Only the best of the best in soulful house music for you this week - enjoy !!

Soulplate featuring Rainy Payne "1000 words" (The Vocal Mixes)(Soulplate Records CD Promo)

In April of this year, we were celebrating Soulpate's fantastic four track sampler "Soulplate Sessions Vol. 1", now the time has come for one of these beautiful tracks to get a full single release. The original of "1000 words" features the unmistakable spoken word poetry of Rainy Payne alongside warm melodious keys over a fiercely thumpin' organic backdrop, altogether spreading an uplifting vibe. On remix duty we find D-Reflection who contributes a gorgeous funked-up rendition, Earl Tu Tu & John Khan who take the song to deeper grounds on their luscious workout laced with luxurious melodies, and last but not lest Black Alley drops an awe-inspiring deeply groovin' rework oozing with haunting melodies.

The Mountain People featuring Sterling Void "It's alright" (Underground Remix)(Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

Back in 1987, the legendary DJ International label released "It's alright" by Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge, a song which nowadays is considered a timeless classic. Now this game-changing house music anthem returns in a fresh truly mind-blowing interpretation produced by Mr. Deep and re-touched by The Mountain People, featuring the original voice of Sterling Void alongside inebriant keys. To cut a long story short, what we have here is a slice of unadulterated old school infused underground house music of highest quality which takes you on an enchanting journey back in time you wish would never end...

Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez featuring Manchild Black "Missing you" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

What a musical gem we have here... Production heavyweights Lou Gorbea and Chris Perez join forces with Manchild Black for "Missing you", a fabulous soulful production built around deep'n'smooth yet spell binding rhythms and glorious keys, not to forget to mention Manchild Black's incomparable deeply rooted vocals. The remix is courtesy of Groove Assassin who serves an enthralling unyieldingly stompin' workout fueled with exhilarating keys and chords.

Eddie Nicholas "Shake" (Mixtape Sessions CD Promo)

The latest offering from Eddie Nicholas, the inspiring "Shake". is taken from his forthcoming "Do you wanna dance?" EP . Produced by Switzerland's own Dario Martino, "Shake" is a feel good affair using smooth yet energetic rhythms as playground for Eddie Nicholas' unrivaled vocals and seductive melodies, altogether spreading an uplifting feel you can't resist to dance to (check the dub version for some piano and saxophone magic). On remix duty is Rasmir Mantree (with a little help from label head Adam Cruz) who reworks the track into a relentless deep underground-esque funk soaked affair guaranteed to put a spell on you.

Gordheaven & Juliano featuring Lady X "Sizwaki" (Baainar Records CD Promo)
Gordheaven & Juliano featuring The Heavy Quarters "Kusase mnandi"
(Baainar Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of South African underground house label Baainar Records come two afrotastic gems produced by Joburg's Gordheaven & Juliano. "Sizwaki" features captivating vocals by Lady X alongside ethereal synths over deeper than deep rhythms, altogether spreading a hypnotizing feel sure to cause a stir on the floor, while "Kusase mnandi" is a dulcet afro-tribal rhythms driven affair laced with emotive vocals by The Heavy Quarters and entrancing synth melodies guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Luis Machuca featuring Olive Jean Love "Soul inspiration" (Remix)(Delecto Recordings CD Promo)

Originally released beginning of last year on Deep Culture Music, Luis Machuca's "Soul inspiration", an incredible soulful gem featuring a masterly orchestration, returns to the dance floor thanks to Christian Alvarez and his label Delecto Recordings. With freshly added vocals courtesy of Olive Jean Love who impresses with inspiring spoken word poetry, "Soul inspiration" is guaranteed to jam-pack the floor as Oscar P & C. Scott deliver a remorseless percussion driven latinesque workout, Christian Alvarez serves a wicked funktified jackin' dub, and last but not least Myles Bigelow contributes a gentle afrocentric tribal-percussive rendition laced with heavenly melodies.