review logoLots of fantastic new soulful/afro house release to discover in this weeks update - enjoy !!

Mark Di Meo featuring Jocelyn Mathieu "10k high" (Soulstice Music Promo)

Soulstice Music continue to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with their latest offering "10k high" by label head Mark Di Meo and vocalist Jocelyn Mathieu. "10k high" oozes with the unmistakable deep-rooted vocals of Jocelyn Mathieu, lush keys, grand saxophone and an infectious organic backdrop - sheer musical bliss. Not to forget to mention the stellar remixes by Rightside whose drops a wonderful laidback latin/jazz infused interpretation, and Richard Earnshaw who serves a glorious verily soulful rendition on a classic soulful tip.

Kenny Thomas "Your love" (Solus Records Promo)

"Your love" is taken from Kenny Thomas forthcoming long player due later in the year, undeniably this magnificent slice of UK soul perfectly showcases Kenny Thomas unrivaled tempting vocals. The song has been reworked for the soulful oriented dance floors by Opolopo and Simon Grey, to make it short both of them have been pulling out all the stops and added their signature touch, the result are two timeless interpretations guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Unqle Chriz "My only one" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Vibe Boutique Records are celebrating their tenth anniversary with the marvelous "My only one" produced by George Lesley and performed in grand style by Unqle Chriz. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "My only one" will cast a spell on you through the intriguing yet smooth organic backing, the luscious keys, heavenly chords, sweet guitars and the incredible emotive vocals of Unqle Chriz. Essential.

Sy Sez featuring Phoenix Pearle "Falling" (Peppermint Jam Records Promo)

Sy Sez "Falling", one of the standout tracks from "The Jam Files Vol. 3" compilation, is getting a well deserved full single release that comes loaded with outstanding remixes. "Falling" is a wicked nu-disco influenced track featuring the beautiful seductive vocals of Phoenix Pearle alongside enchanting synth melodies and irresistibly thumpin' rhythms. From Sebb Junior comes a soulful yet vibrant workout perfect for prime time play, Elbert Phillips graces us with a masterly orchestrated classic soulful house inspired interpretation, and finally Replika has created a dope electronica dance floor weapon.

S.E.L & Gary Hudgins "The sweetest pain" (MoBlack Mixes)(Quantize Recordings Promo)

Courtesy of S.E.L (Soulful Emma Louise) and Gary Hudgins comes a gorgeous remake of the Dexter Wansel classic "The sweetest pain" which includes these absolutely jaw-dropping afro house mixes by MoBlack (Mimmo Falcone) oozing with S.E.L's splendid truly haunting rendition of the lyrics, glamorous keys, celestial chords and gentle yet thrilling afrocentric rhythms. The official release also includes mixes by John Morales and DJ Spen’s & Gary Hudgins.

Angelo Draetta featuring Sandra Bullet "Don't let this feeling go away" (Leda Music Promo)

Leda Music have been going from strength to strength in recent month, gracing us over and over with top-notch soulful house music. The labels latest offering "Don't let this feeling go away" by Angelo Draetta is no exception, this enticing slice of soulful goodness combines the fantastic vocals of Sandra Bullet with glorious jazzed-up keys, classy saxophone and a gentle yet compelling backing.

Andrea Erre & DJ Pierre featuring Richelle Hicks "Beautiful love" (HSR Records Promo)

Next up on HSR Records is "Beautiful love" a collaboration by Andrea Erre with DJ Pierre and songstress Richelle Hicks. "Beautiful love" is an energetic yet soulful production built around a relentlessly pulsating organic backdrop, great guitar, warm melodious keys and the unique powerhouse vocals of Richelle Hicks. FAM Disco (Paolo Fedreghini, Massimo Anelli, Max Montorio) contribute both a fervid 'Club Mix' and a splendorous soul/funk infused '70s Mood Mix'.

Miss Kelli "Hey love" (Neal Conway Remixes)(Devion Entertainment Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this dazzling release other than legendary Neal Conway adds his landmark magical touch to "Hey love" by Miss Kelli (formerly Marty St. Michaels), without doubt both his classic '4-to-the-Floor' interpretation and the scintillating 'Afro-Latin Funk' rendition ooze with an inspiring truly enthralling vibe and let Miss Kelli's amazing vocals shine.

Ralph Falcon & Luis Radio "From Egypt to Rome EP" (TR Records Promo)

House music veterans Ralph Falcon (from legendary duo MURK) and Luis Radio team up for the "From Egypt to Rome EP" which features two equally blazin' hot dance floor weapons. The title track "From Egypt to Rome" uses relentlessly thumpin' rhythms as foundation for cool female vocals, phat keys and inebriant chords, while "The journey boy" is an  utterly mesmerizing underground-esque acid infused deep house cut. One to send the dancers into a frenzy...