As the year is coming to end, things are slowing down. But no worries, we've got all the essential new soulful gems for you... enjoy !!

Dimi Stuff featuring Lydia Scarfo "If it's real" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Greek producer/DJ Dimi Stuff (Dimitris Tsibouris) joins forces with songstress Lydia Scarfo for "If it's real", a marvelous soulful production using gently groovin' organic rhythms as playground for luscious melodies and Lydia Scarfo's deep-rooted rendition of the lyrics. On remix duty are Souldynamic who contribute a mind-blowing pair of incredibly deep'n'soulful vocal and dub mixes, and powerhouse duo WD2N who deliver a thrilling nu-disco workout guaranteed to put a spell on you.

Heather Walker "Make my dreams come true" (DJ Octopuz Deeper Blendz Remix)(Kalabrada Records CD Promo)

Heather Walker's wonderful "Make my dreams come true" is taken to all new heights on this phantasmagorical interpretation by DJ Octopuz who combines her inimitable heartfelt vocals with deep smoothly thumpin' rhythms and heavenly keys, altogether spreading an irresistible truly inspiring feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Nuff said.

Groove Addix featuring Angel Rose "Dancing for my life" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

On the Dewey Andrew Cioffi written "Dancing for my life", Sean Grasty and Rikky Rivera, collectively known as Groove Addix, join forces with songstress Angel Rose - the result is truly jaw-dropping and guaranteed to jam-pack the floor thanks to relentlessly thumpin' rhythms, Angel Rose's enchanting vocals and luxurious keys. Beside the original version, you find a superb truly eclectic selection of remixes from the likes of Allovers, Zulu's at Work, Lee Tristram and Dee C'Rell in the package, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Nick Jones Experience featuring Colonel Abrams "As I take you back" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Nick Jones' massive 1996 club classic "As I take you back" which features the unmistakable emotive vocal stylings of Colonel Abrams returns in brand new fresh remixes. First up we have the the team of Mark Di Meo and Tony Loreto who grace us with their old school inspired 'Underground Remix', a fabulous utterly spell binding truly deepalicious re-imagination enriched with a sublime piano hook. Next the duo gives us a gorgeous classic rendition oozing with a warm soul/funk infused organic vibe, before DJ E-Clyps takes us into the dark with his deep hypnotizing dub rework. The package is completed by the 'Make Some Noise Dub' from the 1996 original release.

Sweet x Sour "Try me" (Blockheadz Recordingz CD Promo)

The latest release on Blockheadz Recordingz is courtesy of Sweet x Sour, aka FukiFlex and Bacanito, who present the enthralling "Try me" which features beautiful sensitive female vocals alongside splendorous ethereal keys over an infectious funk drenched backing - to cut a long story short, "Try me" is a captivating soulful gem guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. Grand Masters spice things up on their smoothly stompin' remixes which stay true to the original version.

Exclusive Preview: Rocco "Saharien child" (Little D. & Stamy Remix)(CD-R)

In summer of 2011, Deeper Shades Recordings released "Saharien child" by Rocco, an innovative deep house production which features a heartfelt interpretation of ancient Arabic lyrics over Rocco's signature deep hypnotic soundscape, reworked by Lars Behrenroth who gave the track an even deeper more intense feel. Little D. & Stamy bring this seminal deep house gem back to the dance floor, delivering an utterly deep truly hypnotizing re-imagination using afrotastic rhythms as playground for the vocals and heavenly synth melodies.