell on you. Not to forget to mention the 'Deep Vibes' with feature a glorious vibraphone and transform the track into a late night house favorite.

DJ Disciple featuring Mima K. "Never give up" (Shino Blackk Remixes)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)

The latest offering from esteemed DJ/producer DJ Disciple is "Never give up" a collaboration with Mima K remixed by Shina Blackk. The 'Blackk Print 1 Remix' is a stripped back affair putting the emphasis on Mima K's inimitable passionate vocals and the inexorably thumpin' rhythms, while the 'Blackkz B-Side' remix oozes with tantalizing synth melodies and a spell binding organic backdrop.

Beyonce "Break my soul" (Jason AJ Summers 4TheDJ Mix)(Promo)

So Beyonce has a new single entitled "Break my soul", and its more than obvious where the influences come from... I will not join the ongoing debate on major artists (re)discovering house music, rather I will spend a moment to introduce you to Jason AJ Summers' superb rework that gives the track  a classic underground house music feel thanks to the deeply groovin' rhythms and lush keys. A dope rework sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Rasmir Mantree "Blaq butta" (Mantree Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with "Blaq butta" the upcoming release by Rasmir Mantree who once again graces us with a paramount release oozing with his ingenious and innovative unadulterated underground house sound. Beyond doubt, "Blaq butta" which comes in three equally brilliant mixes and features enthralling rhythms and illustrious keys alongside Rasmir Mantree's eminent spoken words and uber cool female backing vocals is sure to set the dance floor on fire.