We've prepared quite an eclectic update this week for you - enjoy !!

Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro featuring Amor "Lovery 2015" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

In early 2012, Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro graced us with the masterly crafted "Lovery", now we can enjoy a marvelous re-imagination by Spanish DJ/producer Pablo Fierro who transforms this beautiful song featuring the seductive vocals of Amor into a smooth yet thrilling tribal-esque affair laced with grandiose keys. The package is completed with an eclectic selection of mixes from the previous releases: the celestial interpretation by Osunlade, Louie Vega's outstanding 'Dance Ritual Mix', the timeless original version and lastly the gorgeous mid-tempo 'Slow Cuban Vibe' rendition.

Ferrari & Bergamasco featuring Marc Evans "Josephine" (Part 2)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco dropped their jaw-dropping truly respectful four-to-the-floor cover version of the unforgettable Chris Rea classic "Josephine", now Terrence Parker takes this soulful gem to a whole new level on his absolutely stunning remixes which combine Marc Evans unmistakable emotive vocals with enthralling keys, heavenly chords and a fervid relentlessly thumpin' backdrop. From Ferrari & Bergamasco themselves comes the previously unreleased 'Extended Club Mix', a sure-fire prime time weapon oozing with enticing melodies and intriguing rhythms.

Sipho Ngubane featuring Holi M "Agape love" (Part 2)(Soulful Sentiments Records CD Promo)

The truly sensational "Agape love" by Sipho Nhubane was a Pick of the Week here at Spirit of House back in May of this year, now this fabulous production featuring the unrivaled silky smooth vocals of songstress Holi M returns in stellar truly diversified remixes by the likes of Betasweet, Philani Zuma, Seroba Music, Soul Poizen and Deepconsoul all adding their magical touch, giving you the tough task to pick a favorite version. These new interpretations perfectly complement the mixes from the first part, together they form one of the years standout soulful vocal releases so far...

DJ SGZ starring Nina Provencal "Trouble" (Nightshade Music Group CD Promo)

DJ SGZ and vocalist Nina Provencal join forces for "Trouble", a wonderful production guaranteed to cast a spell on you through the delectable keys, sweet guitars by Elliott Blackler and intoxicating afrotastic rhythms, not to forget to mention Nina Provencal's one-of-a-kind deeply rooted vocals. The 'Synthesized Mix' replaces the guitar with fantastic strings, piano and rhodes by Jerry C King, and last but not least Soulbridge contributes a dazzling soul/funk infused interpretation fueled with grand saxophone, illustrious keys and a fierce organic backing.

Brazuca Disco Beat "Partyyy !!! / "Running" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro and deeply influenced by the Disco/Soul era, Brazuca Disco Beat present two blazin' hot four-to-the-floor reworkings of all-time dance music classics. Both their re-imaginations of "Party on" by Pure Energy (dating back to 1980) and "You can't run from my love" by Stephanie Mills (dating back 1982) stay respectful and true to the original yet they give these unforgettable songs a contemporary feel you can't resist to dance to.Get your dancing shoes on and party all night long...

Xoli M "Walk in my way" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)

South Africa's Xoli M returns to Makin' Moves with the Thabzen Bibo produced "Walk in my way", a phantasmagorial laidback soul infused guaranteed to send shivers down your spine thanks to Xoli M's inimitable haunting vocals, blissful melodies and gentle yet captivating rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Abicah Soul who takes this beauty to the next level on his mind-blowing interpretation laced with a classy piano, celestial chords and dulcet yet spell binding rhythms, with his dub going deeper and giving the track a mesmerizing underground-esque feel.

Eddie Nicholas "Gimme dat love" (2015 Remixes)(Mantree Records CD Promo)

"Gimme dat love" by Eddie Nicholas was originally released through Slaag Records in summer of 2011, now this wicked track returns in fresh remixes to once again take over dance floors globally. First up we have label head Rasmir Mantree who turns the track into a hypnotizing deep underground-esque affair, with tantalizing keys, inebriant chords and vibrant utterly infectious rhythms accompanying Eddie Nicholas incomparable vocals. Next up is Willy Lubisi whose 'Velvet Mix' an amazing freshly mastered alteration of the 'Willy & Reloaded Sculptured Mix' previously released on Slaag Records which flips the vocals around.