review logoLots of fresh and classy vocal soulful/afro house music to discover this week... Enjoy !!

Soulbridge & FAM Disco featuring Tojo "Living my best life" (Soulbridge Records Promo)

The first of two new offering from recently launched Soulbridge Recordings for this week is "Living my best life" a collaboration by Soulbridge and FAM Disco with vocalist Tojo. To make it short, "Living my best life" is top-notch soulful house music using a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing as foundation for lovely guitars, exquisite keys and the beautiful emotive vocals of Tojo.

Dana Divine "I testify" (FAM Disco & Soulbridge Gospel Mix)(Soulbridge Records Promo)

The second new release from Soulbridge Records for this week is a stellar FAM Disco and Soulbridge interpretation of  Dana Divine's "I testify". Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this verily uplifting and inspiring rework oozing with the eminent gospel tinged vocals of Dana Divine, luxurious churchy keys, celestial chords and an intriguing organic backdrop will make you yearn for more...

Kelvin Sylvester & Brutha Basil starring Lee Wilson "Listen" (Brukel FunkDisco Mixes)(Brukel Music Promo)

Brukel Music follow up the phenomenal Jihad Muhammad interpretations of "Listen" with the scintillating truly vibrant 'Brukel FunkDisco Mixes' sure to cast a spell on you through the infectious funk infused musical backing, glamorous horns, sumptuous jazzed-up keys, Brutha Basil's unmistakable spoken word poetry and the newly added undeniably amazing vocal stylings of Lee Wilson.

Mr. Moon featuring Mey "Let it rain" (Duffnote Recordings Promo)

Bulgarian DJ/producer Mr. Moon (Mladen Dimitrov) returns to Duffnote Recordings with "Let it rain" a wonderful broken beat flavored down-tempo gem laced with the beautiful vocals of Mey (Magi Aleksieva). Courtesy of Groove N' Soul (the team of Groove Junkies and ReelSoul) comes a verily soulful and melodious up-tempo interpretation fueled with enchanting keys and gentle rhythms that is sheer musical bliss...

Yooks & Tasha LaRae "Keep it simple" (Dave Anthony Remix)(Newtown Recordings Promo)

Beginning of July, Newtown Recordings unleashed the glorious "Keep it simple" by UK DJ/producer Yooks and songstress Tasha LaRae, now they present fresh remixes by Dave Anthony who has been pulling out all the stops to grace us with a soulful yet enthralling interpretation which combines Tasha  LaRae's unmistakable sultry vocals with bodacious keys and a captivating rich organic backdrop.

Paolo Maffia & Lilly Randa "Come closer" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Paolo Maffia joins forces with South African vocalist Miranda 'Lilly Randa' Ramodipa to give us "Come closer" an expertly crafted truly soulful yet enticing afro house production featuring the incomparable heartfelt vocals of Lilly Randa, mellifluous keys and compelling percussive rhythms. The deepened 'Club Mix' takes the track to late night territory, and FAM Disco contribute a fervid unquestionably mesmerizing rework sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Chaleee featuring Nuzu Deep "Imithandazo" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Esteemed Merecumbe Recordings present a sure-fire afro house banger with "Imithandazo" a collaboration by Chalee and Nuzu Deep. In short, this fierce track fusing Nuzu Deep's unmatched alluring vocal stylings with entrancing synth melodies and deep downright inexorable rhythms is guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire... The hypnotic 'After Hours Mix' gives the track an ethereal feel perfect for late night, early morning play.

Sal Negro and George JJ Flores "Deeper" (CyberJamz Records Promo)

Coming soon to CyberJamz Records is the splendorous "Deeper" by Sal Negro and George JJ Flores an undoubtedly tantalizing production with relentlessly pulsating rhythms leading the way for magnificent keys, inebriant chord progressions and the fabulous vocals of of George JJ Flores. Not to forget to mention the superb remixes by Caz Mateo, Lando Black
and Joel V. all adding their signature touch to the track.

DJ Nastor featuring Jonny "Riot" (Lukulu Recordings Promo)

Watch out for this gem to be released through Lukulu Recordings in the coming weeks... South African DJ/producer DJ Nastor teams up with South African rapper/producer Jonny Joburg on "Riot",  a truly unique and ingenious afro-deep production featuring Jonny Joburg's unrivaled lyricism alongside warm melodious keys and orchestral chords over thrilling rhythms.

Sipho Ngubane & Keedphonik "Daisy EP" (Soulful Sentiments Records Promo)

The "Daisy EP" is a collaborative project by Sipho Ngubane and Keedphonik landing soon on Soulful Sentiments Records. First up, Keedphonik, add their magical deep'n'soulful touch to Sipho Ngubane's all-time classic "Agape love" which features Holi M's unmatched silky smooth vocals. Next, Keedphonik present two original productions, "Pure intentions" and "Keep away from you" two equally great tempting deep house tracks.