Here we go with this weeks selection of top notch soulful house music - enjoy !!

Vick Lavender "The document" (12'' Extended Guitar Instrumental Mix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Congratulations to Vick Lavender and his Sophisticado family for one-hundred phenomenal releases, without any doubt the label has been keeping the quality high from the very first to this paramount 100th release by label head Vick Lavender whose "The document" is a masterly orchestrated instrumental production featuring grand keys by Mike Logan and fantastic guitar by Gere Johnson - in other words, a timeless masterpiece oozing with Vick Lavender's beloved vintage soul/jazz/funk infused sound. The full vocal version is coming later in the year.

Mustafa featuring Tasita D'Mour "Give love" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

Mustafa and Tasita D'Mour continue the series of successful collaboration with "Give love", a feel good production which is all about the inimitable vocals by Tasita D'Mour, classic strings, exquisite keys and groovey backdrop. The 'Club Mix' turns up the heat with pulsating rhythms and celestial synth melodies, while the 'Bossa Mix' is a wonderful down-tempo version putting Tasita D'Mour's outstanding vocals center stage. Finally, D-Malice turns the track into hypnotizing deep underground-esque affair.

Dana Weaver "Feel Alive EP" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Here we have the first release from In the Zone Records for this week, marking the third release for songstress Dana Weaver on the label. The title track "Feel alive" debuted on the labels "WMC in Miami 2013" sampler, now the full release is here, featuring the massive original version by legendary Basement Boys member Neal Conway as well as stellar remixes by DJ Ant B and Ben 'Pure Elevation' Johnson. But this is not all as brand new remixes of Dana Weaver's previous single "Flying high" from DJ Speedy, DJ Punch and Native Guard are included too, as is the previously unreleased Neal Conway produced "Understand me".

Taihisha Grant "Free your soul" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

The second release on In the Zone Records this week marks the debut for up and rising Taihisha Grant on the label. "Free you soul" is an uplifting production oozing with Neal Conway's beloved old school inspired sound which perfectly showcases Taihisha Grant's incomparable emotive vocals. An impressive selection of truly diverse remixes by DJ Ant B, Ben 'Pure Elevation' Johnson and Neal Conway himself complete this highly recommended package.

DJ Punch "Remixed Classics Vol. 1" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

The third and final release from In the Zone Records for this week is the impressive "Remixed Classics Vol. 1" EP by DJ Punch which features not less than seven amazing truly respectful four-to-the-floor interpretations of unforgettable classics: Stevie Wonder "Sunny", First Choice "Love thang", Freeze "I.O.U", Chaka Khan "Clouds", Smokey Robinson "Being with you", Lisa Stansfield "Change" and finally "Sister Sledge "The greatest dancer".

Josi Chave featuring Alike "Come along" (Baainar Records CD Promo)

Baainar Records grace us with an infectious slice of afro deepness courtesy of Josi Chave. The spell binding "Come along" is spreading a mesmerizing vibe through the uplifting vocals by Alike, ethereal synth melodies and utterly intoxicating tribal-esque afro-deep rhythms. A sure-fire dance floor weapon guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy. Nuff said.

New Believers featuring Merel Sluman "Heavy rain" (Solitone Music CD Promo)

The latest release on up and rising Solitone Music is the gorgeous "Heavy rain" by the New Believers (Jasper 'Drexmeister' Drexhage, Dwight Brown, Ike Sofunky) which features sultry by Merel Sluman alongside captivating melodies over a fierce funk drenched backing. The remixes are courtesy of Drexmeister whose melodious rework combines the vocals with classic strings and an organic backdrop, and Dwight Brown & Ike Sofunky who deepen the vibe to give the track an intriguing underground feel.

Peven Everett "Taking you back" / "When I want someone it's you" (Makin' Moves Records CD Promo)

With the release of the highly anticipated new album "King of heats" by Chicago soul legend Peven Everett imminent, Makin' Moves present the second single taken from this phenomenal album, again featuring not one but two beautiful love songs, each one having timeless written all over, oozing with the beloved truly unmistakable Peven Everett sound. As we previously said, masterly crafted soulful music spanning different genres such as soul and house music which is by no means to be missed...

Fiso Da Costa featuring La Veda "Is this the beginning" (Sci-Fi Productions CD  Promo)

Fiso Da Costa joins forces with La Veda to give us "Is this the beginning", a production guaranteed to set the floor on fire in the 'Original Mix' thanks to relentlessly pulsating rhythms, celestial synth melodies and La Veda's enchanting rendition of the lyrics - the perfect choice for prime time action. The 'Fiso Sci-Fi Mix' slightly relaxes the feel yet keeps the vibe infectious and mesmerizing, turning the track into a sure-fire late night weapon.

Passionardor "Never Knowingly Undersouled EP" (Sobra Recordings CD Promo)

Behind Passionardor is UK dance music journalist, photographer, songwriter and producer Mark Moore. The latest offering under his Passionardor disguise is the huge "Never Knowingly Undersouled EP" featuring four different projects in a total of eleven versions. First up is "Oh yeah", an utterly fierce jazz/funk infused feel good affair featuring a grand orchestration. Next is the uplifting "Never stop" oozing with a superb latin inspired orchestration and sultry female vocals, followed by "Don't be a stranger" featuring spirited female vocals and coming both in a funktastic workout and laidback melodious version. Last but not least there is "Music of love", an energetic production laced with hypnotizing melodies and fervid male vocals.

Trinidadian Deep "Emotional High EP" (Afro Sun Recordings CD Promo)

Afro Sun Recordings is a brand new label by Trinidadian Deep and Mikki Afflick, only a few weeks ago the label dropped their debut release "Panama" by Mikki Afflick featuring Mark 'Boogie' Brown, now the second release courtesy of Trinidadian Deep is ready to take over dance floors all over the globe. "Emotional high" is a formidable EP featuring five equally awe-inspiring underground-esque productions, with each of the tracks expressing Trinidadian Deep's love for soulful yet truly infectious rhythms and enticing melodies.