review logoWhat an incredible selection of fresh music we have for you this week... enjoy !!

Kenny Bobien & Wheeler Del Torro "The sun will shine again" (Kenny Dope Remix)(Nervous Records Promo)

Back in March of this year, Nervous Records released the outstanding "The sun swill shine again" by house music royalty Kenny Bobien and Wheeler Del Torro (complete with superb remixes by DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins), now they are about to unleash fresh truly dope remixes by Kenny Dope. Indisputably, Kenny Dope has been pulling out all the stops and graces us with a timeless soulful interpretation which fuses Kenny Bobien's unrivaled vocals with smooth yet intriguing latin-tinged rhythms and sumptuous keys. Essential.

DJ Serge Negri featuring Bohio Music "Papa loko" (Bamboo Sounds Promo)

Don't miss out on this expertly crafted soulful gem by DJ Serge Negri and Bohio Music entitled "Papa loko" to be released soon through Bamboo Sounds.Without question, this summery production oozing with gentle yet thrilling afro inspired rhythms, sublime guitars, mellifluous keys and the unmatched haunting vocal stylings of Bohio Music will send shivers down your spine...

Ladi Adiosoul & Lilac Jeans featuring Ybe "Found love" (Lilac Jeans Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Lilac Jeans Records is this phantasmagorical "Found love", a collaboration by South African DJ/producers Ladi Adiosoul and Lilac Jeans with vocalist Ybe. To make a long story short, the incredible deep-rooted vocals by Ybe together with the lush keys, enchanting chords and smooth yet spell binding rhythms are guaranteed to make you yearn for more... Nuff said.

Glass Slipper "Real lies" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Prolific Austin based duo Glass Slipper (Brad Eller and Lisa Cork-Twiss) make their debut on Pasqua Records with the edgy "Real lies". Beyond the shadow of  a doubt,  this mesmerizing production using deeper than deep irresistibly rumblin' rhythms as foundation for Lisa Cork-Twiss inimitable vocals and enticing galactical melodies will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Various "Teddy Douglas presents Monday Night Studio Sessions Live @ Rockwell" (Basement Boys Inc. Promo)

Forthcoming to Basement Boys Inc. is "Teddy Douglas presents Monday Night Studio Sessions Live @ Rockwell", a jaw-dropping selection of downright uplifting gems from an illustrious list of artists such as Richard Burton, Teddy Douglas, Barbara Tucker, Zhana, Rochelle Fleming, Davon McCoy, Brandon Moultrie, Byron Stingily, Andrea Holdclaw, DJ Tanz, Skip, the Whole Nine Yards and Navasha Daya that perfectly define what the legendary 'Monday Night Studio Sessions @ Rockwell' is all about: putting the focus on house music's finest artists.

Shino Blackk & Corey Holmes featuring Gary Adams "Good love" (New Generation Records Promo)

Larger-than-life New Generation Records continue to drop nothing but top-notch soulful house music with "Good love" by Shino Blackk and Corey Holmes, with vocals provided by Gary Adams. Quite simply, the smooth yet infectious organic musical backing, luxurious keys and Gary Adams eminent deeply felt vocals make this a winner. Not to forget to mention the stellar alternate interpretations by Shino Blackk and Corey Holmes as well as the fervid funktified remix by Just Beat Production taking the track to the next level.

DJ Disciple featuring Beatwweezy "Moon and paradise" (Demarkus Lewis Remix)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)

Coming to Catch 22 Recordings in early August are these splendorous Demarkus Lewis remixes of "Moon and paradise" by DJ Disciple featuring vocalist Beatwweezy. Most definitely, these enthralling yet soulful and melodious remixes with deep relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for Beatweezy's incomparable tempting vocals and luscious keys will cast a spell on you...

macominaming "Ice ice baby" (Remixes)(UNKNOWN season Promo)

Something truly special and unique awaits you on this upcoming release by Japanese label UNKNOWN season, an eclectic selection of ingenious remixes of "Ice ice baby" by dream-pop duo macominaming (the song was originally released on Oiran Music in November of last year). Lovers of soulful house and deep house should check out the remixes by Brisa, Rick Wade, Sebas Ramis and Satoshi Fumi all adding their trademark touch to the plasticine kawaii voice of macominaming.