Don't miss out on this weeks truly eclectic update... enjoy !!

Viola Sykes "My luv" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)

Next up on Makin' Moves is "My luv" penned by Viola Sykes and legendary Stephanie Mills, with the mixes being courtesy of Sheldon Goode. Not much needs to be said or written besides "My luv" is a masterly crafted soul infused gem having timeless written all over that oozes with Viola Sykes' inimitable deeply rooted vocals, celestial melodies and gentle yet captivating rhythms. Watch out for the remixes by DJ Beloved to be released in a few weeks time.

Harold Brandon 'InBlueBlackness' "Your pain" (The Original Story)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Finally this phantasmagorical production by Chicago's own Harold Brandon is getting a proper release, for those who don't know this jewel was available to a chosen few only for the past couple of years. "Your pain" is truly unique, with utterly deep mesmerizing rhythms leading the way for Harold Brendan's unique haunting vocals and enticing ethereal melodies. In other words, soulful deep house music with a techy electronic twist sure to cast a spell on you. Part two will features remixes by Tayo Wink, hWah and DJ Buzzard, while part three will feature mixes by NeighbourboySA.

Zona "Never forget you" (70x7 Records CD Promo)

Dimitri Craven and Jerry Andrews (collectively known as Zona) drop "Never forget you", a gorgeous soulful yet vibrant production featuring the sultry vocals of Valerie Moise, glorious vibraphone, delectable keys and a contaminous funked-up backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Lenny RX, Eric Kupper & Kenny Summit who join forces to deliver a soothing sun drenched rework laced with gentle percussive rhythms and heavenly melodies, Sidney Perry serves a glamorous rendition oozing with dreamy chords and deeply groovin' rhythms (the dub version of his remix is pure deep house magic), and finally there is an energetic remix by Paul Andrew perfect for prime time play.

Divided Souls, Samuri featuring Sabrina Johnston "Right or wrong" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Germany based production duo Divided Souls and Samuri present "Right or wrong", a sure-fire underground-esque dance floor weapon featuring the inspiring vocals of house music diva Sabrina Johnston alongside enthralling keys and relentlessly pulsating rhythms. From Luyo comes a marvelous timeless masterly orchestrated soul/funk infused interpretation that is truly jaw-dropping, lastly Mannix transforms the track into a peak time monster guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

Keys n Stuff with Thamza featuring Dupri "Free" (Organised Noise Recordings CD Promo)

From South Africa's up and rising Organised Noise Recordings comes the splendiferous "Free" by Keys n Stuff (Tumelo 'Dee' Nkomo & Rantsho 'Mr Rantsho' Mohale), Thamza and vocalist Motlago 'Dupri' Molepo. "Free" is laidback yet intriguing, with Dupri's beautiful angelic vocals being accompanied by sublime jazzy keys, luscious chords and a dulcet organic backdrop. Quite simply top notch soulful house music...

Steven Stone & Nicole Mitchell "Without you" (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

The soulful yet dynamic "Without you" is the latest in a series of fruitful collaborations by Steven Stone and songstress Nicole Mitchell, an utterly thrilling production built around a ruthlessly thumpin' backing, acidic overtones, sweet guitars and warm melodious keys, not to forget to mention the unmistakable emotive vocals of Nicole Mitchell.

Miss Luna featuring Rescue Poetix "Chances" (Bodikela Recordings CD Promo)

South African outfit Bodikela Recordings is back with "Chances" by Miss Luna and renowned spoken word artiest Rescue Poetix, an utterly hypnotizing production  that combines deeper than deep truly spell binding rhythms with Rescue Poetix unrivaled spoken word poetry and seductive atmospheric synth melodies. The 'Beach Mix' is on a sexy laidback tip, and from Divided Souls & Samuri comes a dazzling soulful interpretation fueled with entrancing keys, classy saxophone and smooth yet compelling rhythms.

Various "Giant Step Back" (Do It Now Recordings CD Promo)

Do It Now Recordings go back to their roots and revive the "Giant Step Back" series started together with the launch of the label six years ago. A total of five songs is included on this incredible truly inspiring and breathtaking EP, the artists featured are AfroniQue Soulz, Hiroaki Kato featuring Jean Honeymoon, Keegs Bantom and M60 featuring Jean Honeymoon. From beginning to the end, the vibe of this grandiose EP which includes both vocal and instrumental productions is soulful and ravishing, with the influences ranging from deep to jazzy to afro.

Jay Nemor "Music (suite soul)" (Remixes)(Do It Now Recordings CD Promo)

In May of this year, we introduced you to the phenomenal "Music (suite soul)" by Jay Nemor (released through CyberJamz Records), now of Do It Now Recordings grace us with superb absolutely mind-blowing remixes by J. Axel, Forteba, From P60 and Aris Kokou all adding their deep/soulful touch, each one letting the stunning heartfelt vocals by Jay Nemor shine in full glory. By no means to be missed...

DJ Nascent, Stones & Bones "Supernatural love" (House of Stone CD Promo)

House of Stone and Khalanga Records present the six finalists of their recent remix competition of "Supernatural love", a song by DJ Nascent and Stones & Bones. This stellar release is loaded with a truly paramount selection of remixes from the likes of Cornelius SA & Gary Cooper, Demented Soul, Epitome Resound, IlluMonate, Mikelly and 104 BPM (Sgcino Gwacela), undoubtedly these south African producers have been pulling out all the stops, delivering nothing but the best in deep soulful house music from the motherland...

Jocelyn Mathieu "With a twirl" (Instinctive Records CD Promo)

Instinctive Records continue to keep it real with their latest offering "With a twirl" by Jocelyn Mathieu, a raw'n'chunky underground-esque production guaranteed to set the floor on fire through the infectious backdrop, deep chords and Jocelyn Mathieu's incomparable tempting vocals. On remix duty are Dagui Rodann who serves an absolutely irresistible deep workout enriched with inebriant chords, Sebastien Grand whose deep tantalizing late night rework oozes with enchanting melodies, and last but not least Alex Finkin who contributes a truly fabulous inexorably groovin' soul/jazz infused rendition.

Traxx Pick: Vick Lavender "Negro es hermono" (Tambor Music CD Promo)

Well-respected Chicago producer/DJ Vick Lavender makes his debut on Tambor Music with "Negro es hermono", to cut a long story short this is a truly ingenious and totally mesmerizing deep afro/jazz fusion dance track taking you on an exhilarating journey to deepest imaginable grounds you wish would never end. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Negro es hermono" will send the dancers into a frenzy...