In the middle of the heat of the summer, we continue to bring you only the best in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Erik Rico "No rules to love" (SoulfulBeats CD Promo)

Like its predecessors "Live your life" and "Tonight", Erik Rico's "No rules to love" is an an ingenious production guaranteed to make you yearn for more. On the masterly 'Sweatbox Remix', Erik Rico's inimitable expressive vocals are combined with an old school inspired funk soaked orchestration - a real gem not to be missed. Further mixes are courtesy of Kai Alce who contributes a deeply thumpin' 4/4 rendition laced with celestial keys and -18dBFS (aka SoulfulBeats head Matt Hughes) who graces us with an incredible 80's flavored interpretation.

Marlon D & Mena Keys "Say it" (Room Control Records CD Promo)

"Say it" was originally released back in 2003 on Primal Groove Records (in 2006, Look At You Records released remixes by The Layabouts), now this wonderful song returns complete with a slammin' Wagon Cookin remix, and it will also be featured on the forthcoming album by Marlon D and Mena Keys (George Mena) titled "Collection". "Say it" is an uplifting affair featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Dee Holloway alongside luscious keys over smooth yet relentlessly stormin' rhythms. Wagon Cookin take the song to the next level on their fabulous 80's inspired interpretation.

Cinnamon Brown "This pressure" (Mark Stone & Terry Lex Mixes)(UDM Show Records CD Promo)

After highly successful collaborations with Alex Millet on "Never give up on love" (Room Control) and Josh Milan on "Under the moonlight" (Honeycomb Music), songstress Cinnamon Brown joins forces with Swiss DJ's/producers Mark Stone and Terry Lex for "This pressure", a phenomenal slice of soulful house music using a fierce funk drenched backdrop as playground for the amazing vocals and heavenly keys. Comes complete with a rousing dub fueled with sublime keys, instrumental version and acapella. A future classic.

Arnaud D and Heidi Vogel "Rollin' on" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Tribe Records continue to bless us with their sophisticated releases, with their latest offering "Rollin' on" by Arnaud D and Heidi Vogel taking us on a journey to deepest soulful grounds of house music. The 'Original Mix' of "Rollin' on" features Heidi Vogel's emotive vocals and grandiose synths over utterly deeply thumpin' rhythms, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to. The 'Classic Vocal Mix' gives the track a more traditional feel, while David Harness & Chris Lum rework the track into a truly hypnotizing deeper than deep affair built around thrilling rhythms and fascinating keys, letting you choose from two equally fantastic variations.

Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P "Rhythm" (Conya Records CD Promo)

With the truly uplifting "Rhythm", Conya Records have a beauty in their hands, produced by Aldo 'Haldo' Carpanzano and featuring lyrics written by Anna-Patrycja 'Miss Ann-P' Schweizer and Henri Kohn. The 'Main Mix' features Miss Ann-P's stellar vocals and celestial keys over spell binding rhythms - one guaranteed to jam-pack floors. Henri Kohn contributes a slammin' alteration with his wicked 'Verse Dub', next we have massive remixes by the likes of Alfred Azzetto & Christian Hornbostel, Haldo, Ciappy DJ and Citysounds! (Rodrigo Thomaz & Emmanuel Rocha) all adding their distinctive soulful yet captivating touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Julius Papp & Deep Culture featuring Deborah Bond "Believe" (NeoDisco CD Promo)

Doing the rounds for a few weeks now, this uplifting production by vocalist Deborah Bond, Julius Papp and the Deep Culture duo aka Luis 'Friskybeat' Machuca and Myles Bigelow should not be overlooked. On "Believe", Deborah Bond impresses with an enticing vocal performance which is worked to full effect across various delectable variations: First up is Julius Papp who delivers a summery rendition laced with lovely guitar and warm melodies over percussive rhythms, next we have Luis Machuca giving the track a deeper hypnotizing feel using dramatic synth hooks and stormin' rhythms. Finally we have Myles Bigelow gorgeously groovey take which oozes with an organic afro-latin feel. The perfect soundtrack for summer...

Antonio Eudi & Bruno Be "Departures" (Aquatique Records CD Promo)

We're always looking for the suitable soundtrack to enjoy the heat of the summer, and this wonderful production by Antonio Eudi and Bruno Be certainly lives up to our expectations. "Departures" is a wonderful production oozing with a luxurious sun drenched feel created by smooth yet contaminous funked-up rhythms, sweet vocals, glamorous guitar and exquisite keys - in other words, this is sheer musical bliss, and its perfect for those hot summer nights...

Marissa Phoenix "Think about it" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Mantree Records are on a roll at the moment as they unleash one bomb after another... Their latest offering "Think about it" by Marissa Phoenix is no exception, as this infectious production combines the distinctive vocals of Marissa Phoenix with Rasmir Mantree's signature spellbinding keys and downright deep underground-esque rhythms, with the result being an intoxicating affair coming in five equally tantalizing variations, each of them guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Underground house music at its best...