review logoThe heat is on this week with lots of paramount releases to discover - enjoy !!

Shaun Ashby featuring AfroFaerie "Upendo" (We Go Deep Promo)

DJ/producer Shaun Ashby and AfroFaerie (aka Fae Simon) team up for the phantasmagorical "Upendo" EP ("Upendo" means "Love" in Swahili) not to be missed. Three equally stellar productions are included, all oozing with the unique seductive vocals of AfroFaerie. First up is "So above, so below" fueled with heavenly melodies and relentlessly bouncin' afrocentric rhythms, next we have the deeper than deep verily inebriant atmospheric "So smiling", and last but not least there is the ingenious 80's/90's UK soul/r&b influenced mid-tempo track "One day".

SOULe featuring Tate Moore "Tell me a bedtime story" (2018 Remixes)(Urban Retro Music Group Promo)

Back in February of last year we introduced you to the superb remake of the Herbie Hancock/Kamiko Kasai classic "Tell me a bedtime story" produced by Neal Conway and performed in grand style by SOULe, with Henry 'Tate' Moore on synth and Marshall Booze Jr. on rhythm guitar. Now the 2018 remixes by Neal Conway are ready, kicking things off this the 'Place Lounge Mix' (which we exclusively reviewed past September) a gloriously soulful and melodious yet spell binding 4/4 rendition, next the 'Back to The Roots Mix' gives the track an utterly contaminous underground-esque touch, and lastly the 'Nu Disco Mix' oozes with a blissful Nu Disco feel.

Ibneza "The struggle" (The Remixes)(Urban Retro Music Group Promo)

The original of the "The struggle" by Ibneza is a wonderful r&b production oozing with the incomparable truly beloved Neal Conway sound and Ibneza's unique deeply felt vocals (with none other than SOULe on background vocals). Both the 'SA Funk' and 'Funk Occasion'' mixes are expertly crafted up-tempo four-to-the-floor interpretations guaranteed to send shivers down your spine through the captivating rhythms, lovely flute, exquisite keys and Ibneza's terrific vocals.

Bluesoil & Soultronixx featuring Kila "Runaway" (Double Cheese Records Promo)

Double Cheese Records are back on Spirit of House with "Runaway" by Bluesoil and Soultronixx, to cut right to the chase this marvelous soulful production featuring the unmistakable tempting vocals of Kila alongside enticing melodic keys, dreamy strings and smooth yet intriguing rhythms is guaranteed to cast a spell on you. Put differently, "Runaway" is top-notch soulful house music...

Paris Cesvette & Luis LooweeR Rivera featuring Josh Milan "Sacred" (Groove Odyssey Records Promo)

"Sacred" is the first single taken from Paris Cesvette's forthcoming debut artist album "Celestial (my journey among stars") to be released soon through Groove Odyssey Records. "Sacred" is co-produced by Luis LooweeR Rivera and uses enthralling latin inspired rhythms as foundation for the landmark touching vocals of Josh Milan and splendid keys. Undeniably "Sacred" is an eminent single release, we can't wait for the full album to arrive...

Blaze presents UDAUFL featuring Joi Cardwell "Be yourself" (2018 Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)

In 2003, Blaze launched their Underground Dance Artists United For Life project (a collective of the creme de la creme of  house music artists) in support of the LIFEbeat awareness and prevention organization. The first release was the towering "Be yourself" which features inspirational lead vocals by legendary Joi Cardwell - today the song is considered an all-time house music classic. Later on, remixes by Agora Rhythm, Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez and Satoshi Fumi followed, now this iconic single returns in stunning remixes by Italian DJ/producer Peppe Citarella who combines the incredible vocals with lush keys, luxurious organ and gentle yet thrilling percussive rhythms. Satoshi Fumi's popular remix and the original mix by Blaze complete the package.

Angelo Draetta featuring Yasmin Palmer "You're enough" (Leda Music Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about the latest offering from Leda Music other than "You're enough" by Angelo Draetta is a truly glamorous soulful production fusing the beautiful emotive vocals of Yasmin Palmer with luscious keys, grand jazzy saxophone and an irresistibly stompin' percussion enriched organic backdrop. Most definitely, the superb "You're enough" comes highly recommended.

Princess Tam Tam "The deep dance" (2018 Remixes Part 1)(CyberJamz Records Promo)

In summer of 2007 CyberJamz Records was launched with "The deep dance" by Princess Tam Tam aka Carmen Mitchell (rip), not only was this the labels inaugural. release but also Princess Tam Tam was the first spoken word artist on the label. CyberJamz Records are about to release two volumes full of fresh remixes of this gem oozing with unrivaled sexy spoken words of Princess Tam Tam, the first one includes a fantastic soulful rendition by Glenn Gregory, from Derrick 'DLow' Singfield comes a scintillating afro tinged deep house interpretation, and both DJ Buzzard and Brian Nance enter deepest territory with their spacy tech flavored reworks.

Bootleg Pick: Stevie Wonder "I wish" (Federico d'Alessio Remix)(Promo)

"I wish" by Stevie Wonder dates back to 1976 and is taken from his album "Songs in the key of life". Federico d'Alessio has added his magical touch to this unforgettable song, the result is simply mind-blowing and keeps the spirit of the original alive yet transforms the song into an uplifting truly soulful four-the-floor affair with a compelling organic backdrop leading the way for sweet guitar, excellent saxophone, dreamy keys and Stevie Wonder's matchless vocals.