So many great new soulful releases to discover this week - enjoy !!

Genetic Funk & Michelle Weeks "Love life" (Remixes)(Grounded Records CD Promo)

In July of last year, we introduced you to "Love life" by Genetic Funk (aka Si Firmin), a classic soulful production having summer written all over oozing with the unrivaled haunting vocals of house music diva Michelle Weeks. Now comes a magnificent remix by Italian maestro Michele Chiavarini lending his musical wizardry, with the result being a breathtaking Disco inspired re-imagination fusing the outstanding vocals with an infectious funked-up backdrop, illustrious keys and heavenly strings. Also included is Genetic Funk's '420 Dub' a deep utterly hypnotizing dub destined to take over late night floors.

SOULe featuring Tate Moore "Tell me a bedtime story" (Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

Coming soon to Urban Retro Music is this marvelous remake of the Herbie Hancock/Kamiko Kasai classic "Tell me a bedtime story" produced by Neal Conway and performed in grand style by SOULe, with Henry 'Tate' Moore on synth and Marshall Booze Jr. on rhythm guitar. The package features the gorgeously laidback mid-tempo original version alongside an eclectic selection of up-tempo remixes by Neal Conway, DJ Ron Vannoy and DJ WM J, giving you plenty of choices to work the discerning floors.

Groove Junkies & Scott K. featuring Indeya "Higher" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

MoreHouse Records are back with yet another outstanding release courtesy of label head Evan Landes (Groove Junkies), Scott K. and singer Indeya. To cut right to the chase, "Higher" is soulful yet verily tantalizing, with relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for celestial truly mesmerizing melodies, Indeya's one-of-a-kind vocals and eminent spoken words by Barbara Ann Teer. In other words, "Higher" is guaranteed to send the dance floor into a frenzy...

Lenny Fontana featuring D-Train "When you feel what love has" (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis & Soulfuledge Remix)(Karmic Power Records CD Promo)

About one year ago, legendary dance music artists Lenny Fontana and James 'D Train' Williams gave us "When you feel what love has" a sure-fire dance floor bomb guaranteed to jam-pack the floor, since then multiple remixes have seen the light of the day. Our favorite remix comes from DJ Spen who joins forces with Thommy Davis and Soulfuledge to take this gem to the next level, keeping the spirit of the original alive yet reworking the song into an utterly vibrant affair laced with contaminous rhythms, glorious keys and the unequaled distinctive vocals of James 'D-Train' Williams.

Various "Glitterbox - Love is the Message" (Extended Player)(Glitterbox Recordings CD Promo)

This grandiose five track sampler provides a taste of what's to come on the forthcoming "Glitterbox - Love is the Message" album. First up we have two exclusive truly wicked contemporary Dr. Packer remixes of Soul Rebels glittering cover of the Rene & Angela classic "I'll be good" and King Unique's club anthem "Love is what you need (look ahead)". Yet another exclusive to this sampler is the blazin' hot discotastic Luke Solomon & Terry Grant revision of "Wonky bassline disco banger" by Red Rack'em. Completing the package are the classic Kings of Tomorrow track "Tear it up" featuring the heavenly voice of Julie McKnight and "Love desire" by Gershon Jackson in the amazing Mike Dunn version.

Luka featuring Sio Blackwidow "Yum yum" (We Go Deep CD Promo)

We welcome back Anthony 'Luka' Kasirivu and Sio Blackwidow to Spirit of House with "Yum yum", without doubt we are being graced with a truly ingenious deep house production oozing with the signature Luka sound and Sio Blackwidow's unmistakable seductive vocals guaranteed to cast a spell on you. Next to the fantastic original the package features jaw-dropping remixes by N'Dinga Gaba, FromP60, Pablo Martinez and Joseph Hines all adding their distinctive, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Afro Warriors featuring Toshi "Uyankenteza" (Hyenah Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Spring of last year saw Angolan duo Afro Warriors (Dr. Renas & DJ Braulio Silva) taking over dance floors globally with "Uyankenteza", an utterly tantalizing afro-deep production featuring the unique emotive vocals of Toshi. Now Tribe Records present a truly slammin' remix by Hyenah guaranteed to set the dance floors alight once again thanks to inexorable afro-tribal rhythms, tantalizing atmospheric synth melodies and Toshi's beautiful vocals.

The Gruv Manics Project featuring Richelle Hicks "Cries of passion" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

South Africa's Molefi Choabi, under his The Gruv Manics Project disguise, blesses us with the uplifting "Cries of passion", an uber soulful and melodious production featuring the inimitable tempting vocals of Richelle Hicks alongside sublime jazzy keys, dreamy chords and gentle yet thrilling rhythms. Seb Skalski and Those Boys are the chosen ones to contribute the remixes, both injecting their magical beloved touch, keeping the vibe soulful and inspiring yet enchanting. By no means to be missed.

Afro House Pick: M. Caporale featuring Pietro Nicosia "Elevate Soul EP" (MoBlack Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ/producer M. Caporale and Italian musician Pietro Nicosia follow up their phantasmagorical "One of us" (released end of last year through Soulstice Music) with the paramount "Elevate Soul EP". This truly eclectic and mind-boggling EP features three equally brilliant songs, each one a dazzling fusion of afro house rhythms with a masterly jazz orchestration (including a guest appearance on sax by Gianno Denitto). Put differently, the "Elevate Soul EP" by M. Caporale and Pietro Nicosia is sheer musical bliss...

Todd G & Seawood The Maven "Superman swag" (Remixes)(Certified Organik CD Promo)

In late 2010, Todd Gardner and Seawood The Maven let loose the dance floor weapon "Superman swag", now this wicked track featuring uber cool spoken vocals returns with the package featuring both a brand new remix and a previously unreleased version. First up, Djed & Robb Swinga serve a splendid truly fervid underground-esque rework fueled with inebriant keys and compelling deep rhythms, second there is the wonderful laidback and melodious old school rendition by Alfredo Trastulli aka F.T.G dating back to 2011.

Alex Millet featuring Sonime "One direction" (Racing Camel Recordings CD Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with the second release on brand new label Racing Camel Recordings entitled "One direction", a collaboration by label head Alex Millet with songstress Sonime. The smooth "One direction" is a gorgeously enticing slice of soul infused bliss, with a deeply groovin' backing leading the way for lush jazzed-up keys, celestial chords and Sonime's admirable enchanting vocals. The 'Afro Caribbean' vocal and dub mixes give the track a mesmerizing afro-deep feel.