review logoAnother jam-packed update loaded with the latest in vocal soulful/afro house music awaits you... enjoy !!

Zimosoul featuring Faith "Unsaid" (Jihad Muhammad Remix)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Back in April we introduced you to "Unsaid" by South African DJ/producer Zimosoul, a wonderful soulful production oozing with the admirable emotive vocals of Faith. Now this gem returns in a breathtaking re-imagination by Jihad Muhammad who takes the song to a whole new level, fusing the vocals with gentle yet compelling percussive rhythms, charming keys and heavenly chords.

PG featuring Fudge "Ndimi nawe" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

The first of two blazin' hot new releases from up and rising Cool Staff Records for this week is "Ndimi nawe" by PG (aka Phumlani Ngongoma) and songstress Fudge, without question this splendid production with irresistibly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for utterly hypnotic synth stabs and the incredible spoken word poetry of Fudge comes highly recommended.

Andrea Curato & Teeah "Sondela (so high)" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

The second new release out now on promo on Cool Staff Records is the latest offering by Andrea Curato entitled "Sondela (so high)", to cut right to the chase this glamorous soulful production featuring the inimitable sultry vocals of songstress Teeah alongside enchanting keys, dreamful chords and a smooth yet thrilling organic musical backing is by no means to be missed.

Nu Souls featuring Sade Marshall "I feel so alive" (HSR Records Promo)

Undeniably, HSR Records continue to bless us with nothing but top-notch soulful house music with the imminent "I feel so alive" by Nu Souls (the duo of Gigi Frassanito and Criss Hawk) and singer Sade Marshall. Quite simply, the inspiring "I feel so alive" featuring the fantastic vocals of Sade Marshall and luxurious keys over an  infectious organic backdrop is another soulful winner from the HSR camp...

Mlawra featuring Ngwazinova "Hard to move on" (LadyMarySound International Promo)

Coming soon to LadyMarySound International is the truly mind-blowing "Hard to move on" by South African producer Mlawra and singer Ngwazinova, to make a long story short this magnificent production using deeply groovin' downright intriguing rhythms as foundation for luscious melodies and the amazing heartfelt vocals of Ngwazinova is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor...

Sound's Good Inc. "Masen'hamba" (David Morales Red Zone Mix)(MoBlack Records Promo)

The original version of "Masen'hamba" by Sound's Good Inc. was released in early May through MoBlack Records, now the label brings us a fresh remix of this afro house dance floor bomb by legendary David Morales who adds his landmark 'Red Zone' touch to the track, indisputably his utterly mesmerizing rework built around inexorable tribalesque rhythms and inebriant synths will send the dancers into a frenzy.

Elis "Praise You" (The Disco Juice Mix)(DSG Music Promo)

The marvelous "Praise you" performed in grand style by up and coming vocalist Elis first appeared on "Disco Soul Gold 2 – The Nigel Lowis Mixes" a few months back, now this jewel co-written by Nigel Lowis, David Morales and Elis with Patti Labelle in mind returns in a dazzling disco inspired truly uplifting sun drenched interpretation by David Morales that is sheer musical bliss...

Amos Sings "Bafikile vha ko randza timali" (Gruv Manics Digital SA Promo)

Forthcoming to Gruv Manics Digital SA is the masterly crafted verily soulful "Bafikile vha ko randza timali" by Amos Sings, beyond the shadow of a doubt this phantasmagorical production oozing with beautiful deep rooted vocals, lush jazzy keys, dreamful chords, lovely guitar and smooth yet spell binding rhythms is guaranteed to cast a spell on you... Nuff said...

Dave + Sam featuring Mike Dunn "Til the world blow up" (Classic Music Company Promo)

Brooklyn based duo Dave + Sam (aka Sam Obey and Dave Giles II) join forces with Mike Dunn for their Classic Music Company debut "Til the world blow up", an absolutely resistless slice of dance floor goodness built around enthralling deeply bouncin' rhythms, entrancing melodies and the uber cool spoken words of Dave Giles II and Mike Dunn. Included in the package are two verily dope remixes by Mike Dunn oozing with his unmatched truly ingenious genre-bending style.

Gene_Leone_Mix featuring Michele McCain "Like a summergroove" (Marivent Music Digital Promo)

To be released soon on Marivent Music Digital is the gorgeous "Like a summergroove" by Gene_Leone_Mix (Gene Leone) featuring the one and only Michele McCain on vocals. Most definitely this Philly-Disco influenced truly exhilarating production featuring a masterly orchestration alongside Michelle McCain's incomparable vocals has summer written all over...