We are certain all soulful house music lovers will enjoy this weeks update...

Vivian Green "When can I see you again" (Neter Supreme Solar Slam Vox)(CD-R)

Once again, Neter Supreme blesses us with one of his unrivaled truly inspirational and wonderfully crafted re-imaginations. This time around, he added his magical touch to "When can I see you again" by Vivian Green (taken from her 2012 album "The green room"); undoubtedly his interpretation is truly ingenious, staying respectful to the original yet transforming the song into a timelessfour-to-the-floor gem.

Various "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. II" (Original Drum HSI CD Promo)
Various "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. III" (Original Drum HSI CD Promo)
Various "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. IIII - S. Africa Edition" (Original Drum HSI CD Promo)

For years, Neter Supreme has been gracing soulful house music lovers with his one-of-a-kind unofficial reproductions (which naturally have only been available on promo) and more recently with brilliant remixes for South African artists, now he presents not less than three packages loaded with previously unreleased versions: "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. II" featuresinstrumentals and dubs of Beyonce's "End of time" and Brandy's "Music, "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. III" features instrumentals and drum tracks of Vivian Green's "When can I see you again" and Disclosure & Sam Smith's "Latch", while finally "Neter Reproz' Unreleased Mixes Vol. IIII - S. Africa Edition" features instrumentals, dubs and drum tracks of DJ Casiolars featuring Ziggy's "Oxamagu mam modjadji" and Dr. Bozza featuring Muzaic's "Qhwabi zandla". Put differently, each of these packages is a true DJ's delight...

Quentin Harris featuring Jason Walker "Stronger" (DefMix Music CD Promo)

Next up on DefMix Music will be "Stronger" by Quentin Harris, an utterly inspiring and uplifting soulful gem featuring the powerful heartfelt vocals of Jason Walker alongside sublime piano, illustrious hammond, delectable brass stabs and a spell binding funked-up backdrop. On remix duty is David Morales who contributes a stellar pumped up remix fueled with tantalizing strings, captivating piano hooks and ruthlessly stormin' rhythms.

Alex Millet featuring Sherri Nicole "Lonely dancer" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Alex Millet returns to HSR Records with the phantasmagorical "Lonely dancer" featuring the wonderful emotive vocals of Sherri Nicole, glorious saxophone by Nathan Madsen, wicked guitar riffs and lush keys over a smooth yet contaminous funked-up backing, altogether spreading an enthralling feel you can't resist to dance to.

Mickey K featuring Anthony Poteat "Until I find you" (Deep Nota CD Promo)

Forthcoming on Deep Nota is the gorgeous "Until I find you" by label head Mickey K and vocalist Anthony Poteat which uses gentle yet relentlessly thumpin' organic rhythms as playground for precious horns, warm melodious keys and Anthony Poteat's incomparable deeply felt vocals. In other words, top-notch soulful house music...

Ryle featuring Kenny Thomas "Keep the faith" (SedSoul Records CD Promo)

Frank Ryle, founder and one half of Danish/German duo Cool Million, is back with the second single taken from his forthcoming long player "The adventures of Jefferson Keyes" (the title is referring to the main character from 70's TV series "Cool Million"). To cut right to the chase, "Keep the faith" is a fabulous old school inspired boogie tune featuring the unmistakable vocals of UK soul star Kenny Thomas alongside glorious melodies and infectiously groovin' rhythms. Sheer musical bliss...

Asia Yarwood "Let me fly" (Soulfuledge Recordings CD Promo)

Coming soon on Soulfuledge Recordings is "Let me fly" by Asia Yarwood. The original version (recorded back in 2005) is an outstanding soul track perfectly showcasing the beautiful haunting vocals of this incredibly talented singer. Soulfuledge has reworked the song into a fervid yet soulful house banger guaranteed set the floor on fire thanks to smooth yet thrilling rhythms, lovely guitars and luscious keys, not to forget to mention Asia Yarwood's classy vocals. The 'Flying Dub' further intensifies the vibe, making it the perfect choice for prime time play.

