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Pat Bedeau & Hannah Khemoh "The last dance" (BedFunk Records Promo)

DJ/producer Pat Bedeau and vocalist extraordinaire Hannah Khemoh are back with their latest collaboration, the towering "The last dance" available soon on BedFunk Records. Without any doubt, "The last dance" using using a spell binding funktified musical backing as foundation for the unmistakable sultry vocals of Hanna Khemoh and luxurious keys is not to be missed. Not to forget to mention the dance floor centric indisputably fervid 'Dub Mix' sure to jam-pack the dance floor.

Shelmaneik Watson "Time after time" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

Hot on the heels of the magnificent "I was blind" by DJ Rich, D#Sharp Records introduce the next soulful gem, the Joe Flame produced "Time after time" by Shelmaneik Watson. Most definitely, "Time after time" featuring the amazing haunting vocals of Shelmaneik Watson, illustrious keys and sublime horns over a smooth organic backdrop is sheer musical bliss... The 'JoeFlame Remix' oozes with a celestial prime time vibe, while the 'JoeFlame Deep Remix' reworks the track into a mesmerizing underground house favorite.

Seductive Sapphire "When the beat drops" (Vincent Ache' Remix) (CyberJamz Records Promo)

Back in 2012, CyberJamz Records released the super dope "When the beat drops" by Seductive Sapphire (complete with remixes by Charles Mc Dougald, DJ Sound Science, Tayo Wink, DJ Eddie-Ed and SoulCat). Now the track returns to the dance floor in a killer remix by Vincent Ache who underpins the one-of-a-kind spoken words by Seductive Sapphire with relentlessly thumpin' deepened rhythms and inebriant melodies.

Soulfuledge & Hannah Clare "Sweat is on the dancefloor" (Nyte Music Promo)

Beginning of the year, Nyte Music label head Soulfuledge and Australian singer/songwriter Hannah Clare graced us with "Get you  off my mind", now they are back with "Sweat is on the dancefloor". Beyond question, this glittering slice of soulful bliss featuring Hannah Clare's inimitable emotive vocals, enchanting keys, wicked guitar and a smooth yet infectious funk soaked backdrop is sure to cast a spell on you.

Sade "Cherish the day" (Cubanix 24k Remix) (Promo)

The wonderful "Cherish the day" by English band Sade (from their fourth studio album "Love deluxe" released in 1982) gets reworked for the dance floor by Cubanix' (David Reyero). In short, this hypnotizing four-to-the-floor rework combining the indisputably impeccable vocals of Sade with enticing keys and downright inexorable tribaltastic rhythms is sure to set the dance floor on fire...

Char & Corey Holmes "Deep waters" (Shino Blackk Remix) (New Generation Records Promo)

In late January, New Generation Records released the glorious Corey Holmes produced soulful house interpretation of Incognito's "Deep waters" (from their 1993 album "Positivity"), with the lyrics performed in grand style by Char. Courtesy of Shino Blackk comes a stunning remix, with Char's eminent vocals accompanied by lush keys, ethereal pads and a captivating organic musical backing.

DJ Disciple featuring F-ONE "Peace of mind" (Demarkus Lewis Remix) (Catch 22 Recordings Promo)

Undeniably, Catch 22 Recordings deliver the goods with "Peace of mind", an unadulterated slice of dance floor dopeness by DJ Disciple featuring F-ONE. Remixed by none other than Demarkus Lewis, "Peace of mind" featuring the uber cool hip hop vocal stylings of F-ONE alongside luscious keys and downright irresistibly thumipn' deepened rhythms is sure to take over dance floors around the globe by storm.

Charles Dockins "How deep is your love" (Loop Science Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with another slice of unadulterated dance floor goodness, the absolutely hypnotic "How deep is your love" by legendary Charles 'CDock' Dockins available through Loop Science Records. Quite simply, the relentlessly driving rhythms together with the incomparable spoken words of Charles Dockins and the phat keys are sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.