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DJ Randall Smooth & Ed Ramsey "Dance with you" (Remixes)(ChiNola Soul Promo)

Late last year, DJ Randall Smooth and Ed Ramsey teamed up for "Dance with you", a timeless soulful underground house music gem featuring Ed Ramsey's unmatched deep-rooted vocals, complete with stunning remixes by DJ Erv. Courtesy of DJ Randall Smooth come two brand new remixes guaranteed to take over dance floors by storm: first up a downright hypnotic afro rework, second is a tribute to the legendary Marshall Jefferson oozing with an enticing old school inspired vibe.

Mannix featuring Lisa Shaw "So much time" (Remixes)(Dafia Records Promo)

Remember the original version of "So much time", a brilliant collaboration by DJ/producer Mannix with vocalist Lisa Shaw released in late 2016? This gem is back right in time for spring/summer 2022 with fresh remixes by Opolopo who contributes an intriguing boogie/funk infused interpretation, Mannix who delivers an infectious funked-up 'Disco Dub', and finally Andre Bonsor who serves a spacious truly melodious deep house rendition.

Arnaud D featuring MissFly "To the sky" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

French producer Arnaud D joins forces with Canadian songstress MissFly for the fantastic soulful production "To the sky". Without any question, "To the sky" oozing with MissFly's incredible sultry vocals, lush keys, celestial pads and gentle yet captivating rhythms is not not be missed... The 'Soulful Mix' featuring additional production by Venuz Beats combines the vocals with sublime jazzy keys, dreamful chords and a smooth yet relentlessly stompin' organic musical backing.

Mind Street featuring Cinnamon Brown "It's alright" (Muzikman Edition Remix)(Soul N Pepa Records Promo)

In March of 2019, Soul N Pepa Records graced us with their stunning debut release "It's alright" by Mind Street laced with the inimitable vocal stylings of Cinnamon Brown, then in February of last year stellar remixes by Systemfunk and Sphiwe Cas-Miz followed. Now Muzikman Edition (Will Bagley) has added his magical touch to take the track to all new heights, delivering a glamorous slice of uplifting soulful bliss sure to cast a spell on you through the inspiring vocals, luxurious jazzed-up keys and spell binding organic backdrop.

Wez Whynt featuring Elle White "Love's taken over (The Mikki Funk Remix)(Quantize Recordings Promo)

Spring 2020 saw the release of the delicious soulful offering "Love's taken over" by DJ/producer Wez Whynt featuring the beautiful heartfelt vocals of Elle White (a remake of the 1982 classic from Chante Moore), now the track returns ins a superb remix by Mikki Funk who amps up the energy with sumptuous keys and vibrant rhythms. Don't forget to check out the dub oozing with a fervid old school inspired underground-esque vibe.

Soulbridge & Kathy Brown "Dance to the rhythm of love" (HSR Records Promo)

Watch out for the phantasmagorical "Dance to the rhythm of love" by Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) and Kathy Brown soon to be released through HSR Records. Beyond doubt, "Dance to the rhythm of love" which uses an contaminous funk soaked backdrop as foundation for Kathy Brown's unmatched passionate vocals, wicked guitars and luscious keys is sure cause a stir on the dance floor.

Tina Ardor & Atmos Blaq featuring Hendrick Sam "Kamweretho" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Forthcoming to renowned Pasqua Records is the magnificent afro house production "Kamweretho", a collaboration by Tina Ardor with Atmos Blaq and Hendricks Sam. To make a long story short, the downright inexorable deeply thumpin' rhythms together with the grand jazzed-up keys, mesmerizing chord progressions and Tina Ardor's incomparable spirited vocals are sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.

O. De Lanzac "Ivory" (Ocha Records Promo)

Nothing but the best in afro house music awaits you with "Ivory", O. De Lanzac's debut on Ocha Records. Beyond question, this truly soulful and melodious slice of afro deepness fusing a rich organic musical backing with enchanting warm melodies and tempting female vocals comes highly recommended. The 'Dub Mix' gives the track a deeper and moodier feel perfect for late night play, and you also get the instrumental of the track in the package.

Bonus Review: Simon Adams & Max Millan featuring Cristina Mendosa & Princess La Tremenda "Amanecer" (Stan Zeff Remix)(NiteGrooves Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with these inexorable Stan Zeff remixes of Italian DJ/producers Simon Adams and Max Millan hit single "Amanecer" which features guest artists Cristina Mendosa and Princess La Tremenda. Undeniably, Stan Zeff has been pulling out all the stops and delivers an enthralling afro house rework of the track guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire.