The 2017 WMC/Miami Music Week update is here, loaded with the latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Various "POJI Records WMC Sampler" (POJI Records CD Promo)

For the first time ever, POJI Records present a WMC (Winter Music Conference) sampler, and what a musical delight this is... Kicking things off is DJ Pope's previously unreleased afrotastic remix of "African computer dance" by DeeJay Sound (the original can be found on the "Nu Groove Records EP" released in 2015). Next is "No man" by DJ Pope, a track taking you straight back to the 90's with its ruthlessly thumpin' old school inspired groove, enchanting melodies and catchy (well known) vocal samples. Last but not least, the release features the wonderful jazz house classic "Jazz piano" by DJ Pope which was originally released in 2006 through Track Mode Recordings.

Various "Unity through Sound WMC 2017" (Global Diplomacy Productions CD Promo)

Global Diplomacy Productions truly made a lasting impression over the past few years with their top-notch releases, right in time for this years Winter Music Conference (WMC) they present their first release for 2017 which, to make it short, is nothing short of breathtaking. The "Unity through Sound WMC 2017" sampler features a verily eclectic collection of fresh tracks from an illustrious list of global artists such as Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba, Ism, VANCO, Da Kruk and Stones & Bones, Soul Slayerz, Shaun Ashby and Dany Cohiba as well as previously unreleased remixes by PM Project, Soultronixx and Jonny Miller of some of the labels most memorable moments. Most definitely the "Unity through Sound WMC 2017" sampler will set send the dancers into a frenzy...

Various "Miami Sampler 2017 - 20th Anniversary Edition" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Renowned SoundMen on Wax Records present the latest installment in their celebrated "Miami Sampler" series sub-titled "20th Anniversary Edition", and similar to the past the sampler is loaded with nothing but sure-fire dance floor weapons, featuring music from the likes of Man Friday, Vincent Inc, Ndela Lekamito featuring Dash, Corvino Traxx featuring Anthony Poteat, Tony Jesus, Layla Jallow, Ndela Lekamito featuring Mpostoli, Latest Craze and Alan Parker Lewis. From the first to the very last track, this eminent truly diversified selection is taking you on an enthralling journey through the various shades of house music that is guaranteed to cast a spell on you...

Kelvin Sylvester and Al Copeland "Come over" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

The original version of "Come over" can be found on Al Copeland's debut release "Love story" released in fall of 2015. Now this wonderful genre bending slow jam has been re-imagined for the soulful oriented dance floors by Kelvin Sylvester whose timeless soulful rendition combines the unmistakable emotive vocals of Al Copeland with grandiose keys and spell binding rhythms. The release comes complete with superb alternate interpretations by Dirty Harry, DeepSole Syndicate (Sean Ali & Munk Julious) and From P60 all adding their distinctive soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version.

Jimmy Gallagher featuring Soul City Orchestra "Soul City Theme" (Nigel Lowis Mix)(DSG Music CD Promo)

The glamorous truly uplifting and inspiring "Soul City Theme" by saxophonist Jimmy Gallagher and Soul City Orchestra coming your way in the phantasmagorical Nigel Lowis interpretation is a blissful trip down memory lane, oozing with unmistakable influences from the unrivaled Philly Disco sound from yesterday - think The Salsoul Orchestra, Love Unlimited or MFSB and you get the idea...

Vanessa Smith "Naked soul" (The Shino Blackk Remix)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

The splendiferous "Naked soul" by Vanessa Smith returns to the dance floor in a fabulous remix by Shino Blackk by who adds his famous signature touch; without doubt the result is a truly jaw-dropping verily soulful yet thrilling re-imagination with an irresistible rich and organic backing laying the foundation for luscious keys and Vanessa Smith inimitable tempting vocals. An essential addition to your collection of soulful gems.

Gary Cummings featuring Camille Robinson "Not a care in the world" (Sophisticado Recordings CD Promo)

Sophisticado Recordings are back on Spirit of House in proper style, presenting not one but two uber soulful jewels. First up we have "Not a care in the world" by Gary Cummings and singer Camille Robinson, a super smooth and laidback yet entrancing production that is masterly orchestrated, with illustrious jazzy keys, heavenly chords, glorious vibes and a gentle organic backdrop accompanying the amazing deeply rooted vocals of Camille Robinson. Sheer musical bliss...

Vick Lavender featuring Tyan "Universal law" (Sophisticado Recordings CD Promo)

The second new release forthcoming to Sophisticado Recordings in the coming weeks is a marvelous collaboration by label head Vick Lavender and Tyan entitled "Universal law". To make it short, Vick Lavender is on top of his game, gracing us with an utterly inspirational and intriguing production oozing with paramount jazzed-up keys, celestial synth melodies, dazzling guitar and spell binding rhythms, not to forget to mention the beautiful spoken word poetry by Tyan.

Ananda Project "Remix EP" (NiteGooves Records CD Promo)

The "Remix EP" features stunning remixes of three songs by Ananda Project taken from their classic "Morning light" album released back in 2003. First up, Italian DJ/producers Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamsco add their magical touch to "Rain down", with the 'Main Mix' being on a sun drenched soul/funk inspired tip, while the 'Dub' turns the heat up for peak time action. Cee ElAssaad reworks "I hear you dreaming" into a gorgeous laidback yet enticing afro infused affair, and finally Urmet K drops a mesmerizing deeply rolling late night workout of "The one".

DeLorean Suite "Deep love" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Ireland's DeLorean Suite (the trio of Jennifer McMahon, Tony Roche and Graham Conway) return to Double Cheese Records with the alluring "Deep love" reminiscent of the beloved classic Naked Music style from back in the day, oozing with the angelic vocals of Jennifer McMahon, charming melodies and captivating broken beat flavored rhythms. On remix duty are label boss Luyo who deepens the vibe on his classy utterly hypnotizing rework, and Sudad G who delivers a summery pumped-up workout perfect for prime time.

Seductive Sapphire "Your access is not denied" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

"Your access is not denied" by Seductive Sapphire (Sheila Johnson) is a track destined to take over dance floors globally thanks to a mind-blowing selection of mixes, each one perfectly showcasing Seductive Sapphire's unique spoken word poetry. From DJ Phantom (Walter Phant Ellison) comes an absolutely relentless thumpin' workout laced with afro elements, Young DJ (Moloko Manganyi) gets deep on his exhilarating afro-tech rework, Ronald Overby goes leftfield with his wicked broken beat styled remix, Brian Nance impresses with his ingenious slab of enchanting deep tech-soul, and not least there is DJ Punch's utterly infectious tribal-esque remix enriched with grand piano hooks and cool male spoken words.

Pour le Connaisseur: Sam Qs featuring Vannessa Zagatto "Pickpocket" (Grooveland Music CD Promo)

Sam Q aka Sam Qureshi follows up last years magnificent "Samba of love" with yet another top notch bossa nova jewel entitled "Pickpocket" (a song taken from the album "Cappuccino Jazz" released last year), featuring the fabulous vocals of Vannessa Zagatto. The stellar remixes are courtesy of Herb Middleton who keeps the vibe laidback and down-tempo, Yuki 'T-Groove' Takahashi who serves a fantastic up-tempo rendition, Ars Domini who drop a piano laden feel-good house rework, and lastly BeeKay Deep whose deepened workout is a sure-fire late night weapon.