Enjoy another update bringing you only the best in soulful house music...

Groove Junkies present Chellena Black "God bless the child" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

What a stunning interpretation of this timeless classic by American jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday we have here... Groove Junkies and Chellena Black pay homage  to Billie Holiday with their respectful gospel house inspired rendition which includes additional original lyrics and background vocals making this cover something truly special and unique. Both Groove Junkies and Terry Hunter grace us with their spellbinding interpretations putting Chellena Black's uplifting vocals to full effect, each of them adding their one-of-a-kind touch to the song. Then there is the 'Groove Junkies Elevation Mix' taking you straight to sanctuary - heavenly gospel house by no means to be missed... Watch out for part two featuring remixes by DJ Spen.

Dolls Combers featuring Simon Green "I'm in love" (Dolls Combers Records CD Promo)

After blessing us with marvelous productions and remixes released through various labels over the last few years, the Dolls Combers (Vincent Lacerenza & Manuele Tigani) finally launch their own label with "I'm in love", a masterly orchestrated production featuring the vocal talents of Simon Green who impresses with a heartfelt rendition of the lyrics. Both the original version and the 'DC Grv Re-Work' ooze with the old-school flavored soul-funk drenched sound Dolls Combers are famous for - soulful house at its best. The remixes are courtesy of Carlos Vargas who adds his truly soulful yet infectious touch, and 60 Hertz Project who take the song to a deeper level on their laidback jazz inspired interpretation.

Various "WMC Miami Sampler 2012" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Its that time of the year again where Gotta Keep Faith Records unleash their highly regarded "WMC Miami Sampler", a formidable collection of mixes selected from their upcoming releases. There is the 'Spiritual Blessings Remix' of "Winds Of Victoria" by Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri featuring Fabrizio Scarafile, the 'Berny Remix' of "Change" by Bhaku Jr. featuring Maxwell, the 'Samson Lewis Vocal Mix' of "Keep it together" by Alex Garcia featuring Diana Waite, "Dancing for live" by Groove Addix featuring Angel Rose, the 'CRX Feel My Funky Drumz House Mix' of "Feel me" by The L.I.M. Project presents FEELINGZ and finally the 'Vialocal Vox Remix' of "Empericism" by Definition of Soul. A truly varied sampler offering something for everyone.

DJ Hakuei featuring Jimmy Roland "My house" (Danny Clark Solid Ground Mixes)(H2 Production CD Promo)

Here we have burning hot remixes of DJ Hakuei's "My house" by Solid Ground's own Danny Clark who delivers a slice of serious deepness - deeply groovin' old school flavored rhythms, jazzy piano hooks and lush chords together with the wicked spoken word vocal create a spell binding feel you can't resist to dance to.

Micky More & Kathy Brown "Show me how to love" (Remixes)(Street of Soul Records CD Promo)

End of January, the original version of "Show me how to love" became available, since then this collaboration between Micky More and legendary house music diva Kathy Brown has been taking over dance floors by storm thanks to a compelling fusion of jazz and soul with house music - the masterly horns and piano together with Kathy Brown's inimitable vocals are guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Now the remixes are here, with Andy & Dave reworking the track into a sure fire peak time weapon, while Micky More himself serves both a delectable deep house take and an alternate version of the original with a beautiful beatless intro.

Julius Papp & Lisa Shaw "Miracle" (NeoDisco Music CD Promo)

"Miracle" is the first single taken from Julius Papp's upcoming album "Music is the Key", featuring sultry vocals by the one an only Lisa Shaw alongside freaky keys over thrilling soul-tech rhythms guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. Smash Hunter gives the vocals more prominence and slightly relaxes the feel on his uber cool remix built around smooth discofied rhythms and grandiose keys and horns.

DJN Project & Temple Movement "Back & forth" (United Music CD Promo)

On "Back & forth", DJN Project and Temple Movement team up to bless with a soulful gem featuring delightful melodies and sensitive vocals over a smooth yet captivating backdrop. Swift of DJN Project injects funky flavas and gives the track an uplifting feel on fiery remix, while Duce Martinez delivers a gorgeous laidback version oozing with heavenly melodies. Last but not least, there is Hallex M's tech-soul flavored re-rebut perfect for those deeper moments.

Tanja Dixon "Memories of" (Slaag Records CD Promo)

Tanja Dixon returns to Slaag Records with the Glenn Thornton produced "Memories of", an inspiring soulful production featuring passionate vocals by Tanja Dixon and lush keys over percussive rhythms. Glenn Thornton's 'Slaag Mix' combines the vocals with a grand piano and thumpin' backing while, while Dario M reworks the track into a smoothly stompin' affair laced with exquisite synth melodies. Finally, James Vibe turns the track into a deep hypnotizing tech-soul monster.

Jere McAllister & Carla Prather "Give you give me" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the club hit "One night" by Djeff comes the next bomb from the Tribe camp. "Give you give me" by Jere McAllister is a sun drenched soulful house music gem featuring outstanding vocals by Carla Prather, lovely acoustic guitars and glorious melodies over a funk drenched percussive backdrop - in other words, the perfect soundtrack for this years Winter Music Conference in Miami...

Dom Navarra featuring Laura Williams "Without you" (2012 Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

Back in May 2010, Dom Navarra released his debut artist album "Search 2 find the real" which includes "Without you", a wonderful production featuring sensual vocals by Laura Williams. Now finally this beauty gets released as a single with fresh mixes. The 'Latin Magic Mix' is a laidback affair using smooth yet contaminous percussive rhythms as playground for the vocals, lovely guitar and melodious keys, while the 'Club Mix' is a deep mesmerizing workout on an electrofied tip.

DeepYall aka DJ Rico "Nothing stay" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

"Nothing stay" by DJ Rico is simple yet truly effective on the dance floor thanks to deep remorseless rhythms, delectable keys and chords and cool sexy spoken word vocals. The track comes in various flavors, including remixes by Nteeze & Andy and Deeptape & Rooted Soul, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor at any given time in the night.