We have only the very best in soulful vocal house music for you this week - enjoy !!

Exclusive Preview: Nathan Adams "Sweetness in your soul" (Louie Vega Remix)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Back in February of last year, we were celebrating the release of Nathan Adams "Falling", a masterly production having timeless written all over produced by none other than house music legend Louie Vega. Now Louie Vega adds his magical touch to the Zepherin Saint produced "Sweetness in your soul", one of the standout tracks from Nathan Adams critically acclaimed album "Audio Therapy". Not much needs to be said besides the result of this collaboration is quite simply breath-taking, with Louie Vega taking this wonderful song to all new heights on his masterly orchestrated interpretations guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. A soulful gem having timeless written all over...

Phil Weeks featuring Ladybird "Natural high" (Robsoul Recordings CD Promo)

Robsoul Recordings grace us with "Natural high" by Phil Weeks and Parisian songstress Ladybird (Julie Monnin), an inebriant production using groovey deeper than deep rhythms as playground for Ladybird's inimitable rendition of the lyrics and enticing melodies - in other words, a sexy deep house gem guaranteed to jam-pack the floor. The release comes complete with three alternate versions: the 'Unplugged Version' which lets the entrancing vocals shine, the hypnotizing 'Baby Dub' which strips the vocals and finally the 'Higher Mix' which reintroduces the vocal.

DJ Able starring Hannah Kemoh "Ain't got time" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Tony Records kick off 2014 with a bang with their latest offering "Ain't got time" by London based DJ/producer DJ Able and singer Hannah Kemoh. "Ain't got time" is a fervid and energetic yet soulful production, with relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for enchanting synth melodies and the amazing deeply rooted vocals by Hannah Kemoh. To give you plenty of choices to rock the floor, the package comes complete with superb remixes by Ricky Montanari & Holly who give the track a deep somewhat dark feel, Toro who delivers a mesmerizing underground-esque workout, and finally Kekkotronics who drop an utterly soulful jazz/funk infused remix.

Alliance DC featuring Rachael Calladine "Get it right" (Liquid Deep CD Promo)

Producer/DJ Bob Povey, better known under his Alliance DC alias, joins forces with songstress Rachael Calladine for "Get it right", an uplifting dance floor nugget spreading a feel good vibe through  irresistibly bumpin' rhythms and glamorous melodies, not to forget to mention  Rachael Calladine's incredible emotive vocals. Simon 'Schoolboy' Phillips contributes a wonderful organic rendition laced with sublime jazzy keys, Daniel James takes the track to deepest melodious grounds, Funky T turns up the heat with his deep hypnotizing dub rework, and last but not least there is Alex Millet's riveting percussive workout fueled with grandiose melodies perfect for prime time play.

Lele X featuring Magic Soul & Andy Compton "You were there" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

Lele X makes his return to Peng Africa with "You were there", a sensational follow-up to "Keep dreaming", his unforgotten debut on the label released in fall of 2012. The phantasmagorical "You were there" features South African live house band Magic Soul and Andy Compton, altogether they deliver a timeless soul oozing gem guaranteed to put a spell on you thanks to deeply felt vocals, heavenly melodies and gentle yet thrilling rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Distant People, DJ SGZ and Marc Riwer all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, making it a next to impossible to pick a favorite version.

Angel Johnson featuring Tammy Cartwright "Lovers heaven" (Seamless Soul CD Promo)

"Lovers heaven" by female DJ/producer Angel Johnson is a glorious feel good production built around an infectious funk soaked backing groove, sweet guitars, dazzling synth melodies and powerful emotive vocals by Tammy Cartwright - sheer soulful musical bliss. The 'Lost Cherub Mix' gives the track a deeper atmospheric feel, with Jacob Bech going even deeper on his uber cool stripped down remix which combines the vocals with lush chord stabs and deeply rumbling rhythms.