Cee ElAssaad featuring Brittany Tanner "My lover calling" (FOMP CD Promo)

Two years ago, Moroccan DJ/producer Cee ElAssaad and vocalist Brittany Tanner scored big with "Get on your feet" (released through United Music Records), now they are back with "My lover calling". Quite simply, the utterly contaminous organic rhythms together with the grand piano, ethereal chords and Brittany Tanner's spirited vocals will send the floor into a frenzy... The stellar remixes are courtesy of FNX, Jonathan Meyer and Ace Shyllon all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Stones & Bones "Wrong U" (The Remixes)(FOMP CD Promo)

April 2014 saw the release of the "Wrong U" by South African multi-instrumental artists KG Bones and CJ Stone, a mind-blowing slice of afro-deepness. Now this wicked production returns in  fresh remixes by RootedSoul who deliver a mesmerizing soul-tech flavored afro-deep rework, Ace Shyllon who serves a hypnotizingly pulsating workout laced with catchy piano hooks that drops most of the vocals, and last but not least there is the absolutely irresistible previously unreleased 'Manoo vs Casper J Stone Sax Dub'.

Marc Tasio & The Voice of House Music "EP" (CD Promo)

French DJ/producer Marc Tasio joins forces with The Voice of House Music aka legendary Robert Owens for a glamorous EP featuring four dazzling productions entitled "Best thing", "Me time", "Shit happens" and "Take your time". Each of these production is expertly crafted, letting Robert Owens unmatched seductive vocals shine in full glory.

Roy Ananda, Vicky MDLR, Chanelle "Your life" (Magnolia Street Records CD Promo)

Magnolia Street Records latest offering "Your life" is produced by Roy Ananda and Vicky MDLR and performed in grand style by house music diva Chanelle, with gently thumpin' organic rhythms lay the foundation for enchanting keys, dreamy chords and Chanelle's distinctive tempting vocals. On top of the stunning original version, the release includes stunning remixes by Mickey K, EazeBK and H@K all adding their signature touch, giving you the tough task to pick a favorite version.

Afro Deep Pick #1: Various "Definition of MoBlack Sound Volume 1 - 5" (MoBlack Records CD Promo)

For the past couple of months, MoBlack Records have been releasing nothing but the best in afro deep house music, now they present the five part "Definition of MoBlack Sound" series featuring not less than twenty five tracks from the likes of KoshaRoots, Valeron, Mauritzio, M. Caporale, Dany Cohiba, Coflo, Rob Hollywood, Saliva Commandos, Dazzle Drums, Arnaud D, Enoo Napa, DJ Jim, H@K, De Cave Man, Sejake, FNX, Rafael Moraes, Spellband , MoBlack, Breyth, Savio De Simone, Pietro Nicosia, AfroDrum and Drala. Each of the five volumes takes you on an exhilarating journey to the deepest afro house territory, always hypnotizing and with a little dark edge to it.

Afro Deep Pick #2: RadioLab "After the rain" (Justin Imperiale Remix)(Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

Earlier this year (end of March to be precise) we introduced you to "After rain" by RadioLab, an utterly hypnotizing afro deep track built around contaminous afro-percussive rhythms, inebriant synth melodies and wicked vocal chants. The original release included a dub version by Justin Imperiale, now comes the second part which features Justin Imperiale's previously unreleased 'Remix' and 'Drum Dub', giving you further options to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Exclusive Preview: Teddy Pendergrass "If you know like I know" (Housey Duo Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Alicia Keys "In common" (Groove Junkies Re-Touch)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Nayo "Mr so & so" (Manousos Vocal)(CD-R)

It is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and (bootleg) remixes we got in the past few weeks... Every now and then, an unofficial remix really shines and deserves to be brought to the attention of a wider audience. This truly is the case for these three cuts here: Housey Duo (aka DaSouL and ADM) bring us an uplifting four-to-the-floor re-imagination of Teddy Pendergrass unforgettable "If you know like I know" (from his 1979 album "Teddy"), Evan Landes (Groove Junkies) graces us with an inspiring laidback 4/4 interpretation of Alicia Keys brand new hit single "In common", and lastly Manousos gives us a glamorous housed-up rendition of Nayo's beautiful "Mr so & so" (from his 2008 album "African girl").