review logoNothing but the very best and latest in vocal soulful/afro house music found its way into this weeks update... enjoy !!

Groove Junkies & ReelSoul present Tertulien Thomas "You can't hide" (MoreHouse Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this glamorous four-to-the-floor remake of David Joseph's 1983 all-time dance music anthem "You can't hide" by Groove Junkies & ReelSoul (aka Groove'N''Soul) and vocalist Tertulien Thomas that stays true and respectful to the timeless original, with intriguing rhythms leading the way for splendid keys and Tertulien Thomas amazing rendition of the lyrics. The ' Vamp Dub' putting the spotlight on Tertulien Thomas vocal adlibs gives the track a somewhat grimier feel, and finally there is the instrumental.

Neapolitan Soul & Luciano Gioia featuring Natasha Watts "I'm alive" (Neapolitan Soul Records Promo)

Neapolitan Soul Records is the brand new label by Luca Morrone (Neapolitan Soul) and Luciano Gioia who join forces with renowned songstress Natasha Watts for the inaugural release "I'm alive". Indisputably, the lively and undeniably eminent "I'm alive" with gentle yet compelling percussive rhythms leading the way for Natasha Watts one-of-a-kind haunting vocals, luxurious jazzed-up keys and ethereal synths is guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Cole Naima featuring Francesca Simonis "Silver god" (Cultures Records Promo)

Coming soon to Cultures Records is the fantastic "Silver god" by Cole Naima a masterly orchestrated loungey production featuring the incredible vocals of Francesca Simonis alongside illustrious keys and deeply groovin' rhythms. On remix duty are Antonio Deep Scarano & Salvatore Oppio who deliver an inebriant afro house rework sure to send the dancers into a frenzy, with their instrumental  'Paris Live Remix' introducing a scintillating piano.

Tracebeatz & Bob featuring Milton Lee "Wish upon a star" (Vi be Boutique Records Promo)

From South African duo Tracebeatz & Bob (Kagiso & Thabang Makwana) comes "Wish upon a star", a phantasmagorical production sure to send shivers down your spine thanks to the gentle ye thrilling rhythms, lovely guitars, enchanting celestial melodies and the enticing vocals of Milton Lee. The cherry on top are the verily eclectic truly superb remixes by Doug Gomez, Lemon & Herb, Distant People & Francois A and Monodeluxe and Pino Arduini.

Peppe Citarella featuring Nontu X "What more can I say" (2020 Remix)(Union Records Promo)

In fall of l2018, we were celebrating "What more can I say" by Peppe Citarella a sure-fire afro house dance floor weapon featuring singer Nontu Xulu, now the track returns in a fresh downright wicked rework which combines the terrific seductive vocals of Nontu Xulu and luscious keys from the original with a smooth yet irresistibly bouncin' organic backdrop and a killer organ.

Blast from the Past: Lemelle "You got something special" (Glitterbox Recordings Promo)

Forthcoming to Glitterbox Recordings is a re-issue of the rather obscure 1982 boogie classic "You got something special" by Lemelle laced with the undeniable vocal stylings of Cindy Mizelle. Next to the memorable original vocal and instrumental versions the release features a contemporary grooveylicious rework by Dr. Packer and super dope DJ friendly re-edit of the original by KON.

Rona Ray "I need to know" (Seb Skalski Remixes)(Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

In July of last year, Vibe Boutique Records graced us with the excellent Kelvin Sylvester, Andrea Curato and Monodeluxe interpretations of "I need to know" by Rona Ray, now this gem returns in fresh re-imaginations by Seb Skalski who serves both a verily soulful and melodious disco influenced rendition and a deeper truly captivating rework guaranteed to jam-pack the dance floor.

Angelo Draetta featuring Rita Cee "It's you" (Leda Music Promo)

We welcome back Leda Music to Spirit of House with the truly blissful "It's you" by Angelo Draetta and and songstress Rita Cee. To make a long story short, the verily soulful "It's you" using a smooth organic musical backing as foundation for for mellifluous jazzy keys, classy saxophone and the beautiful vocals of Rita Cee comes highly recommended. Nuff said...

Paris Cesvette "Finest criminal" (OPOM Promo)

OPOM (Our People | Our Music) kick off the new decade with the utterly infectious "Finest criminal" by musician/producer/DJ Paris Cesvette. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Finest criminal" will take over dance floor around the globe by storm thanks to the smooth yet relentlessly stompin' funktified backdrop, catchy jazzy keys, ethereal synths and the tempting female vocals.

NuMantree featuring Kim Beacham, Espinet, Yasin Bt & Rasmir Mantree "U ain't really house" (Mantree Records Promo)

Get ready for an entrancing trip to unadulterated underground house music territory with "U ain't really house" by Rasmir Mantree and friends soon to be released through Mantree Records. To make it short, "U ain't really house" is truly ingenious, fusing the unique vocals of Kim Beacham, Espinet, Yasin Bt and Rasmir Mantree with the unmistakable truly beloved sounds of Rasmir Mantree. The four equally brilliant truly varied mixes included in the package give you plenty of choices to work the floor. Essential.