(Thankfully) we're almost back to normal volumes this week... enjoy the latest in soulful house music !!

Nathan Adams "Fallin'" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

This masterly production having timeless written all over is produced none other than house music legend Louie Vega and combines Nathan Adams' incomparable vocals with smooth percussive rhythms and heavenly melodies - sheer musical bliss. "Fallin'" is the first track taken from Nathan Adams' eagerly anticipated album "Audio Therapy" which should be released soon - we can't wait to get our hands on the album which features collaborations with likes of Louie Vega, josh Milan, DJ Spinna, Zepherin Saint, Sean McCabe and Ezel to name just  a few.

Gruv Shack Records "WMC Sampler 2013" (Gruv Shack Record CD Promo)

With this years edition of the Winter Music Conference only being a few weeks away, more and more "WMC Samplers" land in our mailbox, one being this stellar thirteen track sampler by Gruv Shack Records who present an eclectic collection of brand new tracks courtesy of Deep Sentiments featuring Edible Jazz, Ultra Soul Project, Nova M, Tri-Deap, Landy, Pozzi, Symphonic, MartinL, Tonalcaptiv, Joel Vibes, Terryfic, Deeprebel and Bee-Bar which lets you enjoy the many different flavors of house music. Simply breath-taking...

Andy Holder presents Rhythm & Soul "Essence of Jazz" (Part 1 - Club Mixes)(Nuwavonic Records CD Promo)
Andy Holder presents Rhythm & Soul "Essence of Jazz" (Part 2 - Dub Mixes)(Nuwavonic Records CD Promo)

Lets turn back the clock to 2004 when Andy Holder released the uber cool jazz-house fusion single "Nothing like Jazz" on SoulFuric Records off shot label deVICE Records. Now lovers of this classic can celebrate as with "Essence of Jazz", Andy Holder revives this wonderful sound, teaming up with musicians such as Carl Stanley, Andy Robertson and Johnny Heyes and Eusebeia who contributes the spoken vocals to bring us a masterly orchestrated truly gorgeous jazz inspired production. On part one you get the club mixes while part two gives you the dub mixes.

Kimara Lovelace "How much I love you" (ReelSoul Remix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Kimara Lovelace's beautiful "How much I love you" returns in blazin' hot new interpretations by Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez who takes this Roland Clark written and Djed produced classic from 2009 to a whole new level. His amazing remixes bring a delectable fresh soul-deep four-to-the-floor sound to the floor, with luscious melodies and deep'n'smooth yet fierce rhythms accompanying the incomparable vocals of Kimara Lovelace. Check the dub version for a pristine experience of heavenly deepness.

Exclusive Preview: Imaani Brown "The water's in my eyes" (CD-R)

We are proud here at Spirit of House to exclusively introduce you to Imaani Brown's "The water's in my eyes", a wonderful sun drenched production built around deeper than deep relentlessly thumpin' rhythms, heavenly synth melodies and sultry female vocals which altogether spread an uplifting feel you can't resist to dance to. Keep your eyes open to ensure you don't miss out on this gem...

Shea "Where did you go" (2Point9/ThisIsArea7 CD Promo)

"Where did you go" is the debut single from London based soul singer and songwriter Shea (formerly Shea Soul - look out for her debut album "Grey Skies & Rainbow Fingernails" which is due for release in April). "Where did you go" brings together classic soul and jazz influences - the result is simply phenomenal and guaranteed to breath fresh life into the soul music scene. On remix duty is AtJazz (Martin Iveson) who takes the song to the soulful floors on his afrotastic rendition which is built around sublime afro-deep rhythms and glamorous melodies.

Marco Marquez & Nadine Navarre "Just the way you are" (Jakdat Records CD Promo)

Jakdat Records are back on Spirit of House with the marvelous "Just the way you are" by Marco Marquez, an utterly soulful production which combines songstress Nadine Navarre's enchanting rendition of the lyrics with gorgeous melodious keys and deep laidback rhythms. The mind-blowing 'Get Naked Remix' takes the track to deepest mesmerizing grounds, while Innerface intensify the vibe to the max and turn the track into a remorselessly stompin' prime time favorite laced with exhilarating melodies.

Exclusive Preview: Chambao "Pokito a poko" (Mark Di Meo & Alex Mattei Mistral Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Whitney Houston "Heartbreak hotel" (Luis Radio & DeepRoger Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Kirk Franklin "Looking for you" (HGM & Soul'n'Vibes Remix)(CD-R)

It is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and bootleg remixes we got in the past few days and weeks... First up we have Mark Di Meo and Alex Mattei who rework Chambao's magnificent flamenco-ambient "Pokito a poko" into a fiercely stormin 4/4 affair which stays true to the original version which was released back in 2005. Next Luis Radio and Mattia 'DeepRoger' Ruggiero transform Whitney Houston's 1999 smash "Heartbreak hotel" into an irresistible four-to-the-floor thumper which stays true to the original. Last but not least, HGM (Daniele Cursi & Attilio Hollige) and Soul'n'Vibes (Alessandro Cavalli) grace us with their smooth yet captivating re-rub of Kirk Franklin's feel-good anthem "Looking for you".

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section to highlight other noteworthy releases...

The New Black bless us with their ingenious "1'000 Little Black Dresses EP" which features a trio of innovative cosmic nu-disco tracks guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to thrilling rhythms and freaky melodies (Whiskey Pickle Records CD Promo). "The Groove EP'" by KlevaKeys (Adam Agnilleri) is a superb release featuring nothing but the best in old skool inspired underground house music - each of the four included tracks is a sure fire floor weapon (House Keys Records CD Promo).

More old school inspired truly mesmerizing deep house rhythms and vibes can be found on the "The Blueprint 2" by A Lister featuring two equally massive tracks (Luvbug Recordings CD Promo). The "Wilted Leaf EP" by Bocca Grande is a wicked release bringing a previously unheard, fresh and unique house sound to the dance floor, including top-notch remixes by Alton Miller and Darren Brandon (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo).

Part two of Mauritzio's "Let it go" is here, featuring an utterly deep dub by DJ Ermi, a stompin' acid infused workout by label head Alan Russell and a hypnotizing 'Guitar Drum Dub' by Mauritzio himself (Black Vinyl Records CD Promo). Vincent Kwok is back with "Afrique", a spell binding production blending the beloved West Coast deep house sound with African inspired rhythms and instrumentation - the result is truly mesmerizing. Also included is tribal-percussive rework by  DJ MFR (Transport Recordings CD Promo).

Italy's DJ Ermi returns with the Jazz infused truly hypnotizing "The" which uses a fervid funked-up backdrop as playground for grand keys and cool vocals. Vincenzo Palmieri gives the track a more intense feel. A DJ friendly beats version completes the release (Inspires Records CD Promo). Closing this weeks update is the sexy "Naked on da dancefloor" oozing with enticing spoken word poetry by Sage Youngblood and Rasmir Mantree's signature glamorous sounds and deep rhythms (Mantree Records CD Promo).