Enjoy this weeks massive update with only the best and latest in soulful house music...

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender & The V.L.E "The Modern Jazz EP" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

We could make it short and simply say this masterpiece is by no means to be missed, however we believe the artists involved in this phenomenal project deserve a proper review. "The Modern Jazz EP" includes fear equally amazing productions by Vick Lavender & The V.L.E - three new interpretations of Sophisticado classics and one brand new song. First up is DeJay Cease's wonderful down-tempo version of "The standard" featuring keys by Mike Logan, bass by Lamar Jones, guitar by Isaiah Sharkey and percussion by Bobby D. Next is by a broken beat inspired rendition of "Ella" featuring keys by Mike Logan and percussion by Joe Rendon, followed by a groovey re-rub of "Chicago chase" featuring keys by Mike Logan and percussion by Joe Rendon. Last but not least is the fresh "Rumba rumba", an incredible jazz/latin fusion featuring keys by Vijay Tellis-Nayak and percussion by Joe Rendon.

The Iklwa Brothers "The Eminence EP" (DiverseCity Music CD Promo)

With "The Eminence EP" by The Iklwa Brothers, DiverseCity Music present an amazing and truly captivating representation of what South African house music is all about - deep yet infectious rhythms, luxurious melodies and soulful vocals (just listen to the beauty of "My man" featuring vocals by Botshelo Huma), with each of the tracks offering a different feel. This six track EP will for sure take you on a blissful musical journey you wish would never end...

Shun Tyger featuring Yasmine Seydi "Melancolia" (Soul Sun Soul Music CD Promo)

Mikki Afflick and her Soul Sun Soul Music label continue to impress with their masterly releases guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... "Melancolia" by Shun Tyger is a fabulous song built around smooth percussive rhythms, warm melodious keys, lovely guitar and not to forget to mention the beautiful expressive vocals of Yasmine Seydi. With remixes by DJ Djeff, DJ Alpha, Renato Xtrova, BMovement (DJ dB & Jonesy) and Homeboyz (Rudebeatz & Overdose), this is an essential release by no means to be missed.

Distant People & Magic Soul "Feel alive" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)

Solid Ground are really going from strength to strength in recent months as they drop one dance floor bomb after another... Their latest offering is no exception as "Feel alive" by Distant People (Joey Silvero) is a marvelous soulful production featuring deeply felt vocals by Magic Soul (LP Maponyane) and gorgeous keys over smooth rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Danny Clark & Jay Benham, N'Dinga Gaba and Greg Gauthier all adding their distinctive soulful yet spell binding touch, making it next to impossible to choose a favorite...

Circle of Funk featuring Lifford "Give it to me" (Slapped Up Soul Records CD Promo)

With "Give it to me", Slapped Up Soul Records present the latest in a series of fruitful collaborations of Circle of Funk with soulman Lifford. From beginning to the end, "Give it to me" is sheer musical bliss, with Lifford's spirited vocals being accompanied by lush keys and deeply thumpin' yet smooth rhythms. One not to be missed by those lovin' their house music deep and soulful... Nuff said.

Bukusoul "The deepness" (Whasdat Music CD Promo)

Without a doubt, "The deepness" by up and coming Montreal based producer Bukusoul is one of the standout tracks from the strictly limited "Whasdat Music 2012 WMC Compilation" exclusively reviewed here on Spirit of House back in March. The hot-blooded original takes you on a soulful journey to deepest territory with a beautiful piano, killer organ and captivating late-night groove, just to be taken to the next level by Pirahnahead who re-envisions the track to give it a wicked jazzed-up swingin' feel. Mike 'Agent X' Clark gets heavy on the beats on his stripped back remix featuring classy organ and keys which bring the unforgettable vibes of Montana Sextet back. Indeed, witness the deepness...

Beaten Soul featuring Stephanie Cooke"Here comes the rain" (Ospina Digital CD Promo)

What a combination we have here... The inimitable vocals of legendary house diva Stephanie Cooke combined with Colum Hustler's (under his Beaten Soul disguise) smooth yet contaminous rhythms and glorious melodies make this a sure fire weapon, and with two equally great variations included jam packed floors are guaranteed whenever you drop this one...

Divine DJ featuring Nicole Mitchell "Dangerous love" (Drum Records CD Promo)

The fourth release for Drum Records courtesy of South African producer Divine DJ and house music diva Nicole Mitchell titled "Dangerous love" is a sure fire bullet guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor as Nicole Mitchell's uplifting vocals, delectable jazzy keys, heavenly synth melodies and fiery percussive rhythms create an irresistible vibe you can't resist to dance to. Berny gets old school on his Disco inspired take, Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto deliver a stormin' peak time affair laced with sublime keys and classy strings, Homeplates relax the vibe on their soul-funk oozing laidback rendition, both Spiritual Blessings and Sir LSG serve a thrilling deep house workouts fueled with lush melodies, Miguel Mancha contributes an utterly groovey rub spiced with great sound effects, and completing the package is a moodier deeply groovin' version by Placidic Dream.

Manyus & Misteralf "Revolution" (Drum Records CD Promo)

Here we have more dance floor pressure from Drum Records with their fifth release "Revolution" by Manyus and Misteralf, an uplifting sun drenched production featuring wicked guitars and outstanding vocals over a spellbinding deeply groovin' backdrop in Manyus 'Original Mix'. The choice remix is courtesy of Black Sonix who intensifies the vibe to the max on his hypnotizing deep afro-tribal workout. Also included are mixes by Nimas Groove & Mr Moog, House Device, Joe Martinez, Misteralf and Mastergroove perfect for peak time play and the main room.

Booker T. featuring Dillys "Too bad" (South Soul Elements CD Promo)

Finally to be released after being championed by Tony Humphries for quite a while, "Too bad" by Booker T. and songstress Dillys is a treat for any lover of soulful house music. Francesco Cofano blesses us with a classic soulful rendition, Nassau contribute both an old school inspired funk soaked interpretation and an uplifting Nu-Disco rendition, a delectable deep workout by Rude Soul, Sol Element & Dimi Stuff serve a mesmerizing dub laced with celestial synths perfect for peak time play and last but not least label head Alex Dimitri gives us his fierce 'SouleKtro Remix'.

Exclusive Preview: Boris Dlugosch presents Boom! "Keep pushin'" (Cubanix 2012 Pushy Edit)(CD-R)

David 'Cubanix' Reyero reworks the 'Original Mix' of "Keep pushin'" by Boom!, a classic dating back to 1996 produced by Boris Dlugosch and Mousse T which features exciting vocals by Inaya Davis. He turns the heat up on his 'Pushy Edit' to give the track an irresistible kickin' feel while keeping the spirit and vibe of the original alive - mayhem on the dance floor guaranteed...

Andy Soul featuring Matthew Yates "I never knew" (Kula Records CD Promo)

Ever since the glamorous "I never knew" by Andy Soul was featured on Kula Records' "Miami Sampler 2012", we can't get enough of this soulful deep house inspired production which features deeply felt vocals by Matthew Yates alongside wicked atmospheric synth melodies and grand jazzy piano. The full release include a selection of tasty deep house mixes Soulight, Jon Billick and Audiometrics all adding their distinctive touch to the track.

Kind Of featuring J'Something "Game over" (Ceremony Records CD Promo)

If you need something a bit more laidback, look no further than this wonderful release by Ceremony Records. "Game over" by Kind Of (the Portuguese team of Mike Pirez and Lord Vegan) is a slice of top notch soulful house oozing with paramount vocals, blissful keys, lovely flute and smooth laidback rhythms. Mastercris & Labsoul and Carlos Vargas contribute the remixes, each keeping the vibe soulful and uplifting while adding their signature touch.

Anthony Thomas "Promised land" (Tribute to Joe Mix)(DJ International Records CD Promo)

One of the most memorable house music classics ever is Joe Smooth's "Promised land" released in 1987 through DJ International Records, featuring the inimitable vocals of Anthony Thomas. While often remixed or covered, none of these versions could stand up to the original (and consequently there were no reviews here on Spirit of House). Now Anthony Thomas presents his new recording of this seminal house music classic, and for the first time ever there is a fresh sounding interpretation that successfully manages to capture the magic of the timeless original while staying true and respectful to it.