In this weeks update, we got a bit deeper and trackier than usual, yet we keep it soulful... enjoy !!

Jonathan Meyer featuring Thandy "Baleka" (Super Soul Music CD Promo)

The latest chapter in the never ending saga of mind-blowing dance floor bombs from Super Soul Music is titled "Baleka", a collaboration between DJ/producer Jonathan Meyer and songstress Thandy. The package features a selection of varied versions, each one working Thandy's emotive vocals to full effect and featuring killer keys/synths over utterly infectious rhythms. From the somewhat electronic 'Club Mix' perfect for prime time play, the spell binding tribal-esque 'Aphromix' fueled with a wicked organ ride, the truly hypnotizing 'Main Mix' laced with a sublime piano, to the freaky almost manic 'Assassin Mix' oozing with heady synth melodies, "Baleka" is a sure-fire dance floor weapon.

Alton Miller & Rachel Claudio "Rise" (Atal Music CD Promo)

Atal Music grace us with the magnificent "Rise" taken from Alton Miller's forthcoming album "Around, beyond and back". This wonderful production combines the inimitable heartfelt vocals of songstress Rachel Claudio with thrilling deep rhythms and the phenomenal keyboard wizardry of Alton Miller - it doesn't get any better than this. The remix is courtesy of DJ Vindico who takes the track to deeper grounds on his glorious rework laced with ethereal melodies.

V.P.S. Projects featuring Thokozane "Thinking about you" (Gruv Shack Records CD Promo)

Not many words are needed to describe the amazing "Thinking about you" by up and rising South African combo V.P.S. Projects (Darrin 'DJ Vitoto' Shongwe,  Phetogo 'DjP-cubed' Legoale and Temoso 'Smallistic' Malete) soon to be released through Gruv Shack Records. To make it short, this utterly soulful gem features a fantastic sultry rendition of the lyrics by Thokozane alongside heavenly keys over a deep'n'smooth yet captivating backdrop. Quite simply timeless soulful house music from the Motherland.

Francis Galante featuring Enjoy "My name is RP" (Slaag Traxx Records CD Promo)

On "My name is RP", Francis Galante teams up with Enjoy (Priscilla Mary Lopez Wilkes) for a contaminous slice of soulful house music. Smooth percussive tribal-esque rhythms (somewhat reminiscent of DJ Gregory's "Elle") serve as playground for Enjoy's meaningful spoken words and warm melodious keys. On remix duty is Gianluca Pighi who turns up the heat with pulsating rhythms and celestial synth melodies which harmonize perfectly with the vocals.

NeighbourBoysa "To be Hypnotized EP" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

South Africa's NeighbourBoysa follows up his previous smash release "The Deeper Sounds of NeighbourBoysa EP" with the brilliant five track "To be Hypnotized EP" featuring nothing but the best in pristine underground South African house music - the utterly infectious deeper than deep afro-tastic rhythms combined with exhilarating synth melodies are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor and send the crowd into a frenzy...

Paki Palmieri "Mombasa EP" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Italy's Paki Palmieri gives us the "Mombasa EP" which includes four equally slammin' tracks, each one guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Layers of pulsating absolutely relentless afro-tribal rhythms laced with gorgeous melodies and enticing ritual chants courtesy of the Masai Tribe of Kemya will take you on a mesmerizing journey to deepest ancestral afro-tribal territory you wish would never end...

Nomumbah "The Leaf EP"  (Nulu Electronic CD Promo)

We're keeping the vibe deep and hypnotizing with this releases by Nomumbah (the trio of Ale Reis, Andre Torquato and Rafael Moraes) titled "The Leaf EP" on the recently launched Nulu Electronic label. Not much needs to be said about this towering release besides what you get with "The Leaf EP" is masterly crated deep house music fusing influences and inspirations from different genres and styles that keeps the vibe deep and soulful yet truly bracing and charming.

Mr. Deep "Bang for the future" (Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

Those of you looking for unadulterated underground house music will instantly be blown away by "Bang for the future (the Night Scope Deep Medley Track)" from Mr. Deep aka Deep Elementz. This mesmerizing old school inspired deep house production oozes with the one-of-a-kind sound Deep Elementz has become famous for, with thrilling percussive rhythms leading the way for ethereal melodies and cool female vocal sprinkles - surely a deep house gem letting you reminisce the classic deep house sound from yesteryear...

Exclusive Preview: T-Polar "Crossroads" (Rafael Moraes Remix)(Rebirth Records CD Promo)

We're closing this weeks update with an exclusive review of the Rafael Moraes remix of T-Polar's "Crossroads" (the original version was released about a year ago on the "The Hadean EP"). Rafael Moraes reworks the track into a glamorous laidback late night affair, using a smooth yet deeply thumpin' backdrop as playground for dreamy atmospheric synth melodies and enchanting female vocals. In other words, a wonderful slice of deep house music by no means to be missed.