Because we can... This weeks update is split into two parts, here are the latest soulful vocal tunes for you - enjoy !!

Stones & Bones "Be there" (Luigi Egitto Remix)(Leda Music CD Promo)

Here we have the first of two new releases from South Africa's Stones & Bones for this week, coming soon to Leda Music. Luigi Egitto reworks their track "Be there" into an utterly hypnotizing affair, combining the incomparable seductive vocals by Tweety with enchanting synth melodies and tantalizing afro-tribal rhythms. In other words, a sure-fire afro house dance floor weapon...

Stones & Bones featuring Drumetic Boyz "Delilah" (House of Stone CD Promo)

On their second new release for the week, South Africa's Stones & Bones introduce us to their new style they call 'Afro Rock'. They join forces with Drumetic Boyz for "Delilah", a track where ruthless afrocentric rhythms lay the foundation for ethereal synth melodies, groovey guitar riffs and inspiring vocals. The second track "Lepoutjek" is on a more commercial afro house tip, with the autotuned vocals and pop flavors giving it massive crossover potential.

Alou Sangare "Teguere" (Tete de la Course Remix)(MoBlack Records CD Promo)

MoBlack Records grace us with a fantastic remix by France's Tete de la Course (Jonathan Alvarez) of "Teguere" by Alou Sangare who hails from Bamako, the capital of Mali. This remix is truly amazing as Tete de la Course transforms the song into a mesmerizing afro house bomb that stays true to the Malian roots of the song yet is guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Shuya Okino featuring Navasha Daya "Still in love" (Defected Records CD Promo)

In 2011, Shuya Okino released his critically acclaimed "Destiny" long player in Japan which includes a marvelous remake of the all-time Rose Royce classic "Still in love" featuring the unmistakable vocals of Navasha Daya, now Defected Records present a proper single release which includes the glorious Jazz/Disco inspired full-length original version, the compelling DJ Spen remix which gives the track a more traditional four-to-the-floor feel, and a brand new remix by Alaia & Gallo which reworks the song into a definite main room weapon.

SOULe featuring Cuda Congaz "Love games" (Remixes)(Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

End of June, we exclusively reviewed the Neal Conway produced "Love games" by up and rising songstress SOULe, now one month later we present to you the re-imaginations of this soulful gem which keep the spirit of the original alive and feature the gorgeous flute, brilliant violin solo by Garrett 'Cuda Congaz' Conway and SOULe's distinctive sweet vocals which made the original something truly special. The 'Classic Mix' is a trip down memory lane to the early days of house music, being reminiscent of Arnold Jarvis house music classic "Take some time out" from 1987, while the 'Classic Disco WerkOWT' incorporates elements of classic Disco-Funk with an enthralling four-to-the-floor backdrop.

Ivelisse Diaz "Rosalina" (Ondagroove Remix)(Kingdom Records CD Promo)

Forthcoming on Kingdom Records is "Rosalina" by Ivelisse Diaz, an enchanting production by Joe Smooth and Jerry C King, with Ondagroove (Giles Hirst) on remix duty. To cut right to the chase, Ondagroove's remix is a truly uplifting affair, with a relentlessly bouncin' backing leading the way for grand jazzy keys, dreamy chords and Ivelisse Diaz inimitable deeply rooted vocals, altogether spreading a contaminous feel you can't resist to dance to.

D.U.S.K featuring Meshach Broderick "Feels so good" (Remixes)(Soulful Evolution Records CD Promo)

In February of last year, Soulful Evolution Records dropped "Feels so good" by D.U.S.K aka producer/songwriter James Maxwell Urquhart, a fierce slice of a contemporary Disco-House featuring the beautiful captivating vocals of Meshach Broderick. Now the remixes are here, taking this feel-good anthem to the next level, with both Italy's Alex Millet and UK's Ondagroove adding their magical touch to give the song a more laidback truly soulful feel. In other words, top-notch soulful house music...

Genetic Funk & Michelle Weeks "Love life" (Grounded Records CD Promo)

Si Firmin aka Genetic Funk teams up with house music diva Michelle Weeks for "Love life", a classic soulful production having summer written all over, with Michelle Week's unrivaled haunting vocals being accompanied by warm melodious keys, sweeping strings, classy brass stabs and a smooth yet thrillingly groovin' backdrop. The 'GF Vocal Mix' is a choice pick for prime time play thanks to inebriant synth melodies and pulsating rhythms, and the 'GF Dub' gives the track a deeper feel perfect for late night play.

DaSouL & Joe Flame "Song in my heart" (Playmore Music CD Promo)

DJ/producer DaSouL (Fiorenzo D'Amore) and songwriter/singer/producer Joe Flame bless us with a wonderful remake of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic "Song in my heart" (from their 1980 album "Faces"). Joe Flame's rendition of the lyrics is truly remarkable, with his one-of-a-kind deeply felt vocals harmonizing perfectly with the luscious keys and vibrant organic backing. The 'Dub Mix' goes deeper and gives the track a chunky moody feel perfect for those deeper moments of the night.